September 28th, 2013

Ok, I have just fixed PAC/AOKP sources. They went to 4.3 and leaved 4.2 sources broken.

So releases are coming 😉 I’ll just add latest patches from CM10.1 and recompile one more time 😉


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  • Nikazilla says:

    Will you release AOKP or PAC 4.3/CM 10.2 for S3 Mini?

  • Nikazilla says:

    Thanks for the answer. I hope there will be a chance – I want the Moto X notifications 😀

  • alberto houtmann says:

    For real? 4.3 Will come out for S3 MINI?

  • R says:

    Will you release AOKP or PAC 4.3/CM 10.2 for Galaxy Ace 5830???

  • RomanAngryGalaxyAceOwner says:

    Where’s my Ace CM10.2 release?!

  • Seaf says:

    THANK YOU, MACLAW! 🙂 Greetings from Slovakia.

  • Douchbag says:

    Maclaw doesnt work for you, he dont owe you anything

  • chetan says:

    are you talking about pac man 4.3 sources or 4.2.2 sources…atleast release pac man 4.2.2 with all bug fixed

  • RVI says:

    can you consider making a paranoid android rom? for me pac is overkill. thank you for all your efforts!

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