August 20th, 2014

Ok, S3 Mini users, so we gave you opportunity to test SELinux in last CM, Carbon and AOSPA/ParanoidAndroid releases.

Now it’s time to decide: we keep SELinux enabled or we disable it again?

Remember: SELinux uses much resources, what decrease battery life and we don’t have enough sources to make 100% proper policies!

Please, vote here:

What to do with SELinux?

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54 Responses
  • alan says:

    Disabling it makes no sense. As an alternative, provide a way to put it in permissive mode, maybe from TWRP.

  • Radek Němec says:

    What about two builds per release, with and without SELinux enabled?

    • Macław says:

      Are you serious?

      • Radek Němec says:

        If I understand the enabling/disabling SELinux correctly, it could have been done by setting some “global” Makefile variable. Of course two builds = double build time, +- double space occupied on disk, double trouble (something will not work on SELinux version, while on nonSE it will be all right),…

        BTW how about NFC for I8190N version? There is something in GIT repository, but nothing in release…

      • Ozzy says:

        perhaps you can put an option into aroma installer so that we can choose to set selinux permissve or enforcing

      • Elmario says:

        Pls disable SELinux! Voting doesn’t work for me!

    • bigD says:

      i cant believe you asked them to make 2 builds, they must be robots with no life of there own. it needs disabled..

      • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

        +1. No need for extra man hours and build server costs…

      • Radek Nemec says:

        I am not asking anyone, I’ve pointed out to something that could be just one of possible solutions. Anyway, I prefer longer battery life, so I voted for disable. 🙂

        IMHO disabling/enabling could be controlled from one place by some configuration variable, so theoretically it’s only matter of time, disk space,…but it also means 2x testing,…I think that not enough time will be the main problem here.

        • bigD says:

          are you mad, you asked for 2 builds, you try 1 build see how easy it is. you read maclaws response are you serious in other words stop being stupid.

        • bigD says:

          like i said yesterday but it didnt get printed, you did ask, and like maclaw said are you joking. its hard enough for them to get bugs out of 1 build never mind 2. we dont need selinux enabled as its a battery drainer.

  • mahmoud20070 says:

    Disable it my dear I don’t think anyone use it already

    just to say I have security settings but none feel any changes

    make anything to make battery life have more time to using

  • Hamza says:

    i think there was an app that allows you to disable it
    so keep it enabled and if someone wanted to disable it install the program

    • I think the same that this user.
      You (developer ai ai ai) could keep it enabled in the future releases and work on it on every release too, to make better than before… and we can decide by our own decision if we want it enabled or disabled on our devices using these APK or something like these.
      Or why not?, add an option (visual and touchable) on every of this ROMs that could enable and disable it by our own decision. This will be possible to add on the next releases?

      • Or maybe (developer), if there is any way to modify the state of SELinux by changing any file (easy way or not)…
        You could tell as about that.

        So I present you these 3 options if you decide to keep enabled de SELinux:
        – Using by our own decision and APP that changes the state of SELinux
        – Add a new feature inside every ROM to enable/disable SELinux
        – Tell as about any possible way to enable/disable SELinux

  • alan says:

    Remember a few months back the articles about hacking the phone through the modem? SELinux is designed to prevent attacks / spying of this sort. It will restrict modem processes to access only the resources labeled for modem use. Without SELinux a compromise of the modem subsystem can lead to completely taking over the whole phone.

    Let me add, the impact on battery life is overstated. I’ve noticed no significant increase in battery drain with the Aug 14 image over prior images.

  • Klaus says:

    Well, I couldn’t care less.It’s this kind of misinformation and für that drove away from novafusion. It is simply not true that selinux uses that much resources, it only shows that you do not und er stand its workings.I do have a device on aosp with selinux and two days worth of battery.

  • alan says:

    At least provide us a way to choose to have SElinux enabled if we want. Please.

  • Spanky Sausage says:

    Could there be an option during install?

  • yasin says:

    i prefer to keep it on. more security is everytime good. (you don’t say “it was made by NSA, so they can spy us. that would be funny. the don’t need our personal datas i think:))

  • naevtamarkus says:

    The question is biased!

    Could you please briefly explain what are the “bad” consequences of disabling SElinux?


  • daniel says:

    Please turn off by default. This is a waste of resources for both your team and our phones.

  • Owen Carter says:

    I’m not convinced that SElinux will bring any advantage for this rom, and maintaining the profiles is a total PITA (I know; I run production servers with it enabled), I’d much rather you guys spent time on rom improvements instead 😉

    I’ve voted ‘disable’, I see the point of having it enabled on stock phones, consumer devices, but I think the crowd using the NovaFusion roms etc are not really the target ‘audience’ for this anyway.

  • alanr says:

    Give me a way to turn it on if I want it. Don’t spend time tinkering with the policy. Just leave the code in the image and enable me to turn it on.

  • andrew says:

    You could add an option to the ROM enable / disable SELinux

  • nico666x says:

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to choose. I elegi disabled. Android is an attack on privacy and SELinux is not going to change anything. Applications have access to all our data, calls, messages, sd memory, recorded what we write, etc. Prefer more durability of the battery and you will spend more to improve the rom. Sorry for my bad English

  • Yoniverh says:

    SELinux is totally f*cking useless

  • nico666x says:

    I’ve voted ‘disable

  • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

    I would say… Shut it off again 🙂
    P.s. cannot vote in the poll… No matter.

  • Maou says:

    You better of kicking SElinux sorry ass, less trouble the better.

    Thanks Nova Team!

  • alan says:

    Obviously security is at best a secondary concern to the majority here. Sad but true.

  • Piero Ulloa says:

    May I ask you what has to do SELinux with battery? Anyways I understand that configuring policies and having root enabled is pointless.

    • alanr says:

      It takes a few extra cpu cycles to get permission to use certain resources. It’s such a minor amount that I can’t see any difference between battery usage of the 05/20 image and these recent ones.

    • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

      Simply thought, more work for system = more CPU time and therefore more battery drain?

  • Pratheesh says:

    Please disable it.there is not much difference seen.By the way please increase the AOSPA updates.

  • i think that is not necessary right now. and maybe have more issues that we dont know since this isn’t officially supported. i prefer to disable it and give more another updates 😀

  • suppresed says:

    Hell yeah, Disable that shit

  • SYSMAN77 says:

    SELinux user option as DISABLE or ENABLE.

  • shaumaa says:

    Idiots(to many users), what if they were spying on you?? You think you are important? Well, you aren’t so stop spamming and enjoy the rom.

  • Ozzy says:

    perhaps he is kidding you :DDD

  • rjblack says:

    is it a option to add the choice in the install?

    (ps: sorry if my english is bad becaus i’m dutch and 16 but not a noob in flashing)

  • Wakria says:

    It’s better to disable. Only 5% of people really knows what SELinux does. Besides, people will complain a lot because of battery later

  • Adrián says:

    I think that is a good idea to keep it enabled as in Cyanogenmod official because it grant’s more safety.

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