January 5th, 2013

Hello guys, I just want to let you know that today we’re working on optimization of Maclaw.pl for your comfort.

Also, we’re working to add cloud to Maclaw.pl.

Cheers guys!

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  • Giowner says:

    From what I’ve seen now, I like every optimization and change made to the website except the background.
    Because of the background, it all looks a bit vague.

    But of course, if you guys like it then that’s no problem to me either 🙂

  • Astron says:

    gud job

  • DarkDrifter says:

    Nice, I like this new mobile theme. 🙂

  • ComicMan says:

    Nice Dude 😀
    Good Work

  • Thanks and keep the good work, Maclaw! I wish you reach great things in your career! You and Marcin!

  • digbijoy says:

    very much appreciated..

  • GalaxyAceICS says:

    Your AOSP ICS for ACE is beautiful! 😀

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