June 30th, 2012

Ok, I have more knowledge about Jelly Bean.

And there’s good news for you: probably it’ll run on our device without big problems, but only if CM team will take care of them. Hope it won’t be hard!

Also, now I have finally vacations, so from Monday we’re going back to our old speed, like with first releases (GyanogenMod and first alphas of CM9 :D).

Cheers and stay tuned!

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  • Nawar , Syria says:

    althought You’re Younger than me , but i hope some day to be like you
    You’re my hero 😀 😀 😛
    God Speed Maclaw , i hope you enjoy your Vacation

  • trung says:

    hope u will make it awesom:)

  • Ace King 34 says:

    If I am not wrong then Jellybean is just Updated ICS with no lags and A new play store v3.7.11 and new wallpapers and A great and awesome Google search widget.
    Nexus 7 dump is out.
    will nexus 7’s dump be of use for CM9?

    • Stannieman says:

      CM9 needs the source code. + I’d rather like the CM9 team wait a bit and use the official ones than this one that might not be 100% identical to the final release (but good for nexus).

    • Macław says:

      Nope, for CM9 will be used 4.1 sources, when it’ll be out 😉

  • Nishad says:

    @maclaw Are you sure there’s no magician inside you…??:P

  • Chris says:

    Great news about JellyBean!!!
    Have a nice time on vacation! You deserve it! 🙂

  • bjoern says:

    hey buddy,

    that’s really good news 🙂
    thank you and enjoy your vacations

  • khan says:

    confirm will it be named cm10

  • khan says:


  • trung says:

    i heard jelly bean will not support adobe flash player! that’s so sad:((

    • etadex says:

      But it will support HTML5 instead)

      • Stannieman says:

        But how will google do it?
        JB will include Chrome, but up to now chrome is not compatible with ARMv7 (or at least there is no official build). So if the source will be available together with JB then there’s no real big problem. If it’s provided as a pre-compiled Google APP then we’re screwed.

  • Angeleo says:

    Maclaw. Writing by Google, respectively, are very sloppy. I am writing from Russia, but I do not know English, so it turns garbage. So, we all love you and will wait for updates from you and your team, and the nerds Captured you do not pay attention.

  • Araich says:

    when i wipe data it shows E:format_volume: rfs format failed on /dev/si14
    any solution…..??

  • chentao。 says:

    Can use the new CID boot screen?

  • Millenium3 says:

    U r the best maclaw!! You should publish a book for young android programming learners like me (i am 15) hehe
    Ah and i don’t know if you have time but a mobile version of your blog would be great!! It’s because i sometimes have issues when accessing it from my galaxy ace..
    Anyways happy vacations!!!

  • MariusiK says:

    ics is not stable and you make another rom already?!,i hope that jelly bean will be more stable than ics for tass

  • AngryBird says:

    Thank you Maclaw, that you aren’t leaving us due to spamming.

  • ywor says:

    and possibly change bootanimation

  • Millenium3 says:

    is galaxyics.com down??

  • lonestrider says:

    We will get the ‘Project Butter’?
    I think that one will be very great for our device.

  • That’s a good post.

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