June 23rd, 2013

Ok, I didn’t experienced that issues (not working lockscreen, browser etc.), but thanks to one user and his logcat I resolved your issues.

Just redownload CM10.1 20130623 again or flash Google Apps – what you wish.

Also for users from India: I heard that you have blocked access to Adf.ly. Just replace http to https in download link and you can easily use Adf.ly.

Thanks for help

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  • huzefa says:

    thanks maclaw from india…nice work

  • Allan Torrani says:

    is there a way to use zoom at camera???

  • Stm says:

    If Issue with Link2SD is solved too?

  • Suchy says:

    You forgott update MD5 in downloads for fixed CM10.1

  • Astron says:

    I am from INDIA and https(secure connection) worked like a charm
    Thank u

  • ninad says:

    i cannot download ,i changed it to https as you said but doesnt work ! ill keep checking

  • Tri says:

    you can use a proxy…

  • rampaikitang says:

    i redownloaded the cm10.1 but still no google play store there. if you could provide a download link, that’ll greatly helpful to everyone. thanks 😀

  • Ravindra says:

    thank u very much for information….


  • edu says:

    It works perfect in my Ace. Nice job men. One question, how i can to take a screenshot? Respect from Spain.

  • taosky says:

    Can I update without wipe my information, I use the last version.
    (I am chinese and my English is not good.please forgive me)

  • lonely says:

    Maclaw please release new version of CM10 for S3 Mini 😀

  • MikeGseven says:

    First of all, thanks for the new update I didn’t have much time to test all the functions but the firstimpression is positive and I like the new boot screen much better 🙂 and the start of the system its seems to be improved as well so it loads really quick for me on my GIO. I have a question about google play store. I know its in the second zip file but this its not what I wanted to ask.

    I’ve downloaded google store apk and I wanted to install it manualy from my sd because I do not need the other apps from zip. And I have found something that’s bothers me:

    Before clicking the install button there are severals permissions they ask for and one of them is:

    “Sending text messages (this could generate additional costs)”

    is that mean they will spy on me? or this applies to apps from the store that may collect charges illegally?

    I have one more request if you could make the zip with ringtones that were in the beta I wish to download some of them and put in my phone. There was couples of nice sounds.By the way thanks for more options to change tracks in music player. I’ve seen possibility to change them with sound volume button.


  • Mukul Lamba says:


    I installed your CM 10.1 recently. It looks great. Really smooth and stable. Only problem I am facing is with the Network. Suddenly the network strength is very weak after installing this new Rom. Also sometimes, network is disconnected and when i search for network, it says “Error while searching networks”. Please could you tell what is the issue?

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Thanks MacLaw for the information, https is working so you should provide this information on the download page otherwise you may receive a lot of unnecessary emails. Not every one will read the post of the homepage since they go down with every update you post. Many like me mainly visit your downloads page to check for any new update and then see the page for that ROM for change logs.

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