July 1st, 2012

More info soon! Testing ;p

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  • SuperxX says:

    when released?

  • miniupiniu says:

    No to dajesz to na serwer i my przetestujemy.

  • afilbit says:

    Is the real AOSP

  • Angeleo says:

    Очень жду, Россия ждет 🙂

  • Rocky says:

    what is AOSP (sry for nooby question)

  • jos40 says:

    android open source project

  • rubik01 says:

    Mini / Fit test?

  • khan says:

    is its changelog equal to beta9

  • Kevin N. says:

    You’re the best. I hope Gio also this evening…. thx

  • John says:

    So it’s untouched vanilla android like ice cream sandwich stock like on galaxy nexus?:o sorry for nooby question. Will you need to wipe your phone?

  • Vala says:

    Today a new release?

  • Ivan says:

    When, Maclaw?

    • Stannieman says:

      He said maybe. And as always with developement: once things are going well and the dev does a guess for eta, he’ll stumble upon something that slows it down. Don’t worry it’ll come, it’s just bad luck that’s watching behind every corner.

  • pavlo says:

    what about cm9 beta9?

  • 12y old gio fan says:

    dont you look the EM final?

  • user says:

    Will this replace cm9 or will cm9 still be developed? Either way, all the best!! 🙂

  • biswatmak says:

    Hey already uploaded AOSP????????

    • vishal says:

      Get the fuck off if u dont know answer of ur own question

      • AdmiralSpeedy says:

        Please tell me you’re joking?Did you just tell someone to leave because they didn’t know the answer to THEIR OWN question?

        It’s called a fucking question, because the person asking it usually doesn’t know the fucking answer, retard.

        Maclaw was very unclear in the post, considering most people don’t even know what AOSP is… He didn’t say what he was doing with it, or give any details… So obviously people are going to ask these things.

        • sumedh says:

          +1 admiral

        • vishal says:

          He asked tht he already uploaded aosp
          Where is it written about tht he uploaded it he is saying again tht new alpha will be soon in post also he jst said he compiled it
          Where the fuck its written tht he uploaded it

          • biswatmak says:

            Well I do have knowledge about AOSP…Maclaw said over here that its successfully compiled and in XDA he said yesterday night he would release the aosp version(the line was ultimately deleted by eagleeyetom while cleaning the thread) of the GalaxyICS..so today morning I asked whether he did so or not…..

            And who is this mother fucking Vishal a blind asshole ??? Listen son of a bitch verify with Maclaw first.

            PS: Your mother is in need of your help…

          • vishal says:

            Stfu !! I didnot reply to any xda comment nor to maclaws comment i jst replyied to urs which was asking if aosp has been uploaded
            So where the fuck it has written tht its uploaded
            And why r u abusing about my mother will it be fine if i abuse ur’s ?

          • biswatmak says:

            Sorry bout that its just ur attitude that drove me mad……..u cud have rplied nrmly dat u havnt seen him sayng. Maclaw in his first coment in this thread says “Maybe Tonight”.

          • vishal says:

            i read my first reply to u again and now i feel i was wrong
            sorry 🙂
            actually circumstances here were bad whn i replied u
            hope u understand 🙂

      • biswatmak says:

        Yup I do understand…..anyway no problem

  • Christian says:

    Hello, how are you? I wish I know if is possible to have 2 systems in a galaxy oprerativo ACE?

  • Angeleo says:

    Macław. Yesterday was the release, when we wait for him now?

  • sushil says:

    waiting 4 something exciting for my mini.

  • Rocky says:

    Hey MACLAW i installed ur PARANOID ANDROID and i`m surprised soft keys many widgets then in latest nightly and many app too so many stts and more other which have real ics (i`m compared this rom and my galaxy nexus`s rom) so i`ll and i think many people will happy if u will ad this apps settings and widgets in BETA 9, but ind PARANODRIOD rom is one minus at gio is smallest icons and fonts. GOOD LUCK !

    • Rocky says:

      and i think ur nightly has more lag then paranodroid 🙂 i`ll heppy if this settings will be in grandiose BETA 9 😀

  • buzz173 says:

    You compiled Jelly bean ?

  • luninandrei57rus says:

    Thank you Maclaw.

  • Pinho says:

    Guys stop making stupid questions like:
    -What is AOSP?
    -Is this Jelly Bean?
    -When released?



    • Daxt0r says:

      Aosp is a clean android like on galaxy nexus.
      It isn’t jelly bean, it’s only a clean ICS (androidi 4.0) and Will be relased when it will be complete

  • Chris Quinn says:

    Hey guys, just wondering if you could help. Installed Maclaw’s ROM on my son’s Ace. However, it was fully charged and 3 hours later it was at 20%. Any idea? ROM works great, really smooth!!!

    • Daxt0r says:

      Make sure that deep sleep work using cpu spy

    • etadex says:

      mb it’s been charged via usb.then use AC charger.

    • Ace King 34 says:

      maybe deep sleep is not working.
      Do this:-
      1.After complete charging(I.e. when you get the complete charge notification),remove the charging cable and then reboot the phone.
      2.Download CPU Spy from play store and install.
      3.Now lock your phone(by pressing power key) and let it be for sometime.
      4.Now unlock the phone and then open CPU Spy app and check if deep sleep is working.
      5.if deep sleep is working then you are good to go and battery will last longer.
      6.if deep sleep is not working then reboot phone and try steps 1-4 till you get deep sleep working.
      Battery problems are mainly because deep sleep not work.

  • Chris Quinn says:

    Thanks for that, I will give it a try! That might make sense, as when I looked at the battery usage, standby was really high!! Cheers

  • Angeleo says:

    I understand that this is all very difficult. I just want to know whether the firmware soon, or it can not wait until that’s all.

  • Pancakes_Gio says:

    Oh! why is there a “maybe” for gio 🙁
    Dont you have it 🙁

  • Rocky says:

    maclaw AOSP is great work i hope BETA 9 for GALAXY GIO will be soon and AOSP too for GIO 😀

  • Vagus says:

    Hey buddy when you’re going to get the Rom?

  • Fábio says:

    Great work over there! Man you’re awesome!
    Thanks for your hard work.

  • blizz says:

    has AOSP been released? if so where would I d/l it from? If not will just say keep up the good work. have a good day every one.

  • vuhieu says:

    camera preview will work on AOSP ?

  • sushil says:

    extremely sorry to bother u good people but will this great project will b available to mini? anyone. ??

  • Hugo says:

    A small step for programming, a huge step for mankind (;
    Does this mean we’re closer from Jelly Bean now?

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