December 31st, 2014
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 12.0

New beta release (20141231) of CM12.0 for S3 Mini is available!

For flashing Lollipop, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation. Remember – this release is just a beta and it’s not supposed to being used as main OS!

You need to perform a wipe if you’re migrating from software different than CM12.0!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • updated CM12.0 sources
  • it’s Android 5.0.2 now!
  • fully working RIL
  • incall audio is now working
  • much improved stability
  • fully native flicker fix
  • partially working HW video acceleration


  • RIL (phone/SMS/3G)
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • GPS/Glonass/A-GPS
  • sensors
  • compass
  • video playing (only partially)
  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • external storage
  • SELinux
  • offline charging


  • camera might work only in 3rd party apps
  • missing part of OMXes implementation (so there’s no fully HW video acceleration)

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If you want to say thanks by donating us using PayPal, feel free 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

164 Responses
  • shad says:

    Thanks team nova , I think its time to port it to my mini 🙂

  • Pablo says:

    And what about camera? always missing something…

    • wscan says:

      there is a way to get all that they “missing” fixed, and that is DEVELOP YOUR OWN CUSTOMIZED ROOM, they don’t receive any payment for their work, if you don’t like that there is something missed every time that they release a new version, then you can go to another site and donwload the latest stable version that they have, if you are not paying for nothing, why are you asking a stable version?

    • ivansete says:

      Then, develop the ROM yourself
      Novafusion team are humans you know and they work their asses off just because they want to, trying to bring lollipop into our “low end” devices. Dont push them. The camera will be ready when its done.

      Keep this good work NovaFusion!!
      Greetings from colombia and happy new year!!!

    • AKS says:

      Stop complaining, you should thank them for sharing their work with us that is fair enough

    • LividGamerZx says:

      The camera has always been a problem but give it another week
      Remember android 5 was a big big change
      And since these are the only two then that means they can focus on fixing them
      So we might get releases sooner

      I use vanir aosp 4.4.4 with l-kat theme
      Song think of using vanir 5 though bad bad idea

      The more bugs squashed means less problems which means sung have to work as long


      Happy new year maclaw and marcin and the community

  • Roger Silva says:

    Supports f2fs?

  • Roger Silva says:

    support f2fs?

  • Luis Fernán says:

    Thank you. Happy new year!

  • Abraham Gutierrez says:

    Thanks, amazing rom, better than previous release. Almost everything works.

  • bizu says:

    f2fs support?

  • Kyril Evangelista says:

    There is still some minor tearing in the ROM, but DAMN this is SMOOOTH!

  • Aldy Apriansyah says:

    Thanks Nova

  • ArunS says:

    now please lollipop 5.0.2 for S Advance ….!! Waiting Eagerly….!!

  • Dave_ITA says:

    I have red lines on the screen, how can I fix it?

  • Neth says:

    Thank you very much! 🙂 i think it will be my daily ROM now! 😀 only first boot is soooo long, maybe 10 minutes.. 😀

  • @lt.core says:

    two bug again to leave bugs forever dev… I’m waiting from you to stable release (none issues). Happy new year dev M&M…!!! GOOD LUCK AND GOOD BLESS YOU TEAM M&M… 🙂

  • Massimo says:

    Great work.. Still waiting for camera working.. My only priority

  • Adrian Frias says:

    Hello friends, I have a problem installing this version.

    Installing ‘/external_sd/’ ..
    Checking for MD5 File
    Skipping chek MD5: MD5 file not found
    succeeded script: result was [0.200000]
    Updating partition details …

    I already did the ‘Factory Reset’ and does not start android stays at the loading screen of cyanogenmod
    It takes more than 20 minutes with cyanogenmod screen …

  • Waleed says:

    Any suggestion for a working third party camera app on this rom???

  • Benninator says:

    What’s about battery life? Better than latest cm11?

  • Adrián Frias says:

    Hi, I have a problem with this version .
    I wipe data / cache and install the new ROM the problem is that it is in the bootloader cyangenmod and not advance. And takes one hour so . Help me

  • zScrixz says:

    And now.. Please update the Carbonrom 🙂 but nice work!

  • ItsPeet:Carbon says:

    Very impressive changelog, great achievement!!!

    a happy newyear to all and especially Team Nova.

    Still happily using Carbon KitKat and wishing for Carbon Lollipop next year 🙂

  • ozzy says:

    The camera can’t be open even though I use a 3rd part app.

  • mamiho says:

    There are still things to fix… but it goes in a good pace… a great one to be exact. Great job guys!
    I wish everyone Happy New Year!

    Do M&M:
    Najlepszego w nowym roku! Żeby wasza robota szła wam jak po maśle w 2015! Tylko mała prośba: czytajcie posty umieszczane tutaj. Ludzie wcale was tu nie hejtują, a tylko zgłaszają usterki, które znaleźli, lub szukają pomocy, bo coś im nie działa. Pozdro! 😀

  • kacper141414 says:

    macław, chyba nie będzie ROMu dla ACE II w tym roku 😉

  • Cirrus says:

    USB don’t work witch computer ?

  • Eren Ayan says:

    Great job guys!
    Thank you. Happy new year!

  • txemafocus says:

    Alguen sabe que cámara funciona con esta rom?

  • sc_by says:

    This beta is like a pretty stable build. But I’ve noticed the following bugs :
    – from time to time scrolling doesn’t work
    – one time I had a phone app crash while trying to answer on the call in the head-up’s notification
    – and as you know camera doesn’t work.
    I think that’s all visible bugs.

  • waleed says:

    Any suggestion of a third party camera app working on lollipop??

  • @lt.core says:

    🙂 GOODBYE JELLYBEAN & KitKat 2014…!!!



  • Seed Vicious says:

    Please, don’t forget CM11!!

  • Amadeusz says:

    Anyone know 3rd party apps for camera who are working? I really need it

  • roberto12cr says:

    I want to know which 3rd party app to use for camera. thanks in advance.

  • Jose Cardama says:


    My device is running smoother than ever.

    Few bugs.

    Camera, HTML5/Flash videos not working, Menu button takes you to app drawer. Besides that everything seems to work like a charm.

    • druid23 says:

      menu button issue solved;
      1. open the file /system/usr/keylayout/sec_touchkey.kl
      2. change the first line from “key 139 APP_SWITCH” into “key 139 MENU”.
      3. Save and reboot.

  • Piggeh says:

    I SO would be using these if I could get root back!

  • jeferson says:

    boot loop 🙁

  • jeferson says:

    woh to install this rom…give me tutorial please

  • Hernagon says:

    What is the best stable version published for kitkat or lollipop for s3 mini? Thanks a lot, a happy new year!!!

  • Buho says:

    Incredible work guys. Thanks a lot for this one. Smooth and working with the basics so… my daily rom now!

    I know this is still in beta status, but just in case it helps, what I found not working (apart from the mentioned issues),

    -Copying or moving files with ES File Explorer
    -Sound in movies, at least with MX Player
    -Menu button does not seem to be configurable
    -Native keyboard does not allow to swipe

    For all the guys that want to test it, it takes about 10 minutes for the first start.

    And happy new year to all of you!

    • Abraham Gutierrez says:

      Native keyboard actually does support swipe. 🙂

    • Menu button can actually be configured

      1. Go to /system/build.prop
      2. Edit “” to “”

      3. Go to /system/usr/keylayout/sec_touchkey.kl
      4. Edit “key 139 (i forgot this part)” to “key 139 MENU”

      Worked for me, hope it helps 🙂

  • Isaak says:

    Boot Loop GT-I8190

  • andrew says:

    works fine! my daily rom now! in call sounds working! thanks

  • andrew says:

    music player dont work ! :/

  • oje kupi says:

    great… happy new year!!!

  • Charly Ortiz says:

    Funciona en F2FS??

  • Ayman says:

    Great Job ..Thanks Soooo much .. & waiting version more stability 🙂

  • 12345 says:

    Does this release suports f2fs or I have to keep ext3?

  • YONA says:


  • Robert says:

    Happy new year and thanks for the Rom!

  • James says:

    can you get nfc to work

  • Cristian de Jesús says:

    They are so close to the stability, is very fluid. Just need to repair the error in the camera. And we will have our Galaxy S3 Mini with android 5.0.
    Happy new year luck.

  • Adler says:

    Happy New Year, M&M!

  • XDevil95 says:

    When your instal this beutiful rom 5.0 after the recovery go?
    Happy new year !! God worl team

  • René Herrera says:

    Buenas noches ¿cómo está el consumo de energía?

    • Abraham Gutierrez says:

      Durante el uso es poco peor a CM11, en cuanto al gasto de batería cuando no usas el smartphone es muchísimo mejor. Con CM11 me duraba 4 horas usando musica y chst aquí me dura 3 a 3:30 horas. En cambio cuando no usaba el teléfono 15% dela beteria duraba unas 12 horas, ahora dura unas 20 aprox

  • Adrián says:

    It worked good, but my menu button launches multitask instead of menu/list, I tried to change it through settings but didn´t work.

  • andres says:

    Does it support f2f

  • holmson93 says:

    battery drain!! it lasts maybe for 10 hours, carbon rom lasts more, at the moment, i do 20 hours always connected to wifi or 3G. Anyway the rom is great, so smooth and fast. Art has been improved a lot. can’t wait for the fully working release 😀 thanks for your work novafusion team. You are the best

  • Hanif Nur says:

    Offline charging don’t work,

  • ritvikbhawnani says:

    The battery is very weak for me :(( It lasts just for 5-6 hrs.
    Otherwise this release is amazing. And a very happy new year to NOVAFUSION and everpne else.

  • Bill Gufran says:

    is it really took that time for first boot?
    not sure if my phone stuck in boot loop now or just need more time

  • Milen Nenov says:

    Camera no work! Happy new year.

  • mathewsmons says:

    smooth rom
    ril is working but there is minor lag in dialer
    camera is not working even with 3rd party apps
    youtube videos aren’t working

  • hawke says:

    Anyone having problem with usb debugging?

  • i was on cm11 4.4.4 . wiped everything and flashed cm 12 5.0.2 with the latest lollipop gapps, now its stuck on bootloop, cant go to the download mode the or the twrp as the phone automatically turns on and stays on the bootloop as I put in the battery. Please help

  • bahtsızbedevi says:

    anyone having problem of bootloop ? after flash gapps phone dont start. please help me.

    sorry for my bad english

  • Almon57 says:

    Me it’s boot loop i full wiped

  • Leandro Sousa says:

    No GPS?

  • stardemaroc says:

    for ace 2 i8160 ?????

  • Savsır says:

    MTP don’t work for me 🙁

  • Nachthuhn says:

    Camera doesn’t work at all 🙁

  • Milen Nenov says:

    Cam no work!

  • Gianluca says:

    Gapps Link please?

  • Espero que a câmera seja arrumada logo! Além disso o meu PC não está reconhecendo o celular…

  • Benas says:

    This ROM drains my battery, what should I do? Please help.
    Though, this is still a great release, greetings from Lithuania!!! :DDD

    • Abraham Gutierrez says:

      Try to disable the apps you dot use, remember that the screen consumes most of the battery poder, try to reduce the brigthness( how strong is the ligth if the screeb) and try to reduce de effects or animations.

  • bassel hesham says:

    I love this rom it is smooth and fast , thanks nova.
    But this rom has some errors like i can not use usb to coppy my data , some bugs in audio like increasing or not to be clean until change the volume , no videos except mx player, no youtube, no camera, lags while using chrome in screen , i can’t sync my facebook calender or somtimes sync turns off and lags in apks Need to be more stable.

  • Mayelo says:

    Mtp dont work
    Dont work Apps with root permission (ex. Finch, openvpn)
    ART when?

    hAppy newyear team m&m

  • Asd says:

    disable nuplayer camera crash

  • Pablito says:

    There is a mention to third parrty apps for the camera on the post NovaFusion, any clue of what app?

  • Kuhaku says:

    Support overlock?

  • James says:

    Stuck at boot…

  • Ans Nadeem says:

    Hello everyone,
    I am aware about the camera issue but, as mentioned, is there any third party camera app that can help in this case? I have tried Google Camera and it doesn’t work at all.

  • James says:

    My phone has been booting for 12h and still hasent finished. 🙁

  • wilson says:

    thx you novafusion team! love u guys

  • Jim says:

    Thanka a lot for the rom but i notest that there is also a bug with the contact name every time that i save a contact the person call me it chow the number :/ and you now about the camera problem so one’s again tjanks

  • Roy Nellen says:

    Thank you guys, The ROM makes the phone a lot faster :-). Only thing I noticed is that the GPS is not working allthrough is mentioned as working. Is this a known issue or do I have a one off? Also does anyone know to the fix it with a workaround like with the red bars and the menu buttons. But besides this issue the ROM is great, and the progress is even better :-). I start considering this as my daily rom 😉

  • Fırat Özalp says:

    Thanks bro.. Really you number one :))

  • Leonardo says:



  • CAM HARLEEN says:

    When will fully stable version come?
    Nd do i need to prform amy wipes i m using 2 update oh cm12 ?

  • haba says:

    great job.

    two things for the bugtracker:
    -Encryption not encrypting the phone. it’s just rebooting the phone and nothing happens
    -AFWall: Enabling firewall gives toast: “error applying iptables rules”

    Sorry I couldn’t identify the actual bugtracker. are you using github issues or is it correct to write here or on xda?

  • ismail says:

    I have just downloaded and installed on my phone, and it amazes me how the phone is much much faster than any other ROM I have installed before. Except USB data connection and camera, it seems very stable and runs smoothly. Improving and fixing bugs in such a short time, this team deserves many many thanks.

  • Yizac says:

    Phone working really good, really smooth except sometimes it goes a little slower than usual, but nothing really unexpected from a beta. Facebook Messenger App does not open for me (but i can chat with it’s bubbles strangely) and music player just keeps crashing, i dont know why. I used it when i first installed the rom and no problem(it looks stylish as fuck), but latter began to crash and now i cant listen to music, either way is a tremendous job from the team, keep at it!

  • haba says:

    -AFWall: Enabling firewall gives toast: “error applying iptables rules”: only built-in iptables don’t work

  • haba says:

    please add terminal console to standard rom, as before

    thanks again 🙂

  • Pablo says:

    “no MD5 file found”

    “script succeeded: result was [0.200000]”

    After this I reboot the phone and It satay on cyanogenmod screen… How can i solve it?

  • tech kid khann says:

    Great ROM I’ll be using it while I wait for a more stable version

  • tech kid khann says:

    Hail nova fusion team! Thank you

  • zemc77 says:

    Slow but steady, issues keep getting knocked down, thanks for your work!

  • cirrus says:

    -computer cant detect phone
    -lags in calls
    -dictionary on text (sugestions in words)

  • leo says:

    Boot loop, one hour…
    I did a complete wipe, installed the rom and gapps.
    any ideas?

  • adya says:

    which trwp to use it..hangi trwp kulanmalıyım 2.8.0 var. önyükleme 1 saati geçti açılmıyor

  • Daniel4tk says:

    Hello people Novafusion from and thanks for his work for the s3 mini now comes lollipop apologize for my bad English, I have a problem or be a bug maybe if they could better when receiving text messages I can not find an option to vibrate, and to put patron if it may come direct screen pattern. Greetings Thanks for your work

  • p-we says:

    I would like to share results from CM12 31-12-14 version with GT-I8190N:

    1) Stable!! UI navigation faster than CM11
    2) All working except for camera and connection functions via USB or Bluetooth
    (no “connected as media device” messages)
    3) Telephone functions perfectly. It seems to have better reception with weak 3G signal
    4) Lollipop interface easy to use if you are used to KitKat. A bit slicker.
    5) GAPPS 5 works perfect. Does not seem like beta software to me.
    (Note: On GAPPS 5, there is no “Email” anymore. All email accounts now via “Gmail” program)

    Kudos to Novafusion and Cynaogenmod. This is really good!!

  • Maximix says:

    Works great =)
    Not to many Bugs how my Miui with the Bad Arc S, No! it is very Smooth and don´t crashing by normal using. Battery Normal use 1:00 Clock 100% at MEZ to 21:00 Clock and Battery is still by 57% NICE!
    Android OS 13% Display 8%.a small thing, but this is now and nothing bad can wait; the gradation from top to bottom and vice versa so the dock and status bar bothers me a little at a bright background image.

    Looking forward to an update by then all good!

  • Adri says:

    Per me OK tranne fotocamera, riconoscimento cellulare pc e riproduzione video. Bravissimi e complimenti.

  • Valentine says:

    Can i have the download link that direct to download CyanogenMod 12.0 (20141231) ??
    i cant find the download link / page… please… any guide?

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