September 4th, 2013

Hello, we have small poll for you. Please, help us improving our software with answering for this questions:

What phone do you own?

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What ROM are you using right now?

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(Ace/Gio) We should focus on AOSP 4.3 or CM10.2?

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(S3 Mini) What ROM is most important for you?

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28 Responses
  • ravi says:

    thanx for choose our vote….

    plz update android 4.3 in cm 10.2 either AOSP 4.3 for galaxy ace 5830


  • DarkEmoLove says:

    What about Debian for Ace/Gio? 😀

  • smorgar says:

    Iteresting… Maybe its just me but i see whine all the time from ace/gio users and how most of ppl on here uses that device (atleast what they say) but this shows them wrong. Gogo s3mini 😀

    • typaulo says:

      oh, pls tell me, do you see the poll on the main page, in the right side? after the donation part? for my accounts, ace/gio users are by far, superior to s3 mini users.

    • unknown says:

      no that is wrong. this poll is new. ace gio users leaved check that page. I mean it’s not frequent like past. for example me: I was always check this page in few hour. but now cheking in few days…

    • Andrei says:

      No,you are wrong, Maclaw doesnt develop only for ace or only for gio; he developsfor ace/gio, and the people that own an ace or a gio are more than the people that have the s3 mini. So,actually,you are wrong 😉

    • aasfagagag says:

      As someone already said, i believe many Ace and Gio users already left this site since there has not been any updates for a long time. I know myself and a few of my friends who owned Ace and Gio used to check this every day, now they check once every 2 weeks.

  • Ariel says:

    Vote for android 4.3 in cm 10.2 for Galaxy Ace…

    • Terry Cain says:

      I would probably even donate 10-20 dollars or so (GBP ftw 😉 ) if ace got an update now that i have money :), 4.3 would be epic

  • Krist says:

    S3 Mini is best phone here and it deserves most antention…

  • Duri says:

    cm 10+ is crap for ace, looking for cm9 improvements.

  • Renato Henrique says:

    CM 10.2 and AOSP 4.3 for Galaxy Ace.

  • bert says:

    Maclaw please do something my ace’s crying

  • Andrea says:

    For me this poll isa usefull ok, but you should first focus on the “old” projects how Aosp 4.2.2 an CM 10.1 becuase the first one is very smooth but it has the gallery bug and some layout bugs. The second,CM 10.1, is a bit laggy and for me. So this is my opinion, ah I’ve voted for the Aosp 4.3 becuase form me the CM 10.2 can wait…good develope Maclaw !

  • Ivan says:

    Poll is doesnt work. I have Galaxy Ace, use Maclaw’s CM9, do not want to change to CM10 or higher, but want CM9 with properly working GPS and flashlight.

    • gbr161 says:

      Yep it would be great to have fully working cm9/aosp. Gps is not workimg for me too. I have said it here many times that theres something wrong with gps but always the reply was its all good. It says im on equator or just dont get the position at all :/

  • estaz says:

    Please maclaw don’t forget about ace/gio ROM

  • Anikiji says:

    Maclaaaww! 🙁 you lost your Ace/Gio regular followers! 🙁 we were here before S3!

  • Miral1000 says:

    @maclaw what is you e-mail?

    Its important thing to talk about!!

  • adinatsu says:

    sir plz tell when is something new coming for ace

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