July 19th, 2012

Flash news: JellyBean prealpha will be in next few days (hope this week) for Ace/Gio users.

AOSP at 100%, if everything will be ok, CM10 also.

Cheers, more info tomorrow.
Your Macław

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  • marcin says:

    sorry za słowo ale
    Dzięki za wasz wysiłek 🙂

  • Tommy.35 says:

    F****** Awesome!!! You are the best! ♥

  • Guest says:

    Good job!

  • Wietse says:

    Good news! I would really love to test. 🙂

  • nico_nuggets says:

    very good job man, you are the best!

  • goro says:

    UR the best! thx

  • dark'em says:

    great news, congrats guys, thanks again!!!

  • Thiago says:

    Great. Thanks from Brazil!

  • Vishal Gaurav says:

    Too excited…….. Great news Maclaw, Good Luck

  • marri says:

    great job, big thanks 🙂

  • Vishal Gaurav says:

    Is it not going to be Alpha1…… or is it the beta version……? Whatever it is going to be, it would be Great……. 😀

  • Cobra78 says:

    Thnx to You and all the Team! 🙂

  • Vishal Gaurav says:

    Maclaw, is you and your team are on Facebook and do you have your Page(MaclawStudio) on FB….?

  • SIUBAK says:

    YOU ROCK!!

  • Cryss says:

    Awesome !

    Good luck 😛

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  • Pablo says:

    Great news!!! Saludos desde Argentina… 😉

  • Que grande es MaclawStudios, arriba Jelly Bean, Android the beast mobile OS 😉

  • Masterex567 says:


  • Gabriel says:

    sorry :$

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  • Luix says:

    great. I’ve using latest ics beta, all works perfectly.
    Sincerely thank you by support to our low-end devices.

  • Voltage says:

    Salute. Great. Good job.
    From Australia.

  • Aslan313 says:

    Awesome news guys….. You r great,……

  • Xen0nymous says:

    GREAT! but fix the browser, because its lagg and very jerky in facebook or in all Websites!

    Great Job for JB. And i have a ask Maclaw … Can u a liitle Bit german,because you are polish.

  • Wow… thanks for all.

  • seppe says:

    I Love you Guys! Im a big fan ! Think you are genius of he next generation! Thx a million!

  • misael says:

    excellent work and congratulation from Domincan Republic, i just want to know if android ice cream will have a full work on galaxy ace?

  • ffilasta says:

    WOWOWOWOWOWOW! you are the best!

  • Jonny says:

    CM10 = CM9 with JB? I would like to see this more than AOSP because of zRAM and other improvements and options.

    On the other hand, i would to try your “android kitchen” and so AOSP and CM10 and compare.

    Will this be possible, dear good Sir MacLaw?


    Thanks so much, we love you

  • Bruno says:

    All functions are ok? All work?

  • Whippopotamus says:

    “AOSP at 100%, if everything will be ok, CM10 also.”
    I think he means AOSP will definitely be released, with a chance of CM10 is everything else is ok…

  • rifan says:

    you are the best!

  • Bandit says:

    Im on the net and this has given me a bigger hard on than any amount of porn could

  • arefix says:

    i can’t wait for jb release.
    maclaw team awesome.good job! 🙂

  • Ivan says:

    Maclaw,you said a few days ago in your twitter that RIL doesn’t work in JB. Will that be fixed until the release of the prealpha?)thanks for your work)

  • Aqil says:

    Greetings from Azerbaijan!!!
    MaclawStudios, You are the best!!! GO GO GO!!

  • Hydragon1 says:




  • GaProgMan says:

    This is great news! Excellent work Maclaw and team (I always feel a little bad thanking just Maclaw, when I know that there’ll be alot more going on behind the scenes).

    I can’t wait to give this a try on my humble Ace. Again, excellent work guys.

    Just one question: has the previous list of working modules changed? (I do a lot of running, and use my Ace to track my progress, so I’m hoping that AGPS works well. If not, no worries)

    You guys’ll be getting a donation from me at the end of the month (pay day) for sure.

    Keep up the great work!

    -A fellow developer

  • bingo400101 says:

    thank you Maclaw!

  • rustam says:

    molodci’ .u r the best

  • zms01 says:

    Maclaw, thank you very much!

  • Crascer_Sistem says:

    You are the best ♥ !!!

    From Italy!!!

  • GalaxyICS fan says:

    GSM is working?

  • PePe says:

    Got a question. What would be the difference between JB AOSP and CM10?

    • Robin M says:

      AOSP is the clean android source compiled for our device

      CM is a project with useful add-ons and features.

      It is all up to yourself wich you want, I prefer AOSP for the moment but that might change 😉

  • Abreu says:

    Great!!!!! Thanks from Portugal!!!!!!

  • Andreas says:

    Do I have to do a full wipe (including /data) when flashing from ICS to JB?

  • nhokgoro says:

    Maclaw, you are number 1 ^^

  • Froony says:

    Great news! U R the man!
    Thanks from Holland!

  • Sergey says:

    Great news about Jelly Bean. Big Thanks from Russia!

  • mouhsine says:

    Big thanks From Morocco Al thought the website is blocked in here ( i don’t know why ),i had to come here through proxy.

  • biswatmak says:

    Maclaw you are saying AOSP at 100% but still its a prealfa …………… I can’t really follow you. Can you explain?????

  • Voltage says:

    Maclaw, I wanted to ask about the camera, the camera will operate in CM9?

  • Lucas says:

    Maclaw you are the best !!! Congratulations 😉 From France !!!!!

  • RandyRKO says:

    Hope this will release at this weekend:))))Thank you for your work Maclaw Studio

  • dark'em says:

    I realise I must be offtopic here but if you guys use cm9 you should search on xda for adremaline 4.2 cm version, before I used it the some stuff cdidn’t work (like floipboard for example) and the battery seames to last a little bit longer and the menu lags less…pleace you will like it…and again MaclawStudios thank you for this amazing rom

  • Wilder says:

    nice job, but which “tomorrow” you mean?

  • pooya says:

    ” Cheers, more info tomorrow. ”

    Today is That “tomorrow”:D
    Please share more info.I cant wait!

  • heavyhdx says:

    BIG thanks from Germany!

    4 of my classmates have got the Galaxy Ace and we all are waiting for the Jelly Bean-relase 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  • suraj jain says:

    Big thanks from India

  • gboy says:


  • Xemidra says:

    Czy ta wersja JB, którą wypuścicie będzie użyteczna na co dzień czy tylko do testów ?
    Co z tą Waszą stroną na FB ? Jest, będzie czy jak ?

    Hi, I would like to ask if this version of JB that are you going to release will be useful for normal use or only for tests ?
    Do you have a website on FB ? Is it, will be, or what ?

  • Hugo Silva says:

    NEWS, we need news maclaw , PlEASE say something 🙂

  • galaxy ace says:

    dark’em you are stupid maclaw said next few days but no next week

  • Angeleo says:

    Maclaw, can we count on a new rum on Sunday?

  • Coldbeer says:

    Thanks for the hard work.

  • sokhengtm says:


  • galaxy ace says:

    dark’em I was not saying anything about ROM I just corrected you. [……]

    • dark'em says:

      I know, but right under the title JellyBeam prelfa is “Flash news: JellyBean prealpha will be in next few days (hope this week) for Ace/Gio users”…notice the hope this week thing writen in case they wount be able to relice this week? Sory to be the wan telling you this man but: you dumbass!

  • golly says:

    Jesteście mistrzami PR 🙂 Jaram się od pół roku Waszym projektem. Obecnie już tylko jako zjawiskiem socjologicznym. Gratuluję twórczego wykorzystania myśli poety:
    “nie o to chodzi, by złowić króliczka,
    ale by gonić go”.


  • dark'em says:

    well you are right at onr point: they spend time to tweet what they cook up next, but it’s lack of respect to say that it doesent matter that they have personal lives, case it should. You are 100% right to think that they shouldent say what they are going to do and instead they should do it, but I’m inclined to think that they do that case a lot of people always ask them what stage of building the rom they are in, so it’s just a way of showing the ones that donate money that it is worth to trust them case they will get theyr investment back trough a nice, fiture rich rom. But respect for the developers is important! Is this good enough english for you from all us dumbasses you dumbf**k?

    • AdmiralSpeedy says:

      Well first of all, I never once said that their personal lives are unimportant. I said they spend most of their person time on the computer anyways. Nobody here seems to understand one thing; they started and work on this project for fun, and get enjoyment out of coding, so when they are on the computer, which is most of the time, they are probably working on this and have no excuse for slow development.

      Secondly, I never said your poor English made you a dumbass. I said ARGUING IN POOR ENGLISH DOES! Pay attention for more than five seconds and you would have seen that. Your English is terrible, and at times so is Maclaw’s and Marcin’s and that makes a lot of these news posts confusing and hard to follow. When they post the state of the ROM is fine, but when they post things like “It should be out this week” and then the week ends, and there has been no news for the entire rest of the week, people get angry and they wonder why… If you are going to post progress news, post it often and don’t give a random release date that will never happen.

  • khan says:

    awesome news dude thanks from india toooo

  • galaxy ace says:

    dark’em you are from Romania I am from Moldova I know also Romanian

  • Achmed says:

    There are always unforeseen circumstances regarding coding.. I should think we all are or know a bit about programming here, so we should be more understanding. @AdmiralSpeedy, yes i think there should be regular updates on the release. I keep checking with there is something posted every 30 minutes, not cool

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