April 23rd, 2013

Ok, good news – we have fully working HW 2d/3d acceleration!

HW Acceleration is working!

Don’t ask for ETA – we’ll release it soon 😉


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  • What do you mean by H/W “2d/32” ?

  • Migue says:

    So video recording works fine?

  • aw yeah dat’s awesome.. now as soon as video acceleration works and I can propely watch videos again, I will instantly install it again. this is looking awesome so far. keep up the great work

  • altufaltu says:

    Great! Waiting for video acceleration also to work..

  • DocMAX says:

    what audio chip does the s3 mini have? can you please increase audio output volume?

  • Gcko says:

    Here my great appreciate. We don’t know what gs3 mini will be without you. Take your time as you need, we’re here waiting.

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