June 12th, 2014


We have finally full f2fs support, so if you want to migrate to f2fs, or you haven’t decided yet, checkout our tutorial.

We’ve just published it on our Tutorials page.


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  • Leo says:

    I benchmarked my S3mini with AnTuTu and got a score of ~9700. Previously I used to get ~11000.

  • zisean says:

    It will flash my sd card to f2fs??? or remain ext4??

  • ItsPeet says:

    A formatting utility for F2FS partitions under Windows would be awesome!

    • ItsPeet says:

      P.s. I don’t mean that Nova should make this– but if someone knows a tool? 😉

      • Elmario says:

        You could simply usw a live system likeb Ubuntu or Linux Mint on a CD or USB pen drive. Or setup a virtual Maschine with VirtualBox.

  • ali says:

    f2fs no changed benchmarks results.tested.

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