May 8th, 2014

Lots of you asked for access to older releases. So it’s here.

You can get almost all old releases for S3 Mini, Ace, Gio, Ace II, Xperia U and S Advance directly from NovaFusion Download Archive!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Latest release are available only at main NovaFusion page! Archive page displays only legacy versions.


5 Responses
  • Davo says:

    Thank you, a nice addition to your site.

  • Kenzy says:

    thanks Nova team. This is just what i was looking for. i love the Carbon milestone release and am redownloading now for good. It’s the best release ever. Very smooth, fast and very insignificant battery drain. Greetings from CAMEROON

  • RGoldBR says:

    Kudos, this is a very good addition to the site. I suggest a column describing the class of the release (“stable”, “milestone”, etc) so as to differ regular nightlies from significant ones.

  • Erick says:

    Can i flish those files with twr ???

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