January 8th, 2013

Beta3 of AOSP ICS is available!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • fixed tethering
  • fixed google location services
  • fixed network location services
  • wifi improvements
  • performance improvements:
    • added jit compiler
    • added entropy performance hack
    • improved dalvik parameters

What works

  • RIL (call/messages/3G)
  • hardware acceleration (graphic – 2d/3d)
  • GPS and A-GPS
  • compass
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • sensors
  • bluetooth (with A2DP support)
  • video hardware acceleration
  • Wi-fi
  • camera (stock app doesn’t record video)
  • Google Play
  • YouTube HQ
  • all ICS functionallity
  • radio (3rd party apps)
  • deep sleep
  • App2sd support
  • native Wifi tether


  • GPS is getting crazy for some people
  • A-GPS causes turning off deep sleep mode

I’ld be glad, if you would share links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

Guys who made it happen:

  • Macław
  • Marcin1147

Thanks for help from:

  • tom3q
  • Trybicki
  • ganster41

Before you’ll ask for help, check our FAQ. Maybe answer is already here?

If you want to say us thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

EDIT by Marcin: Hey! I noticed some people experiencing issue with deep sleep after installing the update. If you are affected by bug, please turn off Google location services. We’ll try to fix it in next release. Cheers!

94 Responses
  • spyster says:

    downloading! nice surprise for these cold days! thank you so much

  • Pons91 says:

    is ist necessary to do a factory reset before updating from beta 2 to beta 3? Thx 🙂

    • It’s not needed! For me on Galaxy Gio updating from beta2 to beta3 worked without wiping anything, but at startup you have wait a few minutes with a popup “Optimalizing applications”

  • Philippe says:

    Very nice! I’ll install it soon.

  • Invisor says:

    what do i need to install this from Gingerbread 2.3.6 ? please share info 🙂

    • badack says:

      first you need to root your gadget,
      second, install CWM
      third, backup your current ROM via CWM
      fourth, play around with lots of custom ROMs

      you should visit XDA for some good reading material….

  • Reaper Smith says:

    @Invisor… No special magic needed 🙂 Just wipe cache, wipe system, wipe batt stats etc, then flash… Be sure to use CWM5 for flashing (to avoid probs) Cwm touch beta is the best so far & touch makes it so fast & fluid to use…

    Do these things n you should have no problems 😉

  • Reaper Smith says:

    @Invisor, forgot to say, if you are on stock gingerbread, then you will need to flash CWM & root also before using custom or kang roms… If you are already rooted & have CWM, make sure it’s CWM5 then follow my first instructions… 😛

  • matt96g says:

    maclaw, yau are great now we have a perfect ICS (you have done what samsung didn’t)…..but now that AOSP ICS is perfect you will focus on JB or there will be other release of this ROM???
    Thanks in advice

  • Pons91 says:

    absoluty perfekt rom!!! Thanks 🙂

  • question says:

    Is it safe to install?
    Does not contain any malware, spyware or backdoor?

  • matrix124 says:

    Thanks a lot! Why beta everything work

  • Sergiy says:

    Maclaw your firmware the best, thank you for your hard work. Sorry for bad English

  • minime says:

    maclaw please make improve in videorecording :3

  • thezelmusic says:

    Rom’s almost perfect, just videorecording need to be fixed. Also the wifi takes a bit to switch on. Great, excellent work though, you made whst Samsung didn’t do.

  • dato says:

    wow!!! you guys just rock! unstoppable crew!

  • Thank you for all improvement 🙂 Great Job !

  • question says:

    What apps does this ROM include?
    When you install this ROM, is a phone rooted then?
    If it is, how to unroot?

  • tw1st says:

    Laugh enough… Make AOSP and the source are closed. Very Funny.Retards…

  • Excellent!! is almost a final version: D is amazing, it was worth the wait and your absence, came back very very very well. Thank you!
    I have only two questions:
    I can do as I reconosca the partition of my SD CARD?
    As I can activate the toggle?
    thank you very much

  • So… I’ll ask for the second time. You say that the stock camera doesn’t record video, implying that other cameras would. The only two three available camera apps that have a video recording option do not work.

    What app should I use? Why did you delete this comment earlier?

  • juan says:

    The best rom…its almost perfect..great job… i found that usb mass storage doesnt work or maybe just for me… its something else for improve battery life even more..

    Thaks for all

  • Isidoro says:

    Hi!! Im very excited for this release, i have one question… Stock app doesnt record video, so what app should i use for videorecording? Thanks for all your hard work 😀

    Regards from Mexico
    Sorry 4 my bad english

  • badack says:

    wow…..you guys fixed that thetering problem that no one was able to fix em…..


  • SkratX says:

    How can I get a2sd working on this?

  • param says:

    Hey maclaw thanx for GA support.
    Can u please add Indic language support or could tell me how to do it in your ROM.

  • digbijoy says:

    nice update..installed without wiping.but got problem with link2sd.so had to do full wipe and reinstall….working ok till now

  • BRKsays says:

    Can anybody confirm whether amarullz script A2SDX working in this rom? I can’t seem to get past the boot loop.

  • moltraz says:

    Thanks a lot from italy 🙂

  • Mikael says:

    GPS, location service and location & google search still doesn’t work! Neither do automatic time zone!

  • tradzhedyReinis says:

    Question about input languages, is there a way to install, add a input languange that is not in the list ?

  • tmotlik says:

    It is awesome ROM, but I have problems with GPS and automatic timezone selection from mobile operator. Solving of timezone was simple by setting manual timezone. GPS is bigger problem, I cant lock GPS position in any app (google maps, gps test, compass) :(. I try clean dalvik and caches, than my ACE find one satellite in 5 minutes that’s all. .. At all, you are making great job ;).

  • Nikita says:

    Some bugs are always presented so when i write from landscape ti portrait there are a lot of bugs so i must to reboot my phone…

  • Miguel Angelo says:

    Hello Maclaw! Thanks so much and good job doing this. I dont even know where you find all this motivation =)

    Ok i have something to ask… I have the CM9 rom, and with it, got a ton of contacts, apps and other stuff. Do you guys allways wipe it all or do you use any kind of program to backup everything and restore it all to the new AOSP mod?

    Going to install it after answer..,.if i get it.

    • Teodor says:

      The easiest way to backup your contacts is to synch them with your Google Account and for the apps use Titanium Backup.

      • Miguel Angelo says:

        Alright! That was all i wanted to know. I already used titanium, but wanted to know if you guys also used it.

  • WMaker says:

    How can I apply this update over beta 2 without loosing any data? Thanks!

  • WMaker says:

    Correction to above post – Over Beta 1

  • Nishit says:

    Is this for s5830i or s5830?

  • anjin6g says:

    thanks for you rom, anzing sekali ya,babiks lo taiks, cheers from alabata 🙂

  • Alias says:

    Guys how to enable init.d support as it is AOSP…. So i think it will not have init.d support but could anyone tell how to enable it thanks

  • Obamama says:

    Is that Android 4.xx for the Galaxy Ace S5830?

  • jdga03 says:

    Excelent work! Thank you Maclaw. I was waiting for a ROM with ICS for my Gio.

    Working with beta 3 now, waiting for improvements.

  • pons91 says:

    Gallery app is very laggy (sometimes no thumbnail/preview and crashes), but all in all great rom!

  • Astron says:

    @maclaw does usb tethering work???

  • Stu says:


    Really appreciate your work. Is there any way of getting the “Interface” menus back in the System Settings? I miss some of these options.


  • Teodor says:

    After the update some apps just don’t want to work: “Unfortunately, X has stopped”….these apps are a File Manager and Poweramp.What should I do?

  • Those asking abouth video recording app. That they can use tryvideocamillusion its working but not that good as quality of stock camera temporarily until its not fixed.hope its help.thank you again maclaw for this bestrom on our gio users

  • marcelo says:

    i’m havung issues with mobile data conection, it doesn’t conect with my provider.. personalization and good stuff?? keep working on this, it’s goergeous! regards

  • Kevin says:

    There is no init.d support so an app2sd script for sd-ext is not working. You can enable it by using init-term.sh from xda. Just download terminal emulator from play store and download init-term.sh from xda (the flashable init-zip for cwm is not working!). Then open terminal emulator and type: su
    Push enter
    Then type: sh /sdcard/term-init.sh
    Push enter and everything is done for you!

    • Reaper Smith says:

      Duuuuude… If terminal instructions are too daunting, just install this Init.d Enabler .apk that I give you, Install it, run it, select “Activate” it will do it’s thing, click “verify” & Voila, you now have fully functioning Init.d support… You can now safely un-install Init.d Enabler.apk…

      Just thought I would highlight the simplest method… This will work on any SGA rom CM7/CM9/CM10.1 JB/AOKP/AOSP…

      Init.d Enabler.apk here : http://www.mediafire.com/?e13kwsxj27n64l8

      Stay Breezy n Be Lucky 😉


  • ay_ik says:

    Nice work guys: )

  • Does anyone know what’s causing games to crash without notification when loading a level? I had to go back to Beta 2 because I can’t play any games on Beta 3.

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