July 17th, 2012

Ok, so I want to say wazzap with us:
1. We’re working on Jelly Bean, but our Samsung RIL libs is too old, so we’re trying to hack somehow to get them working on Jelly Bean.
2. Stop writting to us:

Hey guys, please make CM9 for S5830i

Fit, please, Fit!!

What’s with Galaxy Mini?

As I said milion times, we cannot make anything without device. If we’ll collect enough funds, we’ll buy Mini/Fit, but it isn’t going great…. But I WON’T MAKE ANYTHING FOR S5830i BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE DEVICE!!!!
3. You must understand we aren’t spending all the time making Android. We’ve also vacations, just like you. Also, maybe it’ll surprise you… we’re a humans 😉
4. We’re trying to hack video recording on CM9 right now.


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  • a says:

    we understood 🙂
    thank you macaw 🙂

  • a says:

    but how about camera that been found on galaxy mini? with AntiBillOS and Marcin flashable zip i guess

    • Macław says:

      AntiBillOS just stolen our work without our permission, that’s all.

      • a says:

        really? i don’t know about it? because i also use that .zip file and it is showed his name and Marcin name during the flash zip installation, did you report to the mod on xda forum about it?

        • Macław says:


          • FaridcoM says:

            Maclaw …
            Think again, because all Mini users right now are thinking like that: Is sir Maclaw trying to help us or he just lying ..
            What’s wrong if someone success to make camera(from GalaxyICS) works on Mini, and gives credits to Marcin(Member in GalaxyICS) and you had tried to help us at least in the past!
            Come on man ..
            Good men says: use my work and give credits to me ..

            Good Luck 🙂

            Best Regards 😉

      • marcin1147 says:

        He didn’t ask us for permissions. Our Camera app is closed source.

        • FaridcoM says:

          Hmm, Now it has become clear 🙂
          Well, thank you sir for your explaining, and surly thanks to Maclaw for not reporting to XDA Mod.
          Respect all what you have done.
          But,If you made a favor, why not at least complete it by sharing it, as you’re (The team) working in the Galaxy Mini(aka tass) development In the past, why in the past? because Maclaw remove “cyano…… for galaxy mini” from his signature!
          After all, I’m not crying or asking “Please keep working, don’t leave us …etc” NO, I’m just explaining to all android lovers, WE MUST WORK TOGETHER to achieve a great achievement.

          Thanks to all

  • Barremans says:

    enjoy your holidays guys 🙂
    and don’t forget
    to drink a beer from time to time 🙂

  • winxuser says:

    hey guys, sad to hear about the RIL, hope you can get it to work soon,,

  • Delian says:

    Glad to hear about your work! 🙂 Thank you!

    A personal hint:
    Maybe will be unuseful but, for the guys keeping asking the same things ever and ever, maybe you could create a FAQ page 😉

    • Wietse says:

      People will still ask stupid questions, because those people don’t read and just ask everything without searching first.

      • Delian says:

        But at last you could simply answer READ THE FAQ! 😀

        IMHO, in addition, would be useful to have all the questions in one page 🙂

  • xdan says:

    So you don’t make jelly bean for ace???

    • tom alldersttton says:

      dude he is making it for ace and geo man read the page its only the i version of ace that he can’t do anything about !

  • ACD says:

    Top man.. keep up the fantastic work. as soon as I get stable JB on my ace i’ll be posting you some cash to say thank you..

  • Gustavo says:

    Since my device is “i” (what is sold in south america), there is no reason for me to wait for the maclaw releases. 🙁

  • Taher says:

    U guys are great…

  • ron says:

    i’ll give u my galaxy fit maclaw………..i live in INDIA then also i m ready to give my phone to u…..just think about it………

  • Dan says:

    Hello Macław

    First I want to thank you for your work, you have increased the life of my S5830L. (I guess it’s safe to use ROM S5830) 🙂

    Second I want to tell you how many my support and that of many others, are more people that you appreciate it that people who attack you. Please ignore this plague and do not accumulate stress by comments from stupid people. Many are destructively criticized for our work but we continue because it is for ourselves and our supporters.

    Third, please understand the users, they do not know what is behind the development work. They are as children waiting for their Christmas present. But that should not affect you. I know you do it that you want and you like, not because it is an obligation.

    And finally, probably will come more idiots will try to attack you, if you will pay attention to them, they win (as when you left the project of ICS), but if you continue and you ignore them, they will lose and will not return.

    Thanks again, you’re the best.

    PSDT: Forgive my writing, google translate. I speak Spanish. 😉

  • spajky says:

    I understood but we are just too excited to shut up. LOL.

  • Xemidra says:

    Hi, I would like to ask if you going to release a stable version of JB or at least ICS for Samsung Gio. You have aprox. 5-7 months to do that before Google release a new version of Android.

    Thanks for answer and sorry for my bad English.

  • Vítor Nascimento says:

    Hi Maclaw, how are you?

    Well, i’ve seen your posts, you can’t build a ROM to S5830i/M/C, because you don’t have this Devices.
    Many brazilians have this device, S5830C.
    You hope that we’ll have a ROM, for example, made for S5830, and do a ‘compatibility mode’ for S5830C?
    We love your ROMs, Cyanogen is the best.
    Unfortunately, I can’t have it on my Android device. Because the devil letter tthere are in this devil Device the “C”. ^.^
    Oh god!
    Well, I’ll wait to your answers, thanks!

  • How could this be possible that Users don’t understand? At least you guys are donnating the devices or just money when you ask for something? I am also a developer. I have to deal with this users everyday… Incredibible!

    Devs, take your time and keep up with this good work 🙂

  • Allen says:

    Hi maclaw, could you put a bar showing the donations for galaxy mini, so we can know approximately the status of mini purchase. Thank you and Marcin for ur hard work. We still willing to wait for releases, i just hope u don’t quit mini development.

  • wacek says:

    Pisałeś że któregoś lipca kupisz Galaxy Mini i dalej prace będą kontynuowane na tym telefonie, pisałeś także że zdania nie zmienisz i to pewne na 100%.

    • Macław says:

      Tak, ale spodziewałem się jakiś dotacji – wszystko z dotacji miało być tam przekazane. A tu dupa panie, jakieś 25$ przez cały miesiąc. Postaram się z własnych pięniędzy wyłożyć, ale nic pewnego.

      • Xemidra says:

        Osobiście uważam, że brak darowizn jest po części spowodowany brakiem informacji. Gdyby był normalny pasek informujący ile jest zebranych funduszy, ile trzeba i na co są zbierane to prawdopodobnie wpływy byłby większe. Nikt nie lubi płacić za kota w worku. Do tego na koniec powinna być wyraźna informacja, że nie będzie żadnego softu dla Mini/Fit itd. jeżeli nie zostaną zebrane fundusze. W tedy może ta “społeczność” co ciągle prosi o firmware dla swojego Mini/Fit itd. się w końcu zorganizuje i zbierze pieniądze.

        Czysta psychologia…

        • NqX says:

          Kiedyś była już zbiórka i na mini i fit było kilkanaście procent zebrane. Wtedy wyszła lipa z tymi telefonami i ludzie już nie chcą dawać darowizn – proste. 😉

          • Macław says:

            Ale ludzie nie wpłacali, to był sztucznie zawyżony wskaźnik coby wywołać zainteresowanie…

  • DQiB says:

    Hey maclaw and marcin,
    If u want, u can get my gfit …
    Fir free! I want that u can provide future releases for it …
    Pm me via xda if u want it 🙂

  • Dark Passenger says:

    hey Maclaw didnt Marcin put a post on this site that he was purchasing a galaxy mini on 25th july and it was 100% true and cannot be changed what happened now for you to say it maybe difficult and it seems a lot of indians are ready to give their devices so wazzup ?? will you be continuing development for these phones or not
    (no disrepect ment just what a straight answer and have great respect and admiration for your work.)

  • Bruno says:

    the galaxy ace’s ics rom will be completed? or the devs will works only for JB rom?

  • Shaleen Jain says:

    WTF why are u guys just deleting my comments?
    i have a right to speech/expression, i can sue u guys.

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