June 18th, 2013

I’m introducing new download page. Now more clean, just select what you want to download and that’s all.

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  • rAVINDRA says:


    very good work….

  • War10ck says:

    Very, very good work. Clean and Simple!

  • jdga03 says:

    Nice, easy to find the right download.

  • Could you add release dates as descriptions for the releases?

  • Attikus says:

    It is a really good idea, but I like the old download page more, because you can see all downloads with one view and you don’t have to do so many clicks.

  • Razvan says:

    you could do better. still has bugs. i have to click twice to get what i want.
    isn’t better that what it was. is different.that’s it.
    and use direct download, from your website. not redirect from adfly. isn’t that why your topic is closed on xda?

  • nikimanon says:

    Oh, yeah! It changed a lot! I like your decision! 😀

  • menikmati says:

    Why are comments getting deleted?

  • threepwood says:

    like the new layout more because of its simplicity but the line “Please, select interesting you software.” is wrong as wrong can be.

    Some thing like “pick your preferred software” or “Pick your desired ROM/software” would be more correct

  • Rayden says:

    Razvan about the adfly: I understand your concern but have you stopped for a moment and thinking the authors of the firmwares dedicate many of their time making it for free to you. Shouldn’t they at least have some revenue from the ads?

  • Rayden says:

    I think the new download page is neater and it gets easier to download the ROMs.

  • huzefa says:

    MACLAW ur download layout is very good but its nt working..for example if i want galaxy ace rom i click on galaxy ace but nothin happens ..so have to refresh the page twice or thrice to download when i refresh twice or thrice then downloads work plz fix it before u release cm10.1 for galaxy ace eagly w8ing..thanks for ur good work

  • guilherme says:

    Quero fazer o download

  • pop says:

    Hi …
    Can you change the color of the download menu options ?
    It will call the user attention that there’s something that may be clicked/selected.

  • Jaanus says:

    It is slow due to the comments section loading. Try putting the Javascript code right after the download section to speed things up.

  • Vivek says:

    Well.. I do not know what is the error all about.. but I cannot download via adfly.. It shows an error that requested url not found…

  • vahidkhani says:

    PA 3.56 – Beta 1

  • jason leww says:

    where is the linkkkkkk to download cm 10.1 s3 mini ?

  • fany says:

    hello, thanks for your work above, I love my samsung ace s5830 and thanks to you I have not been outdated but the bad thing is the battery is exhausted soon, even more, it recharges way too soon and runs even faster by example , when connected to the mains when you put 100% 90% gets disconnected when I open any application and put 80% and so on, and dropped me an application to calibrate the battery without any result, ahy some help for this …. .

  • sri says:


  • Sam says:

    Link for gapps CM 9? Thanks for any advice…

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