October 27th, 2013

Hello S3 Mini users!

If somebody would like to help us, please, make clear tutorials with screenshoots for:
1. Flashing our CM10.2 using Odin image on fresh device with stock ROM.
2. Updating CM from older version

And send me on email: [email protected].

I’ll try to reward it somehow to the contributors 😉

7 Responses
  • Alan says:

    Mogę zrobić taki tutorial dla polskich użytkowników CM10.2.

  • stenc55 says:

    Format? .doc, .pdf?

  • Matvey says:

    Maclaw please make PAC ROM Android 4.3

  • Pablo Honorato says:

    Can it be in Spanish and English?

  • Hey Maclaw, I wrote this ages ago, and may do screenshots soon. I am now on my 6th ROM flash from your site. If it helps anyone then… http://bit.ly/1aaSDqU

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