August 12th, 2015

Short info about upcoming release (tonight or in the morning, I have terrible Internet connection in here):

We finally did it. We’ve returned good old performance of CyanogenMod ROM on S3 Mini. It was really hard, but required to continue development for this device.

But somehow it united us (I mean team) again, as in better times. We’ve spend more than 100 hours in last 2 weeks on development. And finally today I can say – it was worth it.

We’ve resolved all problems with S3 Mini on latest CM12.1 sources, which appeared 2 weeks ago. We’ve reworked patches for our phone completely, we’ve reworked device tree and restabilized our kernel.

Due to this situation, e’ve also returned to things which were abandoned some time ago. You will be surprised soon with new things.

More info tomorrow with upcoming release. You’ll get first of most stable released of Lollipop of S3 Mini. It’s like a new chapter in Lollipop development for S3 Mini.

Yours Macław

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  • Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii, finally! No more green video recording =D (I hope)

  • seba says:


  • mirko8054 says:

    FUCK YEAH GOD DAMMIT, btw does kernel support external sd ram swap?

  • Redfox says:

    Battery life?

  • Raul Gerardo says:

    Too bad i don’t have my s3 mini anymore. (It died) a month ago. Anyway congratulations novafusion for all the effort put into this work, I’ve been following this since first kitkat release.

  • saygone says:

    Always crossed my fingers for you guys!

  • ananda96 says:

    apreciated all your work!

  • Squarepants says:

    Great News! Looking forward to testing the new ROM 🙂

  • Norman X says:


  • matt says:

    good work guys can’t wait!

  • Fabrizio Pastenes says:

    Great News! Thank you for the amazing work you’ve done 😀
    We really appreciate it! THANK YOU

  • Pedro says:

    people they only have fixed the bugs introduced 2 weeks ago so this will not fix red screen recording…

  • angelo says:

    there is some sort of bug in this version ? fixed the bug of the video recording ? what real change this ?

  • Panzer says:

    you guys are fantastic…. cant wait to embrace lollipop final sweetness.. thumbs up!

  • Eunro Angeles says:

    Woah ill wait for this Maclaw really thr best dev more power!!! ^.^ EXCITED FOR IT WOAH HOPE NO GREEN RECORDING ON VIDEO #TWOCROSSED FINGERS.

  • Griffey Lin says:

    that is very encourage! I started tuning into NovaFusion about a year ago and loved it from the get go, however let’s just say it has been mediocre for last few months. I will keep my eyes open for this next release. Either way, thank you guys for the effort and time. Your ROMs extended the life of many S3 mini around the world!!

  • Valentina says:

    We appreciate your great work! Thanks guys! Now please do the same in Carbon, greetings from Chile 😀

  • T3seR says:

    That news make me happy 😀

    Ty Nova team for all hard work :3

  • Sky says:

    Oh wow cool can’t wait to try it! You guys are awesome as always, your hard work is much appreciated!!

  • Mike says:

    Does that mean the SIM issues are fixed too?

  • jaime says:

    Good job nova, much appreciated. I wish there would be more hard working developers as you guys, keep up the good work.

  • Sankar says:

    Can’t wait Nova Team! We really appreciate all the efforts you’ve taken so far to bring us the latest in Android. Kudos!

  • Melany Garfield says:

    Yeah! Thank you so much Nova team. I owe you my life…

  • Dani says:

    Thaks a lot NF Team. We apreciate your great job.

  • Ilya says:

    Sounds good

  • SPKJ says:

    Novafusion for ever

  • If Novafusion fixed the video camera recording….. I would be tempted to try CM12.1 and if all good….stick to it 🙂

  • KiwiTec says:

    Im reeeaaaly exited. 😀

  • Angelo says:

    Awesomeness ..THANK YOU NOVAFUSION. Can’t wait haha

  • Felix says:

    Thanks so much for all the effort you have put in in the last year!!

  • mike2nl says:

    Very good news.
    A question: will the theme engine working 100%?

  • KrasheR says:

    Is the menu and back buttons working?

  • Tiago says:

    great times come, thanks for all

  • Nixen (janota241 on XDA) says:

    Looking forward for this :)!!!!!!!

  • Flo says:

    I hope you’ll make the colour of video recording configurable… I want blue instead of green 😉
    No, just kidding… I really appreciate how much work you put into that “old” device and I’m really looking forward to what’s to be coming!
    Cheers! Flo

  • Mahosapiens says:

    Thank you NovaTeam for a lot of work
    Thats will be great
    I cant wait

  • frankydluffy says:

    can’t wait!

  • Alfred says:

    Good news, because I was already rethinking use another ROM, it is not possible CM12.1’s battery lasts so little, apart from other problems that have.
    I hope the new release.

  • KuraiTester says:

    Hour? Great Job !!!! Congratulations

  • Juan Marsiglia says:

    Excellent work novafusion!! U’re the best

  • qwerty says:

    Holy shit! Thank you sooo much for all you guys have done 😀

  • qwertyOH says:


  • mikelly says:

    Promises promises. I hope we are able to access the SIM card and the scramble video is resolved. As of right now OmniROM has those two issues only and everything else works smoothly. This will test your integrity. Good luck

  • Hi! I am happy to still being using this Smartphone. The work You’ve done is amazing. But also I have to say: I always return back to Carbon 4.4.4 cause LP gets so slow most of the times (terrible Lag) on my phone (and I don’t have many app installed).
    Tested Carbon LP but is buggy (but a little faster than CM).

    Other than that, good work!!

    • mikelly says:


      Try OmniROM5.1.1… I like CarbonLP5.1.1 with very little issues but the OmniROM has two issues and it feels like a stock ROM.

  • MacKa says:

    Great job Maclaw. Yours ROMs are awsome. S3 mini rom is still developed but what about the other phones, Ace II or S Advance? For these devices it wasn’t new roms many months. Can we still count on some new versions from the Novafusion? Version 11 is still good enough but could be secured (StageFright) :/

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