June 30th, 2013


First week of holidays is coming, so this week we’re planning:
1. New S3 Mini release (something different than CM10.1 first)
2. We’re making something special and really, really different for Ace/Gio. Get ready!

Cheers and have a good holidays!
We all deserve it!

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  • KingJulien96 says:

    For Gio/Ace the custom recovery, I hope !!! Would be very nice.
    Have a nice holiday!

  • Oliver says:

    My battery life is too short T-T I have a samsung galaxy s3 mini GT-8190N, I didnt find options to saves power like in the stock rom

  • Pegas51 says:

    Waiting for PAC Rom :3.

  • CM 10.1 will not update?

  • Parrakit says:

    I´m Hoping that that special thing is the Custom Recovery and have a Nice Holidays!!!

  • sintronics says:

    have a good holidays maclaw and friends

    i have a gio, hope to see a new rom

    maclaw studio goblin rom 🙂

    just a name he he he


  • paul says:

    The current release is really enjoyable and usable for daily life. I’d just like to see the NFC working…
    Anyway: GREAT work! Enjoy some vacation!

  • Béla says:

    Great, I’m excited. I love your roms, but I have a bug. If i want to install an app from google, it gives me error code -24. I’m using the latest CM 10.1 on Gio. What can I do? Please help! BTW have a nice holiday everbody.

  • nanang says:

    I found an issue: bluetooth can’t send file to device (gio/ace) which using same ROM version (CM10.1 20130623), it can only pair, but can’t send file, anyone has solved this?

  • Bacuba says:

    Galaxy Gio, Old Device but never sleep !
    Have a nice holiday !

  • FeiShol says:

    waiting anxiously…. happy holiday TEAM !!

  • zax says:

    can you guys also make CWM 6 for ace users as GIO users already got one for them and u are only hope for our ace and i think only u guys can make this possible…..

  • NALA says:

    udanych wakacji i dzięki za kontynuację Waszej pracy

  • ThatGuy says:

    AWESOME! can’t wait 😀 wander what’s it gonna be for ace and gio! Enjoy the holiday 🙂

  • André Castaldi says:

    Good hollidays to you too

  • zax says:

    Can you guys make cwm 6 for ace as gio users already got one and u are only hope for our little ace I think devs like u can make this possible..

  • Martin says:

    a fast and stable miui rom without bugs? *-*

  • Stannieman says:

    Firefox OS maybe, though I don’t think it’s possible on ARMv6 for now…

  • Shiw Liang says:

    Looking forward to it 🙂

  • Khai says:

    Hope the new Jellybean 4.3 ^_^

  • Dudutzy says:

    If a new release for s3 mini but different that cwm 10.1 and for gio/ace something new and special i thing is maclaw recovery. I hope that!!!

  • T.E.C.H.N.O says:

    Ubuntu Touch would be cool *-*

  • Lipalok says:

    I think that planned release for S3 Mini is AOSP. It would be really good if its true.

  • Jeremy Licudine says:

    New kernel for s3 mini? 😉

  • Manuel says:

    Ubuntu touch could be fantastic but I’d like new kernel too…
    (Galaxy Ace)

  • Pegas51 says:

    Where’re these roms?

  • Jannick says:

    Why not finish cm 10.1 for s3 mini, before starting a New project?

  • kamiss says:

    Kiedy można spodziewać się nowych romów na Gio?

  • Marcos says:

    CM 9 Final 4 *-*

  • ronnooo says:

    aokp for s3 mini would be cool, kenjoa has already started the pregect on xda and if you work together the rom would be fantastic!!
    have a nice holiday 🙂

  • Saif Mobhani says:

    Expecting Jelly Bean 4.3 for Ace! :p

  • KingJulien96 says:

    There was nothing special for gio/ace, but its ok.
    Enjoy your holidays, im doing it too! Keep cool!

  • iklutz says:

    App2sd still says incompatible / no support

  • Vivek says:

    Maclaw its been long since we hav heard from you!

  • Emannxx says:

    It’d be awesome if you could fix the remaining bugs on CM 10.1… it’s kind of a drawback, I really want to install it on my S3 Mini but I’m trying to stay away from unresolved known bugs :S

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