March 27th, 2014

We’re introducing to you 24/7 support for our ROMs.

You can contact us any time on [email protected] ([email protected] also works) if you need any help and be sure you will get answer as soon as possible.

Only English and Polish!


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  • Mike says:

    Thanks 🙂

  • hule says:

    Are we supposed to write bugs there? Or just if we have some major problem like rom not booting?
    Because with new 4.4.2 rom if I make call by bt handsfree, proces android.bluetooth stops working

  • Linux says:

    można zgłaszać bugi na ten mail, czy nie?

  • yasin says:

    hi guys! i have a question for you. i wanna try to ART instead of dalvik. but i have just learned that whatsapp does not work on ART. then i found a fix onb xda. a flashable zip what named i have activated art and installed that zip but then phone was not opened. do you have any idea about this?

    • Andrés says:

      Weird whatsapp is working fine on my phone and I’m using art my only problem is twitch, it doesn’t work on Dalvik or art I think is twitch problem

    • Radek Němec says:

      I am pretty sure that you have downloaded for Nexus 4, which is binary incompatible with S3 mini… is native code (ELF) library, nothing like APK file.

    • I use ART on my phone and everything works here without flashing that ZIP file.

      • Radek Němec says:

        Some applications are “incompatible” because dex2oat (tool used by phone for converting classes.dex file from APK to ELF binary) has some bugs. I think I’ve seen 2 applications which are not installable because during installation the dex2oat conversion fails (with some pretty long stack trace in logcat). But this can be also caused by some weird decompilation protection used on classes.dex inside APK.

  • BWT says:

    Everything about this project is turning to be simply amazing !

  • Simao says:

    Thank you!

    Do you can port InfiniteRom for s3 mini?
    And add feature to overclock it up to 1200 mhz? Or 1400 mhz?

  • btil says:

    Hello one question could you add on new roms the feature move to sd(like on s4)?
    I think it`s a good feature that all of us will welcome. Thank you for your time

    • Allan Hundeboll says:

      Google doesn’t support move2sd anymore so it will likely cause troubles!
      Google if you don’t believe me.

  • brazz says:

    This is awesome! Please make a novafusion bootlogo for our s3mini’s!:D

  • arko says:

    when can we get some news about Xperia U all you say in your news and updates are about samsung galaxy devices nothing about Sony Xpreria U

  • bakepcer says:

    Double tap to wake?

    • Allan Hundeboll says:

      Im pretty sure double tab to wake would require power to digitizer while phone is sleeping, so it would hurt battery performance I don’t want that.

    • Elmario says:

      Try this APP named ‘gravity screen’. In combination to ‘tray volume lite’ and that double tap status bar to sleep feature you won’t ever need hardware keys again.

  • gtxn says:

    Thank you!
    Can you offer a timetable about the cycle of updating a ROM? For example, S3 mini CM 11 for nightly, CM 10.2 for weekly, CM 10.1 unsure… When you feel tired, you just change it…

  • Dhiraj says:

    We are very greatfull to you….thanx for your this step

  • Ultros3 says:

    First of all I would like thank you for this amazing ROM, the project is going to the right direction!

    I think would be nice to have a step by step tutorial of how to do a clean install of everything; because with the TWRP, ODIN, wipes and caches is a little bit confusing.

    Keep pushing!

  • Seed says:

    Hi, thanks a lot.

    I suggest implementing a wish list (with votes) to know what want the users, not only to report bugs.


  • Francisco says:

    Again try to flash the new update cyanogenmod 11 for mini s3 i8190l supposedly installed but does not start stays in the samsung that I managed to do please help

  • Sumanta says:

    Samsung Galaxy S Advance(GT-I9070)

    Thank you for releasing this awesome ROM, I am using this from last 2 week and it works really great.

    Following issues I have noticed:

    1. Speaker phone is not working.
    2. Notification service is not stopping/disabling.
    3. Preferred network mode changed from 3G to LTE after saving.
    4. FM radio is not working. Installed ‘FM Two0’ but still no luck.
    5. Fast battery consumption.

    • Felipe says:

      Try with Spirit FM Unlocked, select Settings > Audio > Method > y ahi seleccionan “Galaxy S3/Note/S2_ICS.

  • matheus says:

    what happened to the releases? 🙁

    • Allan Hundeboll says:

      Releases seems to be like weekly instead of nightly, but build 0326 is work so nice i don’t think I need any updates 🙂

  • d-k says:

    Hi guys,

    I’m not 100% sure so better to ask:
    I have yours CM11.0 on my S3 mini.
    Could I simply flash the newest one CM11.0-20140326 without wipe and don’t I loose all the apps settings?

  • webwiller says:

    Ultranooies help: Need to go back to original ROM cause phone has hardware brick and in warranty. First idiot qstion: cant find nowhere in CM11 enable uSB debug. Next..which are right steps. first need counter flashes back to zereo..which is righ sw? Am I righting First going back to zero count and later install everything with odin? Is there AN EASIER/SAFER BETTER WAY? LINKS WELCOMED, TY 🙂
    I guess should be like flashing with odin (3,5,7??-11!!!??) pit,pda, and rom files

  • rustyriley says:

    for the CM 11 Ace 2 ROM …
    thanks HEAPS for all the work done …
    … in the past
    ……. in the past
    …………. in the now long distant past

    so much for it being handed over to someone who was only working on the Ace 2!

    anything AT ALL to hope for??
    — either here or on the XDA site??

    so much for reputations!!!

  • Allan Hundeboll says:

    One week ago I reported about the clock stop problem to: [email protected]
    But I havent heard anything not even confirmation my email was received. So much for 24/7 support…

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