July 10th, 2012

First camera update.

http://adf.ly/Ap9iQ – Galaxy Gio
http://adf.ly/Ap9kZ – Galaxy Ace


  • preview is now scaled on GPU – almost 25% faster preview
  • added our new JNI lib written in C – libnativeyuv
  • color conversion is now done by libnativeyuv – almost 25% faster preview (it’s now 50%)
  • better stability and responsiveness
  • fixed spam in logcat in some cases
  • fixed FC in some cases
  • changed jpeg quality from 85 to 100
  • fixed photo saving path
  • added autofocus on Ace
  • added shutter effect
  • added shutter sound

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  • xorik says:

    Good news!
    what about video recording?

  • Rodrigo says:

    Realy, realy good news MAclaw.

  • p00l says:

    just flash via recovery without wiping?

  • curius7 says:

    Will the flash work in camera ??

  • JUlian says:

    Awesome! Btw, fuck that asshole who flooded!

  • G says:

    USB mass storage mode not working on the rom?

  • PAROVOZ! says:

    Can i flash it to MIUY4?
    I mean, won’t i get any FC or interfeys problem?

  • Hghags says:

    How to install this update ?

    and thanks

  • raj says:

    thanks a lot

  • HungNHD says:

    I got camera FC after applied the go.zip.

  • woda85 says:

    Same here, camera app FC

    Aplikacja kamery wywala się po update:)


  • dark'em says:

    thank you Maclow, cheers team galaxy ics, let’s start using the best rom for GIO…you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HungNHD says:

      Did you test the update package???

      • dark'em says:

        no just downloading now but will report if something is not right so that the team stays informed, im om beta8 and after I upgrade to the new I*’ll let you knnow to the new wersion then the update pacadge then I’ll tell

  • Stu says:

    Is this camera update compatible with the previous version of CM9 for the Galaxy Ace? (9-20120610-UNOFFICIAL-cooper)

  • crueldevil19 says:

    thankyou maclaw !!!

  • cyberpunk says:

    i have a problem with camera! i have this message “unfortunately, camera has stopped” ?

  • Henkie says:

    On my Ace the autofocus isn`t working

  • David says:

    I dont know how to do :S I put the ace.zip file in my sd card, i enter in recovery and install zip from sd card, but then I reboot my phone and it says an error

  • mik90 says:

    The changelog says “fixed photo saving path”…but even after the camera update I can’t still see photos in gallery, is it normal? Solutions? Thanks you for your efforts.

  • vuhieu says:


  • King ACE says:

    Hey..above you said video recording is working.. but i dont see where i can switch between photo and video mode.. just me?

  • ale90 says:

    maclaw: in the next release date for Android 4.1.1 AOSP. compliments on it your own good work 🙂

  • dark'em says:

    on the gio without the camera patch the camera works….with the camera patch it force closes, any solutions? pleace I need it so much

  • nizar nasani says:

    nice work man ur genius

    waiting for video recording

  • Sanjay says:

    Plz even provide a patch for came for galaxy mini its ok if u release d beta 9.afterwards Bt do something abt d camera or say something abt its success in camera for mini

  • Thanks man, you guys rock!

  • Barremans says:

    by these i donate with pleasure again

    thx for the grat ics mod and all the updates

    grtz barre

  • vuhieu says:

    camera FC after flash camera update

  • biswatmak says:

    What about battery discrepancies after using camera ?????? Are they solved ??????????

  • heuay says:

    before patching i could see my photo in gallery after rebooting. but now i cannot even after rebooting. it is much smoother though. great job guys!

  • nizar nasani says:

    flash light nt wroking using the app (flashlight+led)

    can u help me use the flash its important for me

  • Tim says:

    Awesome how fast it is now…

  • cyberpunk says:

    i have a problem with camera! i have this message “unfortunately, camera has stopped” ?

  • Niklas says:

    First: Thank you so much for GalaxyICS 🙂
    im going to donate !!!

    second: i cant find my pics in galerie (i have the latest system and the patch above)

    please help

  • STARS says:

    this problem persists:
    after using camera deep sleep not working…

  • Alex says:

    voice search does not work! 🙁

  • givezigo says:

    Maciej Maj ‏@Maclaw_pl
    1500 followers and I’ll work on JB 😀

  • anon says:

    @maclaw galaxy mini also hav working camera with preview (credits to antibillos)
    but only in night vision camera app others like fxcamera dont show preview just can click the photo
    stock camera app dont work
    i just wanna ask r u using ur own galaxyics camera app ? if yes then can u provide us the app
    and since we hav working preview can u atleast TRY to improve it as u r doing with other devices (we also hav some lags in preview)
    thanx 🙂

  • Carlos Andres says:

    in this rom all does work… AGPS work ???

  • Rocky says:

    Hey people CAMERA cannot be fixed in one day just we must wait 😀


  • francisco says:

    hey guys, camera can’t saves the photos

  • vo-1 says:

    Autofocus on ace NOT working

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  • shawcross84 says:

    after having applied the patch, the image quality is worse than before 🙁

  • STARS says:

    4 me to…

  • Ryan says:

    Camera working and preview work but no save picture and no flash cn use video recording

  • Matias says:

    Thanks 4 everything bro.

  • AMS says:

    Loving Beta 9! 8 hours battery life and counting. Still at 58%. 😀

    • Rocky says:

      yes if don`t use any app or any multitask battery wirking nice but if u will going to settings too 😀 and making any small thing battery eated 😀 and i`m not talking about games 😀 but think this ROM best
      soo thanks to all GALAXYICS team 🙂

  • cdvr says:

    after applied the patch, it seems without any change. some screenchot of new interface or features please. HELP…

  • Franklin Elson says:

    Can anyone teach me step by step how to install this update?

  • Update for Gio is already disponible?
    Thanks Maclaw, you’re the best *-*

  • Swift says:

    What directory are the photos saved to? I can’t find them in the gallery

  • suita says:

    Can I delete the zip files after I have installed them?

    • FaridcoM says:

      delete :0 (not recommended)
      I advice you to flash the rom again without wiping data/cache …etc

      Best regards 😉

  • cyberpunk says:


    no autofocus for gio ? soon ?

  • hari says:

    thanks for the good work man (Y)

  • Lzscar says:

    Hello just asking, why even after I applied the update through clockmod I still cant get the working camera, it still stay at the camera where there is only one camera button then the preview thats all, nothing else, the photo taken cant be save also

  • Rominator says:

    Thank you very much for my Gio 😛

  • NoName says:

    It works on my galaxy ace hugo boss

  • Rasa.kh says:

    I have ace. and i install the patch . but it gives the same force close error as gio “Unfortunatly ……” . its not exactly force closing. it cant detect the camera . cuz other camera apps wont work too . Whats wrong?

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