August 25th, 2013

Hi guys,

its been a long time i was away from android developing – now im back and introduce the N4 Support including CAF-CM for it!
In the next days we will start with automated nightly Builds of PA for Gio and Ace, CAF-CM (Cm with CAF-Audio Drivers) for N4.
As Android 4.3 isn’t released for Gio/Ace, there will be only 4.2.2 Nightly Builds for those Devices to keep you in general up-to-date 😉

Best regards,

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  • StarKot says:

    Android 4.3 will never be available for Gio?

  • DarkEmoLove says:

    Omg Omg now my favorite dev team supports all my devices *Q* just awesome*-*

  • HHHS says:

    Can you explain better what is CAF-CM (Cm with CAF-Audio Drivers) and that stuff ? me and i´m sure not the only one, don´t know what that is :s
    Thanks for the Help 🙂

  • OldDroid says:

    wel, i decided to switch back to an better supported phone, nexus 4 😀

  • Andrea says:

    Thanks OldDroid for the Pa for my Gio. I’m waiting your nightlies and maybe the new version 3.98 on our phones. Good Develope !
    Greatings from Italy ! 😀

  • zverok says:

    what about AOKP Ace/Gio

  • R says:

    Android 4.3 will never be available for ACE 5830?

  • Dundee says:

    You proved, that you are one of the best (maybe the best for me) dev team.
    Could you tell me something about future updates for CM9? Do you plan to release something?
    I still think that CM above CM9 is too heavy for Ace.
    Thanks for all.

  • estaz says:

    Great job maclaw team…
    I’ll be waiting

  • nizar nassani says:

    old droid
    glad that you back 😀 waiting for a pac update from you ^_^

  • Rohit Mehta says:

    Great work maclaw team…i m ace user…rom is most stable ever
    I just wants a one more feature in the rom as backlight notifications or bln support. This is a request from me if can able to add that feature that will be great. or can i use bln kernel in your rom that i saw posted by Olddroid(may be). Thanks in advance

  • surfer998 says:

    When will the PA for gio be released?

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