June 6th, 2014

I am making some major changes to our site this week. I have just updated our download page layout to make it more clear.

It’s just first of change, let me know what do you think about that!


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  • ChitoS says:

    A nice change!
    Dear NovaFusion Team,do Miui rom Please!!!

  • RGoldBR says:

    Beside a little more distinction between recovery and odin links, I couldn’t identify other changes — maybe it’s just me.

    But I repeat an earlier suggestion of mine, regarding the archive page: it would be awesome if files were tagged as “milestone”, “stable” and “nightly”.

    FInally, once again, thanks for your valuable work.



  • Maro says:

    I would suggest having big button for each device, once you’ve chosen a device, the other buttons disappear and new ones do so. And also, it’s annoying how it scrolls to the top once I press on anything

  • Floran Lang says:

    Nice changes
    btw whats about android 4.4.3 for the s3 mini?

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