January 3rd, 2015

My Ace II for development went broken and another one is needed.

If somebody have unneeded Ace II and can give or sell it to me on low price to support development, please, contact me.
email: [email protected] – please, add [Ace II] in thread!


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  • Devel0per95 says:

    I can test for you, i mean if you want

  • Pfefferminztee says:

    Sorry i hadn’t one to give away. πŸ™

    Means that you can’t continue developing on AceII?

  • leleelel says:

    Propably brick after install lollipop πŸ˜€

  • sandeep says:

    ace 2 already has got lolipop the link has give in youtube pls work for s advance

  • pedro igro says:

    So why not start developing the CM12 pro s advance ? πŸ˜‰

  • ledjo says:

    I’m using this alpha version froml polish forum already and it’s not bad at all. I dont use smarthone for taking videos so I’m very satisfied. Very good battery for example..

  • johnny_cage says:

    No ace 2 means no more ROM for Janice also?

  • Fs00 says:

    Ace 2 again?! You prefer developing Roms for Ace 2 instead of the newer Galaxy Core? No comment!

    • Kubo says:

      Man does your ego let you walk through door or you keep stucking … Obviously was this post not ment for you … And maybe once you want have phone that is new and will learn to appreciate devs like NF for all good things they do.

      • Fs00 says:

        Pff… If NF wanted to support the Galaxy Core, they have to develop Roms for it, not ignoring people that asked for them!

        • RGoldBR says:

          If NF wanted to have some angry and demanding bosses whining all the time about this and that, they would be at some sweatshop in the Android development industry. But, as you see, there is no master-slave relationship here — it’s all pro bono. Don’t you realize you have no rights at all when you decide to install “as is”, free software, with all caveats clearly stated and known?

  • Pfefferminztee says:

    So there will be no further development of cm12 for codina, if you don’t get a new device?
    Please answer to eliminate ambiguities πŸ™‚

  • Aeon says:

    there are many auction on ebay (.fr, .it, ecc.), you can raise money like for server payment and than try to win at one of these

  • manvir says:

    i have one. where to send???

  • RGoldBR says:

    Hi, Maciej. Check your Paypal account — I’ve already sent you $$$.

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