June 19th, 2014

Due to lots of request, today we decided to add another device to list of supported: Galaxy Core.

We will get devices next week and start developement.

S3 Mini users: I will still use S3 Mini as my daily driver and S3 Mini will be main development device, and S3 Mini will keep daily updates. Nothing will change here!

You can also check our XDA thread here!


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  • george says:

    Yeah, s3 mini will be supported. GREAT. Pls develop jellybean that would not flicker

  • Vayper says:

    Why didn’t you make a thread in S Advance section ?

  • Arturo says:

    Thanks, are the best rom’s for S3 mini never leave.

    from Mexico

  • yoni says:

    yeah nice! I have the S3 mini. keep up the good work man

  • Piero Ulloa says:

    Galaxy core is another samsung phone? Damn, Samsung has many phones!

  • galaxy core , omg thanks all team i love you <3 , this device have a snapdragon , and specific s4 😀 amazing ! great job thanks thanks 😀

  • Ariel says:

    You novafusion guys need to relaunch phone model survey including this one, isn’it?

  • theAwesome says:

    What are your thoughs about the s4 mini?

  • Bence says:

    And what about S Advance? Please!

  • Meharbir says:

    Ace 2….. Everyday i open ur website for ace 2 updates…. Its been 13 days now….

    LOVE UR WORK. Thanks in advance for ur coming updates for ace 2

  • Hans E says:

    Gio development. aborted. OK with me, please communicate your decision…

  • billy@boy says:

    please support galaxy s4 i9506

  • Khải says:

    well thank team so much

  • Carroll James says:

    When will first CM11 release ?

  • Daniel Wijaya says:

    thank you for supporting galaxy core 😀

  • SnokeHUN says:

    This phone is a Qualcomm device…

  • hilgy says:

    won’t leave it like ace, gio and xperia u? ahah

  • ANGRY HATER says:

    just close this stupid thread already pls … how many more thanks/fake donations you guys want?

  • iFun4ik says:

    Guys, thank you 😀
    Please, CM12 or CM13 for i8262

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