June 16th, 2012

Good news for all contributors!

I updated github just now, you can explore sources now on our GitHub.

We’re waiting for some good commits 😉

If I forgotten about something, just let me know.

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  • Vala says:

    Github finally updated!
    And what is this Github?

  • How do I get to this ‘Github’? I may offer myself as an italian translator as I saw that in last beta something were not translated. 🙂

  • Astur says:

    I look forward to test your work

  • marco says:

    maclaw Linaro use the code for your great rom. here is the link of the site Linaro http://www.linaro.org/. I apologize for my English unsato google translator. contact :[email protected]

  • Linaro is really a good thing, if you could link it to the project, it would be a huge plus.

  • vo-1 says:

    I see gio config. or it’s for ace too?

  • usbzvering says:

    Dear Maclay’s a question I’m interested in whether the support iserinit.d
    I want the application to S2E earned on our Ace.Thank for reading

  • zozol says:

    Co sadzisz o dadaniu updateme do romu ? Mam to na tablecie i dziala swietnie daje notykacje gdy jest nowy update 😉

  • erikcas says:

    Thanx Maclaw, fetching right now. 1 small question:
    Should I use camera app from GalaxyICS repo?

  • studmix says:

    maclaw, if I understand correctly, you
    need to do is to put the 5570? If not,
    please give the link above https://github.com/Squadzone/android_device_samsung_tass

  • kazoum says:

    You could update ace sources too…

  • erikcas says:

    Yet another question. Compiled using your sources, I have phone app crashing continuously. Shouldn’t there be sources GioRIL.java in frameworks_base? Based on what I see in logcat it cannot create the phone app and it is complaining about GioRIL

  • farshad says:

    did you fix vpn problem?

    how cuoldwe use vpn?
    it dosn’t work 🙁

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