January 29th, 2013

Yes, it’s our JB running on Galaxy Gio. Find one glitch 😉

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  • Danilo says:

    Ho man, you are amazing

  • Konrad says:

    na pasku stanu 7:12 a na ekranie blokowania 7:15. Logiczne

  • T.E.C.H.N.O says:

    That’s what i would see, don’t release old stuff like ICS, only JellyBean pls 😉 you rock it! \m/

  • It’s JB, yes? OMG, Thank you, Maclaw, you are AMAZING! Just upload it as soon as possible, please!

  • luukvideo says:

    JellyBean YEAAASSS! nice work maclaw! btw. galaxyics is down just letting you know

  • c7vv says:

    Maclaw!!!! Make it coming soon dude!!!!!
    Thx u…..

  • albertalmar says:

    YEAH!!! its coming just wait :)))
    (we have the same laptop) XD

  • strong_wind says:

    hahaha! the clock x)

  • Irving says:

    Greath work Maclaw you´re the best I think that 4.2 is wonderful

  • Chris says:

    I will install it, well… as soon as it’s really stable and no more bugs are found.

    Great work at any rate.

  • James says:

    the time difference in the statusbar and lockscreen

  • One glitch? Signal bar? 😉

  • BGM says:

    It’s AOSP?

  • kazzit17 says:

    404 on downloads page 🙁

  • axwells says:

    But what about the aosp ics? you stop working on it and switched to aosp jb?

  • rcseven7 says:

    COOL ! alright 😀

  • Miral1000 says:

    this is what I’m talking about 🙂

    waiting…waiting…waiting…waiting XD

  • Mauro says:

    and JB for galaxy ace? I’m waiting so badly that day… greetings from Bolivia

  • Shnookie says:

    is there something wrong with that keyboard?

  • marwan says:

    LOLOLOL i have the same phone and laptop, cool jb!!

  • hannes says:

    nice 😀
    what’s work and what doesn’t work?
    (srry for my bad english ;s)

  • Pelearmee says:

    your work fly as the last meteorite, but over owns Galaxy ace, great work

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