November 19th, 2012

Hi guys!
I’ve done a research and I have mixed opinions if we should come back. You’ve got a lot of great ROMs and developers.

I’ll publish something only, if it’ll be better than existing ROMs. Sorry guys, I don’t want to make mistakes like in past.


November 18th, 2012

Hello all!
I’m Macław, if you are here you probably remember my old development for Android.

Marcin poked me a few days ago and asked, if we could back to work on Android. I agreed to it in moment.

So we’re back, now as MaclawStudio – without Polish “ł” and without “s” at the end – who needs them?

Also I have some things, which I have to tell you, before we’ll start:
1. I never stolen TheWhisp or his team work. They used my sources at beggining and just modified them. I didn’t write they’ve stolen them, because sources were be at GitHub as opensource, so anyone could do with them anything. So, I never used TheWhisp work – you can belive me or not.
2. I don’t know if that project will be opensource. I don’t want situations like ealier, but also I don’t want to be “old Macław”. Must to think about it, waiting for your opinions also in comments.
3. I was doing a lot of things bad. Making ETAs, unifinished releases just to be better than other guys on XDA etc. It won’t happen again.
4. Now me and Marcin have school. We’ll try to making releases as frequent, as we’ll able to.
5. I removed my account from XDA and I won’t create a new one. Also I won’t create topics for our works. If someone wants, fell free to make one. Earn some thanks, cheers 😉
6. About money: if you want to donate us, feel free, but it isn’t needed. Donators and normal users are on the same right, don’t except I’ll do everything you want only because you’ve donated.
7. I promise you won’t see any wars with other developers. We’ll just focus on making good software. That’s one of causes that I won’t join XDA again.
8. I’ll try to answer to most comments on once a day. If you have something important, please, write at [email protected].

I think that’s all what I has to say. Waiting for your answer and other messages in comments.

And please, DON’T ASK FOR ETA. That was a cause of a lot of issues in our team and in Ace/Gio developers group. We’ll ignore every question about ETA.

Cheers guys, glad to be there again

November 18th, 2012

Some spoiler has already appeared at my Twitter…

More info tomorrow. Stay tuned guys 😉

PS. I hope my english is better now 😉