July 3rd, 2012

Prepare for the pure google experience (awesomeness)! Today I’ve compiled the first working ICS AOSP for our phones ever. Almost everything is working (for now except browser, RIL (signal indicator and mobile data) and some other things but we are working hard to fix it). You can expect first release really soon.


Cheers, Marcin

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  • blacksh4dow says:

    Gratulacje 😀
    Powodzenia życzę w naprawianiu błędów. A teraz zaskoczenie, uwaga: nie zapytam się, czy będzie wydanie na Mini :3.

  • givezigo says:

    ohh GreAt job

  • FaridcoM says:

    Nice .. Good work guys ..
    You’re the best 😉

  • sumedh says:

    awesome sir your gr8 sir

  • Rocky says:

    Good Work Macław !

  • AntiBillOS says:

    Can i ask about progress on Mini/Fit kernel???

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  • a says:

    yeayy! good luck! 🙂

  • carlos andres says:

    great work…. in this rom agps working…. or gps??? thanks…

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  • vishal says:

    Plz sir maclaw and sir marcin give it a try for galaxy mini kernel we hav great hopes frm ur team 🙂

  • SheetOfPaper says:

    I know what AOSP is, but what exactly does pure Google Android give us? I mean, what functionality it has?

    • jeslinmx says:

      You lose some of the tweaks added by Cyanogenmod like the power widget in the notifications, battery percentage in notifications bar, overclocking menu built into settings and others. The primary advantage of AOSP is that its supposed to be slightly faster than CM9.

  • biswatmak says:

    Ok you said camera not working…I believe this is only the case of AOSP, right????

  • badman says:

    Does this mean that you aren’t going to use cyanogenmod 9 sources any more?

    • jeslinmx says:

      I think the team is going to maintain several roms based on different sources. So we will have AOSP, CM and according to maclaw AOKP soon.

  • Unknown says:

    GalaxyICS needs money – Fit / Mini users don’t donate so much as Ace / Gio users = not worth to make releases for Fit / Mini. Simple as that.

  • Mardon says:

    Awesome. You sir is a gentlemen. Keep up the good work. Looking forward for pure Google experience on my Galaxy Ace.

  • jinavs says:

    Awesome work guys! 🙂

  • Chris says:

    That’s cool! Will you be able to flash it without wiping the data partition?

    I don’t mind all the stuff not working, I just like pure vanilla Google.
    With CM9 being full of features, does it mean that AOSP will be faster?

  • Desmond says:

    Maclaw team… You awesome great work.
    My galaxy Ace look like a high end smartphone 😀

  • arhant jain says:

    so u need money to buy mini and fit..!???

  • Heldor says:

    Why ASOP is better than CM9?

  • 1rodrigonike says:

    When the new version?

  • Yaroslav says:

    can your team make aosp rom for lg e510 hub/univa? this is last try to make ics for lg e510

  • agna says:

    jelly bean sir… 🙂

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