June 10th, 2013

So i just want to inform you all,
that im working right now on merging sources with latest sources by pa and
next release comes along with many new things like new pa prefs, halo or smth like that ^^


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  • Tek says:

    Wen do u plan to release update to cm 10.1?:)

  • seedrom193 says:

    what about the s3 mini all the current progress and develoent are on the ace

  • tomaasz says:

    @OldDroid: what 4.2.2 source will you use ?

  • Alan:) says:

    Please work also in the smothness
    Thanks Old

  • kontalstart says:

    And The RAM is Go to Hell ahhaa (sarcasm) ,HALO More RAM consumes?

  • Michael Pua says:

    Hi old droid pls do for s3 mini too plsssss

  • OldDroid says:

    I wont support s3 mini because i dont own it and have no sources for it!

  • Jorge Jesus says:

    Please fix the voice search for cm 10.1 🙁
    Thanks for the amazing work ! :’)

  • barboss says:

    great news! i’ll try it as soon as you upload it. and one more question: is gallery working for pa?

  • Beyblade says:

    Can u make a patch for halo for beta version…….

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