July 3rd, 2012

As bagnz0r said at galaxyics.com:

Release of CM9 will be delayed to end of this week…


me and Marcin will use this time to make working AOSP without minor problems.

Bagnz0r needs to resolve his personal real-life issues. If he do that, you can expect 2 releases in this week (God bless :D).


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  • BGM says:

    So, it will be really AOSP ICS? And you said with “minor problems”, you mean working camera?

  • stety says:

    Please now fix kernel for mini/fit.

  • kral says:

    Let the mini-fit to worship God help

  • FaridcoM says:

    Take you’re time, we’re waiting patiently 😉

    Best Regards 🙂

  • errdos says:

    hi simple question:
    in previous news you published
    ” Because of no video drivers from Qualcomm, we need to finish our camera app until release, so that’s why it’s delayed. And that’s why we need more free time.”
    is that still valid? will beta9 have the video recoding functional?
    if it does might it delay the release date?


  • aditya austin says:

    they have a personal life too they are doing it for free so they also need time and they r nt ur servants u idiot and these devs are the once who r making ics possible on ace,gio,mini,fit so just stop complaning and let them do their work

  • Barremans says:


    stop bitching ! Be happy they make a great ics mod
    i happy with these even when the camera dont work atm , i still love and support these great effort they do . and for the aosp , why not ? They are the devs and they choice they route of development!

    instead of complaining you better suport them and not breaking they down.

    200% support of me guys thx for the things you do and give!!!!!

    grtz barre

  • STARS says:

    what’s a going on?? GalaxyICS is down two days???

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