February 17th, 2014


We’re finishing pure AOSP KitKat project for our devices. But it will be a bit different than other ROMs published on Maclaw.pl.

We will take even more care about AOSP. We really want to give you stable, pure KitKat without all CM/AOKP/PAC etc. features (and without their issues). AOSP will be daily of course and probably pushed for all devices in the same time (without any delay between devices like as we do it with CM11.0)

First we will start with dailies for S3 Mini (maintainers: Macław/marcin1147) and Ace II (maintainer: jereksel). Few (I guess 2-3) days later we plan to start S Advance dailies (maintainer: Macław) and then we will try to make as much as possible pure AOSP for Gio/Ace (yes, we didn’t forget about you!).

If you have any constructive questions or suggestions, share them with us in commnets to this post. Will try to answer for them tonight.


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  • Mike says:

    Maclaw..and your team…you’re the best!! Thanks for all the work you do 😉
    sorry for the bad english..i’m italian 😀

  • Laserman49 says:

    Hi, when do you start to give us our first AOSP ROM please ?

  • Timo says:

    Will this project be Opensource for S3mini? Yes, I know, we had this discussion bit time ago, but has something changed? I think it would be a nice start to become full opensource 🙂

  • Don says:

    Macław/marcin1147 thanks!!. will there be the feature to install apps to microsd?

  • Awesome! When can we spect the first release? I’m willing to give it a try…

  • I’ve been waiting for this release and it is finally coming!!! Thanks to Maclaw and the team, keep up the good work guys!!!

  • SashaReimer says:

    yeah, cool. i guess all we need is no rotation glitch 🙂

  • Fabio Miguel says:

    Right now I’ve got CM11 20140216 already installed, but the back and menu buttons are crazy!! they’re working when they want to… what should I do? please help 🙁

  • Wowww… great maclaw.. its amazing.. 😀
    i’m ready to be a tester..
    When can we get the first release?

  • WujekSamoZło says:


  • Greeeeeeat! I’m really looking forward for AOSP for S Advance 😀

  • Pichucu says:

    Amazing! Is it going to be released today? :))))

  • ToPaS says:

    Hell Yeah!!! thanks guys!!!

  • petter says:

    has to be more stable and less heavy

    • Since they’re testing, at least the first releases won’t be very stable, is almost (almost) a norm in every piece of software. Lighter, it will be, for sure, since many of the features that make other roms heavier will not be present. However we should all realize that MANY of the custom features we love about CM/AOKP/Carbon/XRom won’t be available either.

  • Miguel says:

    Amazing!! I hope you could build a good version for the I8190N!!

    Great work

  • argie says:

    Thank you maclaw! I bet this will be awesome! This will be the real upgrade for our devices!

  • indra satrya says:

    i’m sorry sir. will AOSP release today?

  • John M says:

    ok, one question, what is AOSP?

  • FrankBR says:

    Thank you very much! This is the surprise! I’ll undoubtedly try!

  • HansE says:

    Great, kitkat for GIO AOSP would be real great

  • Gustavo says:

    Excelente noticia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • matheus says:

    It’s possible to use xposed?

  • eduardo zeas says:

    please, enter paranoid or dirty unicorns. thanks

  • ibrahim farajat says:

    Thank you Maclaw & good luck on this project.
    for me I have a strong faith in Cyanogenmod, i won’t replace it 😀

  • crashjant(4pda.ru) says:

    Thanks guys! Really great news!

  • Noddy says:

    I’m up for testing this.

  • saiyan says:

    please add touchwiz to a3 mini

  • SashaReimer says:

    i wish there there will be no rotation glitch

  • ipushpeople says:


  • Noddy says:

    The rotation glitch is a pain in the..

    but as i’ve not learnt how to program for Android yet i’m keeping quiet 😉

    • Alex says:


  • Whoop says:

    And another questions, will be the battery longer than the Custom Rom?if yes its very cool

  • Noddy says:

    Android Open Source Project

  • smorgar says:

    Looking forward to try this :]

  • argie says:

    Omfg i came

  • Now this is what I been waiting for and wanted to hear All this time can’t wait to test it

  • S3 Mini User says:

    Will it look like an official ROM?I mean the Boot & charging animation etc.

  • Are you guys using the original u8500 STE released sources?

  • Binu Abraham says:

    Great news .. Big surprise ..pure ”MACLAW ROM” lookig forward to intall this rom . i am sure this project gonna success.

  • Pou says:

    Panowie wstawcie jakieś fotki z waszego miejsca pracy nad Androidem bo nie chce mi się wierzyć że Wy to wszystko w trzy osoby ogarniacie 😉 Pozdrawiam gorąco i powodzenia z nowymi wersjami 🙂

  • Hawk says:

    This is what we’ve been waiting for..even without CM,AOKP,Carbon or other roms functionality but everybody are eager to try AOSP. Thank you for hard work maclaw and marcin1147! I knew someday this will become true… T.T

  • Alex says:

    Will you include Goolge Apps by default?

    Personally I would appreciate a battery life improvement and please keep it small without bloatware.

  • abdeali says:

    resurrection remix for s3 mini plz…… 🙁

  • harnis says:

    So Great !
    I have a question : is it possible to directly implement Blacklight Notification in this rom ?
    Sorry if it’s a stupid question.

    • Laserman49 says:

      It’s not a stupid question, but, given the ROM is not available, the better question is to know when it will available, lol.

  • alker says:

    This means twitchtv and other streamings will work on this? no more 1Ghz bug?

    Up for testing!

  • MarQus says:

    It will NFC support? 🙂

  • meloo says:

    and Xperia U ? 🙁

  • Michael says:

    Very good choice, I prefer stability over new features. Are the sources from Google directly?

  • David says:

    Then, will we get the purest AOSP for all our devices?
    Will it fix the most of the problems that we are having (rotation glitch, camera doesn’t work…)?
    Will the OTA-Updates work but with your ported ROMs?
    Thanks for the work that you are doing for our forgotten devices.

  • Adasss says:

    Personally I don’t specially estimate putting important apps and system on external SD card, but for some people it might be interesting using inverted storage for Ace/Gio. I don’t know if it is possible for these phones, but I know that for Asus Transformer TF101 it works.

  • 790Quad says:

    That’s Great.

    Please FIX the OFFLINE CHARGING issue,can’t turn on the device while it’s charging offline.

  • Samwix says:

    Great ! 😀
    When do you will release the first build ? 🙂


  • faqihilman says:

    thank for not forgetting ace/gio… :’)

  • Tom1491 says:

    What I want to know is when will it be released? And will we can do OTA update?

  • saths says:

    they is new release of ASOP came out today.. is this the first project by them? let me know if your guys installed it

  • habiel says:

    Will we be able to go directly from cm11 to this ROM?

  • Adriano says:

    Waiting for the S Advance!!

  • mat192 says:

    I am really glad to know that you will provide us good AOSP. I was planning to buy a new device but if AOSP come on Ace/Gio I will keep my Ace longer.Thanks Maclaw team for your work.

  • j0ak1n says:

    this was the surprise?

  • Raman says:

    Will Apple’s http Live Streaming work in Chrome? It doesn’t work with your CM11 on my Ace II. But it worked on stock Jelly Bean ROM.

  • vadim says:

    Please create one firmware for Samsung Galaxy S Advance NFC (GT-i9070P). Very well, thank you for Android 4.4.2))

  • Suppresed says:

    Native screen recording feature. That actually works. PLEASE

  • Suppresed says:

    I would love to see a paranoid android release.

  • Andhy says:

    Good….now AOSP are coming..
    is Fully compatible with GravityBox?

  • Its not bad to have aosp fully working, but i think you should focus on Cyanogenmod, because it has more features than plain Android, and also it has way better support from community. And cm custom things like the electronbeam animation, integrated apps from cm, and so are working just right! Maybe a Paranoid Android release

  • andres says:

    You are the best thanx for everithing tthe rom with kit kat have a issue with the alarm when activate the clock is stop and ever arrive later to the school

  • Drew Wesley says:

    This sounds like the best solution given the inherit bugs that port with other roms.

  • xoen says:

    Shame…only this?

  • lakki says:

    woww…great news AOSP for S Advance it will be awesome

  • altufaltu says:

    Awesome! Waiting to see bug-free ROM for S3 mini…

  • Gan says:

    Thanks and good luck!
    Do not forget to swap memory …

  • Tomi says:

    Great news! Waiting for S Advance 🙂

  • Fabiano says:

    Any chance to implement OTA Updater or something easy to use every time when new build is out?

  • Madhan says:

    Great news! Waiting for ace 🙂

  • John M says:

    Did I read somewhere that MacLaw say they care not adding support for NFC?

  • you are so awesome guys cant wait for pure clean android as it should be i had many android devices but never met developer that produce as high quality roms as you and for so many devices realy amazing

  • win7viena says:

    thank you for not forgetting about us! (Gio users)

  • CoolMixer230 says:

    hey maclaw team 🙂 the paranoid android rom (4.2.2) download link for galaxy ace is broken, mind fixing it? thx 🙂

  • Njaaah says:

    Can anything of this ROMs be flashed on Wildfire S (marvel)?
    Personally, I don’t need the latest build – 4.2.2 will make use nicely too 🙂

  • mini me says:

    I’m totally waiting for an AOSP rom, cyanogenmod is great but I do prefer a clean andriod rom and of course bug free. I just reverted back to stock rom from cyanogenmod 10.2 due to battery drain issues. This is a great news and thanks again Mr. MC and your team…

  • Pradeep K says:

    when will this AOSP roms starts?

  • kabelheld says:

    Hello, I’m using CM10.1.2 (Gio / 20130908) which is technically okay but leaves only small free memory for apps. I wonder if Kitkat provides a smaller memory footprint for Android itself, so I could use more RAM for other things.
    Any experience anyone?

    • Gio97 says:

      You need to use the Cronmod int2ext scripts 😀 it works really good, if you need help you can mail me (DUTCH OR ENGLISH :D)

  • Kevin says:

    I just saw on xda that all your threads for the s3 mini have been closed.

  • Looking forward to 4.4 for Gio, too!

  • user174 says:

    tell me when it will have on the galaxy?

  • Ritvik says:

    Could u mention the relelase date for the rom.

  • Morros says:

    what happened with this proyect?

  • hrincon says:

    30 days now and still waiting… Apparently easier said than done…

  • Geo says:

    Is a month from the first announcment

  • Gio97 says:

    Do you know the release date? 😀 You guys are doing a VERY GREAT JOB! Maclaw and your team you guys are legends!

  • adi says:

    so…ace releases are still dead..just s3mini releases:(

  • GIO97 says:

    Yess, tell A, tell B, no reply to the release date…it’s a shame ;(

  • Madhan says:

    When you are not able to release this version , when why giving false information.

  • OCCL says:

    Anything about this, guys?
    Would be just great to have this

  • Ravik says:

    I’m quite sure that this project is over. If not, please, consider letting us know, here or at xda.
    And thanks for all your support and work with awesome roms!

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