May 30th, 2013

I just wanna tell you how I’m fee…. oh wait, it isn’t that 😀

I just want to tell you that Wifi Tether has been fixed just now 😉

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  • bib says:


  • Harry says:

    You are awesome :)!!

  • You are the fucking master.
    By the way, How about the other known issues? Please, Let there be fixed (I love AC/DC)
    I won’t flash any other ROM in my phone, but Maclaw CM10 Beta2.
    P.S. How long does it last one day in Poland? 50 hours? Do you sleep, work, eat?

  • imti says:


  • imti says:

    should i download the file again??

  • imti says:

    should i download Release: CM10 beta1 (S3 Mini) the file again??

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