August 18th, 2013


Marcin’s Gio has been unbricked (JTAG power!) and tomorrow he will receive it, so officially:


But also we were thinking how to organise our work to make both Ace/Gio and S3 Mini users happy and now I hope we know how to do that.

So stay ready, users of any phone supported by us!

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  • Bojan says:

    CM9 update would be nice 😀

  • magicseeker says:

    You should go for PAC. i would love to see a working PAC rom from you

  • tidus says:

    pac is bad for gio/ace. AOSP rules.

  • Toni5830 says:

    Could you help s advance development which has a processor similar to s3 mini’s one?!?

  • salvoza96 says:

    Update cm9 for ace/gio

  • Jesus Rosario says:

    AOSP :’)

  • gkhan says:

    Please develop pac rom for s3 mini ..

  • [ v i M a L ] says:


  • Dundee says:

    Fully working CM9, please. With apps: Torch and FM Radio, with properly working GPS, without phone reboots when turning on WiFi, with correct appearance of keyboard (after using CAPS). It would be nice.
    Thanks for everything 🙂

  • Andrew says:

    MIUI for gio….good working one….Thanks in advance!

  • matrix124 says:

    Good new. I wait for AOSP 🙂

  • zverok says:

    Waiting for AOSP Final 🙂

  • xchainsx says:

    AOSP JB 1+

  • reader says:

    Can’t wait for 4.3 or CM10.2 for the Ace

  • Lucian says:

    Can’t wait the next build of JB. Guys you are the best! Thank you for your hard work! 🙂

  • ktorz says:

    ParanoidAndroid 3.97 with halo 2 🙂

  • jawad ullah says:

    Cm10.1 update please

    live walpapers dont work
    sometimes a widget just stays on the default launcher at its place even if i move to the other screen

  • Miral1000 says:

    Miui rom pls 🙂

  • ktorz says:

    ParanoidAndroid 3.97 with halo 2

  • fillo20 says:

    Very good 😀
    In JTAG we trust!

  • Shamzak says:

    Maybe S7710 X-Cover 2?

  • bona says:

    please update cm9 maclaw

  • marcos says:

    CM9 Final 4 *-*

  • rafio says:

    Waiting for fully working CM9

  • faiz says:

    good news dude! i’ve been waiting the whole time to see ace update. Thanks team!:D

  • Karim says:

    go for cm9 final 4 … best developers for ace 😀

  • estaz says:

    Please ROM for gio/ace CM 4.3.3 or AOSP 4.3.3
    Cears team maclaw

  • zlu148 says:

    Say please russian

  • agriannursp says:

    Pls maclaw can u repair the audio routing problem on cm10 its really irritating I can’t use my bluetooth headphone 🙁

    • Macław says:

      Ok 😉

      • Arjen de Korte says:

        That would be awesome. Basically the music over bluetooth headphone is currently not working for me. Phone calls is working though, so there is at least some kind of connection. It’s just too bad that I can’t hear any music in my SRCS helmet right now…

  • ThatGuy says:

    AOSP Jellybean Updates, or CM10.1 updates!!!! 😀 😀 🙂 😀

  • Rohit Mehta says:

    very good and stable ROM as i ever used. Awesome guys, but i just have a request for adding bln support in the ROM if possible, else where Awesome work and great ROM.

  • gon says:

    maclaw your rom is the best cm 10 custom rom for my gio! but it’s still can’t match the custom rom based cm7 because it ran smoothly, it doesnt mean your rom is not but still it needs improvement especially on the experience (smoothness) and stability. because i’ve tried your last release rom and compare it to other rom based on cm 7. i hope you can fix this in your next project, cant wait! cheers 😀

  • fillo20 says:

    Please STABLE cm9… there are a few things to correct: DSP manager sets volume to max when song changes, Keyboard autocorrection is no longer working (the final 1 one works fine, just replace the apk), smartassv2 missing (!), please add it.
    Thank you you’re awesome

  • ad77 says:

    and we still waiting for something (last release in September)

  • Sam Chen says:

    Accelerometer problem… How to calibrate? (CM9 Final 3)

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