July 25th, 2013

Hello guys,
I’ll just leave this photo here
Cheers, Marcin

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  • Ravindra says:

    oh my god…

    i can’t belive maclaw…


  • Xoton says:

    I can´t stop loving you! 😀

  • kimerawph2 says:

    Very goof! I hope that it will be avaliable soon!

  • statwann says:

    полохо пишу по английски, по этому пишу так. выкладывай прошивку пожалуйста!!

  • Anchit Sripat says:

    please tell me, you guys are doing it for Ace also, am so desperate!!

  • batman38102 says:

    Thanks Maclaw!!!!

    • Marcin says:

      Mate, I don’t want to offend you but Maclaw isn’t the only person behind MaclawStudio. Next time please read who has posted news before thanking him.

      • Anchit Sripat says:

        Marcin bro, I don’t really know who all are the developers, but I know this for sure, you and your whole team is the best. Ultimate effort! I am going to get my credit card issued next month, and I will for sure donate you guys for all your support and hard work, because I need what you guys do!! 🙂

    • Xoton says:

      If you look in the upper right corner you see that Marcin published this post. You have to read carefully before writing this…

  • And its AOSP ROM! You are unbelievable!

  • Insanius says:

    Thanks! I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

  • Maxi says:

    I want it!
    Sos groso Marcin!

  • zverok says:

    again not for ace…):

  • Teodor says:

    Marcin, It will be for Galaxy Gio too?

  • pop says:

    Thanks Marcin ! Hope it runs on Gio 🙂

  • you are awesome, i hope also run on galaxy ace 😀

  • GS3mNexus says:

    Wow!! Thanks thanks thanks Marcin!!

  • DOF Factory says:

    2 questions:

    1) why is this not under S3 Mini?

    2) this will be simple: when?

  • DarkEmoLove says:

    I hope there will be somthing for ace too s: but
    nevertheless you are doing very very very very great work for us marcin :)) and i have read so often that people thanks maclaw even if its marcins or olddroids post.. so guys, why? O.o i think you should read the page “Team” and thank them to, their doing much much much work for us :))

  • mert says:

    Greetings from Turkey, you guys makes awesome works.when you release this version?

  • wouter says:

    4.3 AOSP…! Awesome! Please for Gio too…

  • Marcin is the best ! says:

    Marcin for president !

  • Hans E says:

    Please for Gio to

  • Samuel Maldonado says:

    Holly mother! You’re getting us to the nexus update experience. Thanks for that!

  • YETI says:

    You rock Marcin! Glad to see somebody is already working on porting this less than a day after release!

  • Jorge says:


  • Faabri says:

    Sorry but when will be available? It will be possible to be taken out in cyanogenmod too? Very good team and very good job. regards

  • bob says:


  • geckoliz4rd says:

    O my god, that AOSP!! Thank you Marcin!!

  • mangO says:

    Maclaw Studio Rocks….. Seriously guys. All of you are the best in this field for our phones…. Thanking You

  • Balaji B R says:

    Amazing stuff, thanks a lot Marcin!

  • r0mand says:

    Please give us CM (10.2?) based on Android 4.3 when it will available
    You rock!
    P.S. What about this week CM 10.1 release for Ace/Gio?

  • scabs says:


  • Dudutzy says:

    Heloo, AOSP is only for Gio/Ace

  • S3aF says:


  • iKlutz says:

    for those who don’t understand, GT-I8190 is the S3-mini model number, and golden-eng is the kernels nickname for s3 mini.

  • Merkur9 says:

    Looking forwad to see it on my s3 mini 😉

  • Yudhish says:

    what about ace ??

  • ArtyomV says:

    I`am happy, but when will be this firmware? how works? sorry for my english, but I think you will understand

  • GioLover says:

    Thanks for your effort, hope to use 4.3 on my gio soon! 😉

  • Emannxx says:

    omg! 4.3 on the S3Mini! I can’t believe it!

  • sintronics says:

    hurreeyyy cheers maclaw team, tank you so much for your efforts

  • Michels says:

    Please tell me what’s going on I do not understand. What is this image?

  • marciba says:

    for ace/gio please 😉

  • marciba says:

    for ace/gio please 😉 thank you

  • jabberjaysz says:


  • chetan says:

    when can we expect the first release you guys are just awesome

  • Adler Neves says:

    I need to have it!

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