July 7th, 2012

Guys, we have really bad news. The most recent CM9 build is too big to fit on /system partition on our devices. We are thinking about abandoning CM9 and releasing AOSP builds or installing new CM9 builds on bootable SD card. What do you think about it?

Cheers, Marcin

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  • STARS says:

    so u can move all unnecessary apps and live just most important… people can install on SD card what ever they want…

  • dude1986 says:

    ohh nooo… delete some systemapps… like genie wiget etc… the guy`s who needed can istall it themself..:)

  • youssef says:

    oh no, oh do AOSP versions and the sd bootable? very bad news ):

  • Matt96g says:

    I think that Will be fine releasing AOSP builds

  • heuay says:

    i think cm9 has more features than aosp, so i prefer using cm9
    what is it that makes it so big, bro?

  • Unknown says:

    What a shame, two days ago I compiled and it was fine 🙁 What changes did they make?

  • JAke says:

    Do only ASOP if CM9 is too big than leave this project, too many problems and it cost too many time. But you decide.

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  • AntiBillOS says:

    You plan edit kernel and make dualboot from clicking volume button?

  • diskopoprask says:

    For first thank you so much for your time and your decide to do this, its awesome!What does it mean bootable sd?Is it easy to do?

    You are THE BEST!Keep goin.Sory for my english, hope you will understand and anser my questions 🙂

  • rahul says:

    hello marcin! my advice is to remove unnecessary application..and keep only wanted stuff ..!!! as everyone can install on sd card whatever they want.. cm9 has more feature than AOSP and majority prefers cm9..!!! so it’s just a request to look forward..to it..(Y) CHEERS galaxyics team..hope for the release..soon!

  • aditya says:

    i think you must leave both cm9 and aosp and start making perfect and better builds of AOKP..

  • virus19 says:

    Go for AOSP.. pure google

  • rllsh57 says:

    May be it is possible to extend /system using /data or /cache. Total size of /system – 211 Mb, /data – 186 Mb, /cache – 25 Mb (galaxy ace). I think it better than sdcard.

    • Macław says:

      xfs is blocking all fun with partitions ;/

      • nmonty says:

        i know xfs partitions can’t be shrunk but they can be grown provided there is unallocated space at the end of the partition, so that would mean so and i’m assuming this is why we can’t realistically do it is that it would mean deleting the partitions and then recreating them but if that’s possible it would mean a extra process to do before installing CM that could brick our devices.

  • Wagierek says:

    What about implementing only English language and making flashable ZIPs for every other language for all who needs them? Then ther e will be only one or two languages in each phone and it will free so much space!

  • bjoern says:

    Im am disappointed that you deleted my post from yesterday (like many other posts). I was just giving an advice and criticising the people who insulted you. What was wrong with my post? o_O

  • Seruy says:

    Well Macław where all the long-awaited release?

  • CBiX says:

    AOSP +1

    The first thing I did on CM9 was removing all the Google apps, cause there are many good (and more performant) alternatives 🙂

    And because I <3 Open Source 😀

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