June 10th, 2013

Ok, because we forgotten about app needed by some of you apps – Email, so here’s patch for JB AOSP RC2. It will be included in final1:
Email app patch

Apply in recovery mode.

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  • No need to mount system just flash it in recovery mode (y)

  • LeOnOfCourse says:

    And when will be final1?

  • MikeGseven says:

    I installed RC2 and everything was fine besides problems with gallery, but after instaling this patch(I don’t know why I did that…) the ringtones disappeared from sound menu and now I can’t choose any sound… And I am tired of aanother flashing. Can I revert this somehow? Why someone did not post a message about this?! Its a wasting of my time

    Another problem is with this portal, I can log in with my twitter account bcause it says “error your twitter lign expired…” what a BS

  • MikeGseven says:

    Strange but now it works, all I did was copied all the ringtones from sys folder to sd card directory “ringtones” and then selecting this folder as container and after reboot of the phone everything was back to normal and I could delete the ringtones from sd bcause the phone just started reading the sounds from system directory. This is weird

  • MikeGseven says:

    Its me again bcuz it seems that the problem with ringtones is back again… After deleting sounds from sd card directory(ringtones) and reboot a phone the ringtones from sounds option in settings disappeared again :/ Do I have the ringotnes on sd card to get them to work ?! If yes its stupid bcuz they are still in system directory and takes phone memory so I’m losing twice the amount of memory for same things… 4mb in phone and on sd card as well. Beside that there is one more thing I do not like in this ROM, why the original headset do not work with music and calls? I mean I cant turn music on/off or change the tracks using original GIO headset(one button) the same with calls I can’t answer the phone with the HS. And there is some bug even with HS and music player, when you take out headphone when music plays and put it back there is no sound. You have to remove it once again and lock the phone and then plug it back and the sounds play again via HS. By the way I am very happy how the GPS works 🙂 This is very important to me bcuz I ride my bike a lot and I’m using it to create routes for other people. I’ve tested many custom ROM and they always suck with GPS and this one is great!

    Please fix these problems and this ROM will become the BEST of the BEST / Macław to chyba Poiskie imię? Czyż nie? Pozdrawiam i czekam na poprawki 🙂

  • Matthias says:

    Can you upload Mail app please again cuz it isn’t more available.
    Would be very nice

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