January 5th, 2013

Hello all!

I just want to let you know that we’ve created our Fanpage at FB.

Please, like us right there:
MaclawStudio at Facebook.com


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  • Stijn says:

    Thx Macław, marcin1147 and the other people who helped you for the amazing rom and the fast releases and fixes! It’s cool that you guys now have a facebook page and I’m looking forward to the next release!

  • MiguelPT says:

    Cool 🙂 Adoro but i am lookibf forward for the New cm build 😉

  • MiguelPT says:

    Not adoro… O meant “love it”

  • Prateek Taneja says:

    Hope it’s JB. 🙂

  • i love your new type of leaving a reply, It’s very confortable 🙂 Thanks you
    Facebook page is very good created 🙂
    I have one problem, I haven’t got a 3G, when I wan’t to send a 3G mobile data settings to my phone to apply ”on” of 3G I can’t receive this 3G settings, to activate my 3G, mms sending etc, so I just can use wi- fi to acces to the web, and a file manager is absent in the beta roms 🙁 If you can create some changes and do the possible things with receing a 3G settings by my operator and file manager it will be perfect, anything works vevry fine 🙂

  • DarkDrifter says:

    Better, I hope it’s Jelly Bean 4.2.1 😀

  • SkratX says:

    Also looking forward for the next release!! Although AOSP beta2 is working nice I can’t wait to check what’s coming.. Hope it doesn’t take too long to come out =P

    By the way, you guys are doing an amazing work. Really gave my Gio a new life!

  • Albert Almar says:

    oyeah!! i dont expect any thing perfect aosp ics with all features working is enough!! thank you very much maclaw and his team.. HAPPY FLASHING

  • BRK @BRKsays says:

    I love surprise! Hopefully we get a stable ics and an jb 4.2.1 alpha!

  • Teodor says:

    Cool! And I love your roms…my only problem is that the battery get depleted in like 5-10 minutes when surfing the web using 3g,,,or when I play games….so someone pls tell me how to fix this…My phone is a Galaxy Gio….What could be the problem?

    • Baptista says:

      You should have been more careful with your battery. I can play for some hours… The last time I charged the battery of my phone was two days ago and I’m using this rom.

  • DarkDrifter says:

    @Teodor : Your battery is f**ked, I was in the same problem, and now it’s ok with my new battery. 😉

  • Param says:

    there a bug with beta 2 everytime I use data or internet my mobile is not reachable when anyone calls me.
    Need help

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