June 16th, 2013

New week is coming, so plans for it:
1. CM10.1 for Ace/Gio
2. CM10 for S3 Mini
3. Site updates

Thank you for supporting us, but because of a lot of not really nice words in last days I have to say something: we did it wrong when we were giving you release every week. Now if we don’t do it, you’re iritated. But we’re human and we have to learn and work, Android is not our whole life. If you don’t understand it, go and find friends, maybe girlfriend…

But still don’t worry – updates this week, as I said 😉

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  • Ahsan says:

    What is girlfriend?

  • Stannieman says:

    When will you make a CM10.1 port fort to the Girlfriend?

  • Eden says:

    Focus on good things people say too 😛 only a minority say bad things, the most of us like you and can wait patiently 😛

  • Matu says:

    For most of the people you do not have to explain how busy life can be, guys. Just leave ones with bad moth on your work aside, and ignore them forever. As an alternative, make the blog closed so only the registered ones can make comments (do a poll before, if you want) and you will have the possibility to ban unwanted elements…

    With respect, and keep up the good work,


    • shoaib says:

      totally agree with matu… u should make it closed for members so if anyone does talk rubbish they can be blocked!

  • Camilo says:

    Maclaw you are the best!!!!!!!!!!

  • sintronics says:

    hello maclaw 🙂

    first tank you for your amazing work

    second forget the negative people that should tank you, instead of
    making bad comments

    third i´m not like those people because i have lot´s of friends
    and i´m married and i have a son 🙂

    he he he

  • Yukianz says:

    Yaay..! Can’t wait

  • TobiasFP says:

    I am sorry to hear that people are idiots, though i guess it was expected. Anyways, i have just donated 10 usd to make up for it. The rom works really great as a daily driver, but i hope that the modem problems are the first to be adressed (It seams every time i switch from one antenna to another (or move about 1-2 km) there is no data anymore).

    Please, if you feel like anybody else has contributed greatly to the porting of the SIII Mini, share the donation. I know it is not much, but i am a student, so i dont have much at the moment.

    Furthermore, i am quite interested in getting into porting, so if you could point me towards how you started out getting into porting that would be neat. I know C/C++, Java, shell, etc. already.

    Great rom, and looking forward for even more updates.

  • ThatGuy says:

    definately, People need to underastand that life is the way it is, people must become patient and understanding. Much respect for you all in the team. Thank you guys so much for the work that you have been doing to help us in the gio, ace and s3 Mini community
    Thanks for all this, keep it up 🙂
    You guys are the best Devs ever!!! 😉

  • Gavin says:

    Anyone else notice the lag issues in JB compared to ICS? It may have something to do with Project Butter? If it is, how can you disable it?

    • TobiasFP says:

      No i have not noticed any lagg at all. Actually, to me, Jelly bean has 0 lagg (unless i have A LOT of apps running, and listening to music), but when i was on ICS, it always used to lagg.

      • Gavin says:

        Hmm thats weird because for me I can almost not even get past the lockscreen where ICS is smoother than any ROM I have tried, including stock.

        • ThatGuy says:

          I definately agree with you… it does seem to have some lag over ICS

          • TobiasFP says:

            Hmm.. As soon as i start up the phone, and let it have maybe 10 seconds to itself, it runs smooooooooth..
            Of course there is a little bit of a HW problem, but i wouldn´t count that as lagg.

    • evilking009 says:

      lags in jb is always remains due to our poor HW on our phone.Project butter requires an powerful hardware phone(I.e htc sensation,one X etc) to make it possible.

    • sintronics says:

      i also think that ics is more responsive and smother, it reacts more faster in touch screen than AOSP JB OR CM10.1

      i can´t explain, that´s what i feel, maybe it´s because ics must be lighter

      but my favourite is CM10.1 🙂

  • hamid reza says:

    hello thanks alot maclaw and him team
    dear maclaw when new cm10.1 will release?

  • S3 Mini says:

    Good JOB Maclaw 😀
    btw when you release CM 10.1 for S3 Mini ? 😀

  • bob says:

    Thank you for your efforts

  • 138 says:

    Hope the new release of CM for S3 Mini repairs the camcorder, you know, to use the new Instagram Video 😀

  • neonflow says:

    GPS doesn’t lock in my Gio on CM10.1 Final 1. 🙁 But apart from some random crashes and lag, the ROM is pretty good. Hope to see some improvements in these areas on the upcoming version. Great work Maclaw, keep it up! 🙂

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