June 21st, 2012

Ok, we’ve reply from Qualcomm:

Unfortunately we are not able to support video codecs for ARMv6 OMX IL libs for Qualcomm’s QDSP5 on MSM7x27. The architecture of MSM7x27 cannot support OpenMax video codecs for ARMv6 OMX IL on QDSP5 running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

I don’t know how much true in that, but we couldn’t count on something from Qualcomm.

But don’t worry, I’ll invent something 😉


PS. Don’t sign petition anymore.

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  • Stefano says:

    Congrats guys, you are doing a great job.Grettings from Arg

  • Esteban says:

    do you know that about don’t ask for ETA? I think they will launch the new beta when gets ready

  • Stannieman says:

    They can develop drivers for GB on ARM6 and driver for ICS on ARM7, then they can also develop drivers for GB on ARM7 and ICS on ARM6.

    But so be it, let’s make the best of it!

  • “But don’t worry, I’ll invent something” Totally liked that! This is the spirit:D. Congratulations for your optimism and for your work as well!:D

  • Mr.Shady says:

    I love you guys( no homo :D) If I could I would donate a looot of money, but unfortunetaly its not possible
    Keep your great work up,guys!

  • MariusiK says:

    f*** qualcomm,you’ll find something Maclaw ;),you always find solutions,sry for bad english

  • AsTuR says:

    Okay, do not ask for beta

    Maclaw, sorry for my comments, not my intention to offend

    Sure you manage to find a solution

  • Jonny says:

    From what i read there, Qualcomm is lying. Just lying. It may be costly for them to publish such codecs. OK. But then please SAY SO!!!.

  • studmix says:

    Of course the news is not very good, but
    you have to be optimistic ….

  • Janne says:

    Just try to find someone whos coding drivers for a living. I bet he can fix this in a jiffy.

  • ninad says:

    a good reply to companies like nvidia and qualcomm by linus torvalds!!

  • Flash_code says:

    Here is the link: https://developer.qualcomm.com/sites/default/files/snapdragon-specs.pdf
    Qualcomm does not want to lay out the driver.

  • heuay says:

    “But don’t worry, I’ll invent something”
    holy s*** you guys rock!
    I hope I have my own income so I can donate to you

  • bilalyakni says:

    Quallcom sucks,they are so cheap.But Maclaw,you are awesome,you can do better than Quallcom 🙂

  • Vala says:

    Now that drivers do not have OpenMAX, Maclaw to release Beta 9 Ace no video, only with a camera preview … I mean, if we would have to wait a long time to wait for one of the developers can make a video. So, please, release it

  • Rahul says:

    Totally agree….

  • P4qui7o says:

    Maybe some money solve the Quallcom “problem”.
    They should told us the truth, not lying us like we are some stupid kids. I’m sure the TEAM find something alse and they can burn in hell !

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