March 31st, 2014

We’re switching to iOS for S3 Mini & Ace 2 for now, and soon we will leave all Android devices and work only for iPhones.


And now, before you write a comment, check the date.

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  • JustinoMora says:

    So you are leaving us in the middle of nowhere? Thanks.

  • hoirulr says:

    April Mop

  • oshu says:

    Aprils fools :O

  • Luis Angel Castillo says:

    Are you kidding?

  • nxbalazs says:

    APRIL 1 lol

  • Darcik says:

    Yep, great news 😉
    1 April lols 😛


    Really? Are you kidding?

  • tenshixp says:

    Cant wait IOS for S3 mini should be awesome. xD

  • matheus says:

    April 1 guys hahaha

  • factoe says:

    is this 1april?
    no this is patrick

  • Elmario says:

    That one was way too obvious, bro!


  • Yasin says:

    April 1 😀

  • Vidar says:

    I would really like to see a hacked iOS on an Android device. Kinda like a normal PC running an hackintosh.

  • velzevu says:

    Actually it will be Windows Phone 9 for SG 3 MINI… That what I heard.

    • Macław says:

      And S3 Mini after entering the Konami Code will transform into a tank.

      • Allan Hundeboll says:

        Actually the S3 mini is build almost like a tank!
        My beloved s3 has taken so many hits from falls and shit, if it was gorilla glas it definitely would have shattered many times, just like my google nexus7 did first time I dropped it in my car. But this cheap plastic phone survives almost anything 🙂
        Unless we are talking tits, plastic rulez!

  • Tony says:

    My heart stopped for a brief moment until I realized it was april the 1st…. 😉


  • Zilvion says:

    It can’t be possible!
    What is gonna happens with our dispositive?
    You’ll let those with actualization!
    No. Please don’t let you way!

  • digitaltroll says:


  • Suppresed says:

    What can you do on an iPhone anyway, they are mostly stock bs

  • darkfox says:

    maricon! jajajaj a eat it all!!!

  • ENiO says:

    April 1 xD

  • Cristian says:

    Good one Maclaw. I literally almost die, yeah I totally bought it for a second…

  • bastil says:

    give us snow leopard on s3 mini please

  • Celebel says:

    iPhone has autobrightness feature?

    • Felipe Raposo says:

      Hahahahahahaha… the best comment…

    • Allan Hundeboll says:

      Do you really want auto brightness?
      It doesn’t save any power because its always too bright. So IMHO you are better of using a widget with settings like minimum, halfway and max. brightness.

  • hasseos says:

    its impossible to customize iOS, its just too closed, the only way is using winterboard which sucks battery and performance or change the .png files and other things but thats it

  • FrankBR says:

    no april 1 here yet. I was caught!

  • Faiz says:

    at bottom lol
    And now, before you write a comment, check the date.

  • skaty100 says:

    Yea.Yes,yes,yes. Make my S3-mini to an I-phone. But do not forgot the chicken, that lay eastereggs.

  • Bio_Alex says:

    you almost had me (I cried a bit)

  • hol says:

    Ufff! in Spain and Latin America this day it’s on 28 of December.

  • jangelo says:

    That’s great news. I’d like custom ROMs for my old iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, please.

  • ansartu says:

    wowww.. what it’s true ?

  • Hahaha, good joke guys!! April fools’ day.

  • Carlos Vallejo says:

    Why? and What is it will happen now?

  • Piero Ulloa says:

    Here on Spanish countries, we don’t have a April fools day. We have something similar at 12/28 or December 28

    Anyways, happy April fools day 😀

    For JustinoMora: There is no known way to port iOS to a Android phone.

  • Omar Ss says:

    The first line paralyzed me. What happened to these guys? Have they finally got tired of us? Then I realized it’s April’s fools.
    It made me smile a while. So funny. Grettings from Argentina

  • swag says:

    Can’t wait for iOS on my S3 Mini!

  • rosas183 says:

    Cant say im happy with that, i actually was thinking today in the morning this roms were amazing, but now im dissappointed with your decision. I hate apple thats why i dont buy an iphone

  • jeff says:

    darn i almost throw my s3 mini, you got me good.

  • andres garces says:

    por que las vrsiones 4.4.1 para s3 mini al instalar flash player y descragar una apk de tv no reproduce y fuera de eso hay que descalgar el dolphil y otro complemento para reproducir flash player y solo en navegador.

  • m4croxs says:

    xD xD XD 😉

    And now, before you write a comment, check the date.

  • rustyriley says:

    For the Ace 2, would we notice any difference from the current situation??
    They CAN’T get iOS to work on this phone, and they HAVEN’T been doing any work on the Ace 2 so far as we know, given the lack of updates,
    so in practice we’d be no worse off

  • brazz says:

    Its nice that you keep in touch with us by this way haha. It makes the team more awesome. Maybe ios novafusion bootlogo?:p with april 1st fool underneath it :p

  • Simao says:

    April, 1st

    On germany, too

    Thank you xD

  • eswarc1 says:

    lol ios for any android is not possible i think no one did it

    • Allan Hundeboll says:

      Im pretty sure it would be possible to make something that looks similar to IOS but it would not be IOS and it would require a lot of coding…
      So if you want IOS you have to support the big patent troll known as Apple and pay a fortune for an Iphone.

  • A little humor never hurt anyone.

  • benji000 says:

    you don’t understand it. should read the message differently as follows:
    “We’re switching to iOS. For S3 Mini & Ace 2 for now already, and soon we will leave all Android devices and work only for iPhones.

  • Nameless says:

    Oh My God!!.. my breathing was stop for a minute reading this..when i scroll down then i realize ive been fooled by april.. anyway cant wait for this one..oh yea can anyone tell me i why is my call log is empty i cant even see all my call history..its pretty using S3mini Pacman rom 4.4kitkat

  • andhy says:

    I very Dispointed………….

  • Zakir says:

    Very funny :))))))))))))))))

  • Zakir says:

    Very funny 🙂

  • Carlos says:

    ¡Bieeeeennnnn!, ¡por fin voy a tener un Samsung Iphone 6S!… ;D

  • Bruno Rolak says:

    April Fools.. kkkk’ iOS for another devices kkkkk…

  • Benz says:

    April fools day folks 😛

  • us says:

    APRIL MOP =))

  • JustinoMora says:

    To me the only FOOL Day is New release (20140331) of CM11.0 for S3 Mini is available!

    Broke my phone. Went back to 20140328 and even so still with problems.

    Hence 20140331 was the real joke. How many were caught by this little surprise.?

  • Belphegory says:

    Wahahaha almost had me!

    Hope you guys dont prank each other too badly today…

    Cheers from South Africa

  • ItsPeet says:

    I want a Sample Apsung Galaxy S3 Mini iPhone running IOS-Droid too!

  • Linux says:

    Czekam na relase na ace 2 ;D

  • Alex says:

    It’s April fools.btw he means he will be making Roms for iOS

  • Alex says:

    It’s April fools.btw he means he will be making Roms for iOS.use your brains

  • kalko says:
    Ale dość tych żartów, tylko prosiłbym o CM11 dla Ace II, bo ciągle wydajesz dla S3 Mini 😀

  • nami says:

    Can’t wait to install cydia on my S3 mini!

  • Seed Vicious says:

    Think about windows 8 for s3 mini!

    jajaja ok ok, keep calm and call batman

  • Murillo Mello says:

    Saquei na hora! AUHAUHHUAHUAHUAuhaaa

  • Ludovic BELET says:

    That’s a good joke. I almost get me.

  • +BOB+ says:

    Yes, make it real

  • layonard says:

    Ha ha ha
    Very funny!

  • Jelmer says:

    1 april kikker in je bil

  • Maxi says:

    very lol “apple fusion”

  • Ritvik says:

    Pls. Please tell me your joking. Pls!!

    • Allan Hundeboll says:

      I don’t wanna be rude, but if you can’t tell this is a joke, I seriously think you should stick with the original ROM or go buy an Iphone!

  • alberto cruz says:

    first of all…you can’t develope roms or change something from the software of iOS, because iOs is NOT open source, so…it was a good joke but the people get scare!!

  • pipe says:

    haaaaaaaa you got me! You´re awesome guys! So funny hahahahah

  • hasseos says:

    All device names in download changed to iphone. Iphone galaxy s3 mini

  • Yusuf Melih Güçlü says:

    Are you serious is that posiple.I always wanted simple os like ios.I used miui but it is not enough for me.Youre doing good maclaw.Please give Carbon,Pac and ios main priority

  • Yusuf Melih Güçlü says:

    But wait ios isnt open source youre fooling 🙂

  • evil_arri says:

    I never believe in news posted on any site on 1st April, lol

  • Egg says:

    I was going through some old posts…and I saw this….my heart stopped….luckly me – I checked the comments :)))

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