August 18th, 2015
RELEASE for S3 Mini
CyanogenMod 12.1

New stable release (20150818) of CM12.1 for S3 Mini is available!

Please, test it and report any bugs!

For flashing Lollipop, we recommend you to install our TWRP recovery (available on Download page)!

Do full backup before installation and wipe data/cache (factory reset) after installation if you don’t updating from older CM12.0 release.

You need to perform a wipe if you’re migrating from software different than CM12.0!

You can get it on our DOWNLOAD page.


  • CM sources update
  • fixed low incall volume (Macław/Meticulus/golden-guy)
  • fixed in-call crashes
  • fixed offline charging (but please, test it on your own also) [PolishVodka/golden-guy]
  • Odin package update


  • RIL (phone/SMS/3G)
  • audio (both speakers/headphones/microphone)
  • Wi-fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with LE support A2DP
  • GPS/Glonass/A-GPS
  • sensors
  • compass
  • camera (taking photos and videos)
  • video playing
  • 2D/3D HW Acceleration
  • all native tethers (Wifi/BT/USB)
  • Google Play
  • CPU sleep mode
  • MTP
  • ADB
  • no tearing
  • tripple buffering
  • external storage
  • f2fs filesystem support
  • offline charging


  • video taken by stock camera app is green, but some apps like Camu taking correct videos without any issues
  • less than 2% of users are reporting issues with mobile data – just add new APN manually with settings proper for your provider and apply it to make 3G working

I’d be glad, if you shared links to our download page, instead of direct links to download.
Also would be great, if you wouldn’t create the mirrors 😉

If somehow you’ll find a bug, use our bugtracker if you want to report it.

137 Responses
  • SPKJ says:

    La provo subito

  • steveK says:

    Hey, cm 11-20150517, released 17th may 2015, is vulnerable to shellshock, a bug in bash shell that was discovered in october 2014. Can you check if cm12.1 is vulerable, please?

  • @lt.core says:


  • Guilherme says:

    “video taken by stock camera app is green, but some apps like Camu taking correct videos without any issues.”

    Please fix this

  • Benjamin P says:

    So far so good!

    the release i had previous to this one (i installed it a couple of months ago but don’t remember the exact version) had some problems, google maps crashed when i tried to start the route, youtube crashed when i started a video, caller app sometimes crashed and had the volume down…

    but so far today’s release has none of those problems! will keep testing!

  • SPKJ says:

    Spero che la cyanogenmod 13 sarà perfetta

  • Hadol says:

    I intall TouchPal keyboard and when i write SMS he is broken i have to run again and write next word what is wrong ?

  • @lt.core says:

    Yeah!!! YOU can FOCUS with CyanogenMOD13 S3 MINI only NOW DEV… B-)

  • fede says:

    slower than ever!!

  • vope says:

    Great work.
    Here are my bugs,

    – Bad French layouts
    – BLN Control doesn’t work, due to Novafusion kernel, apparently
    – Still torch Long on-time.
    – No EAP-SIM, whereas it exists on Samsung ROM stock
    – slower compared with previous releases
    – bug with data/network icon (exclamation point disappears whereas it should be shown when data if off)
    – Sometimes when I turn on the screen, the touch doesn’t work

    Not tested :
    – Battery drains so fast ?
    – Low incall volume ?

    To Nova Team:
    – could you update TWRP to ?

  • Tan says:

    My bugs :
    Screen tearing (same as last relase)

    Fixed : Low Call Voice

  • Robbe says:

    The battery drainage is running like a bolt.
    The touch screen is working much better.
    Thanks again for the effort Nova.
    Keep up

    • KiwiTec says:

      I’ve never had these bugs. Even the touch screen not. That’s really strange.

      (Hopin’ that’s correct grammar. :D)

      • Robbe says:

        What I mean with the screen is that sometimes you want to click an icon and you do not get any response from the cell, I have to rapidly turn off the screen with the power button and turn it back again and the icon answers. Specially with low battery charge happens.

    • Robbe says:

      I almost forgot, dialer keeps crashing with income call

      • mikelly says:


        How did you like the OmniROM5.1.1? That ROM works so well that I have no desire to go back to CM at all.

        • Robbe says:

          Working smoothly, very few minor problems. I love it and I will keep it for a while. I installed the one that you told me the 07/12 Rom. Pretty stable. Excellent volume in the income call. Sometimes the screen does not respond but I can live with it. Cell connects to the network rapidly.
          I first installed the last rom than I decided to follow your suggestion..
          The omni switch is awful so I turned it off. It was covering exactly the send button in whatsapp. I don’t see the use.
          Battery usage with the default governor and scheduler is still pretty high.

          • mikelly says:


            Good I’m glad you like it. The governor can be change to “Ondemand” and the scheduler to “Noop” make sure you go into performance and set the min to 200Mhz the default setting is 1000Mhz for some reason.

          • mikelly says:


            The setting will reduce your battery drainage and make it last for atleast 12 hours with static wallpaper or 8 hours if you like live wallpaper. I don’t use the omni switch. I think it’s useless myself. If the Nova guys were to look at OmniROM and copy the relevant portion of I think CM12.1 would be awesome. Just my 2 cents worth.

        • Robbe says:

          I agree with you.
          I will test it with your advise of changes and let you know.
          Thanks again mikelly

        • Robbe says:

          Are you still using the 07/12 ROM or you upad red to 08/16?

          • mikelly says:

            I’m still using the 07/12 ROM. I just looked at their website and they haven’t updated with any new ROM. Is the 8/16 the new ROM because it’s not reflected on their website.

          • mikelly says:


            Did a google search and found it. I’m downloading it as we speak. I like the 07/12 so much I don’t know if I want to update it. I’ll go ahead and do it.

          • mikelly says:


            I just tested it. The OmniROM is much much smoother. Everything reacts quickly. They did admit they can’t get the video working but camu or similiar apps can take care of it. No access to SIM card but no big deal. Again much better than CM12.1. What do you think?

          • bohdi says:

            Hi – thanks mikelly – I have taken your advice and moved to omni – really great – stripped down and all the bloat from cm12 not there….thanks! Nova – you probably won’t publish this comment ( like my last one) so I am writing directly to you – the dialer was the main issue for me – I used your ROMs for a year and a half am really appreciate your hard work but the dialer issue is the biggest – you must sort that out as the main function of s3 is for a phone – its all nice to have the bells and whistles of cm12.1 but it seems too complicated – maybe the hardware of s3 mini can’t handle? Maybe work on slimrom ?just give us the solid basics of a phone and work up from there? Anyway thanks Nova & mikelly for your advice!

          • mikelly says:

            The 08/16 ROM are very very smooth. Only SIM access to contacts and video scramble for which camu app can solve are the only issues. They only update ROM once or twice a month. Which tells me they’re very good and smart about how to solve issues.

          • mikelly says:


            You’re welcome. I’m glad someone else is enjoying this new ROM. I like CM11 and used it for a longtime until I switched to CarbonLP5.1.1. I had very little issues until I moved to OmniROM and now only two or one issues depending on the video for which camu app has taken care of. CM12.1 is crap and they’ll never resolve it until they see how OmniROM is built and borrow a few ideas from it.

      • DarkDawn says:

        Same problem here.

  • Norman X says:

    – bug with data/network icon (exclamation point disappears whereas it should be shown when data if off)

  • Martín says:

    WiFi dont work currently
    Screen lag
    Battery drains so fast

  • tlh11 says:

    Bugs I found:
    – Random No touchscreen response
    – No touchscreen response when the alarm is ringing
    – Random glitches when turning off the display + random graphical flickering/glitches
    – Heavy battery usage

    Thx for your hard work!

  • Pavle says:

    Incoming call still crashes dialer app

  • zisean says:

    Android Marshmallow!

  • Helmut Jarausch says:

    Offline charging doesn’t work in this version. The small star icon is displayed and then the phone freezes. One can only recover by removing the battery for a few seconds.
    This has not been the case with the previous version.
    Thanks for your work,

    • Eq elm says:

      Same here, I have this issue with offline charging. I tried using Omnirom and their offline charging works, so I think they’re prob still some bugs, but overall this rom has become very fast and snappy (better than Omni in my opinion except for offline charge). Keep up the good work Nova

    • Andre says:

      I have the same problems with offline charging.
      And online charging doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes I have to replug the USB cable to make it work.
      Besides of this CM 12.1 is great and I am happy. 😉

    • Jaime says:

      I have the same problem

    • yasin says:

      you do not have to remove the battery. just press power button for 8 seconds.

  • Robosss says:

    nothing new , nothing better

  • Light says:

    Bugs I have:
    1. Battery drains so fast
    2. Flashlight Bugs
    3.Overheating while using Mobile Data
    4.Touching the screen bugs
    5.Screen Waving? or Tearing?
    7. Audio FX is useless so please remove it.
    8.So many useless features that slows down the phone.


    • JZ says:

      Try installing facebook again. Worked for me

    • 1. Try Battery calibration
      2. Flashlight not buggy with me
      3. Leaving the application open in the background
      4. Close and open the screen
      5. Don’t use the LiveDisplay
      6. Governor Ondemand scheduler noop & 1000 mhz
      7. You can with App Uninstaller
      8. It will return the old stabillige android marshmallow
      9. Not so much
      10. Not so much
      11. I have exactly the same problem. You can install a apk.

  • NHBoy says:

    Bluetooth LE doesn’t work with Robomow APP.

  • smtkc says:

    When will the android Marshmallow?

    • Jose Cardama says:

      If they can’t manage to deliver a Bug-free version of L I don’t think M will make any difference at all…

    • siggix450 says:

      Google is too fast in releasing new Android versions 😉

      • mikelly says:

        Google isn’t fast in making new android os. They have two teams working on it. A team works on Android “M” and tweaking it. Another team working on a development version of Android “N” for all current phones. Once it’s ready in two years or so it will come out with minor changes to the new phones specs

        The team that work on Android “M” will be working on Android “O” while the other team tweak the version they worked on. You get it?!?

  • Norman X says:

    Good Job, @NovaFusion.
    Keep up the great work!

    Bugs that I found in this current version:
    – Delay when opening apps.
    – Apps responding slowly.
    – When you RESET APNs to DEFAULT it has no APNs and you cannot add new APN.
    – Exclamation point over the WIFI and Data Network.
    – Screen tearing/waving/flickering.
    – Video taken by stock camera app is GREEN.

    Hope you will fix these bugs, and also release Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0).
    @NovaFusion, Thank you so much!

  • JSz says:

    “fixed in-call crashes” – NO

  • JJTT says:

    ”VivaVideo” records good videos, best than ”Camu”

  • yeiner says:

    call drops :/

  • smtkc says:

    – Screen tearing/waving/flickering.

  • alfaking says:

    DIALER continues to crash, 90% of incoming call 🙁

  • refiandryakbar says:

    charge only up to 65% and did not increase again but instead reduced, anyone can help?

  • JZ says:

    I cannot confirm many bugs listet above. Here my experiences after a FULL WHIPE:

    – Battery seems acceptable with mobile data and no WLAN
    – Audio FX works fine
    – Touchscreen works
    – No tearing/waving/flickering
    – Facebook can be installed (but the last update of the app may cause problems)
    – No in-call crashes
    – Faster than the milestone release, now there’s no big difference to CM11
    – No overheating
    – offline charging works
    – youtube works

    Anyway a few little bugs, like:
    – Video green
    – no ringtone at first (worked after some time, don’t know why)
    – torch responds after a few seconds

    In my opinion, this works as good as CM11, except the camera, but with youtube.

  • erksper says:

    HI, first so many thanks for your roms, yesterday i try cm 12.1 and find some bugs with flashligth and the phone get freeze so many times, didnt know if i do something wrong, i wipe all data and install from odin, didnt install any app and it get freeze many times, didnt know if was about the procesor speed or something, i get back to kitkat but really want to try again lolipop, so thanks and continue with all those great roms…

  • Davide says:


    my bugs are:
    – offline charging, the animation is blocked
    – video still be green !
    – Battery calibration, i try with “battery calibration app” but if i perform a full charge, after reboot the charge is 97 ! but the voltage still be the same !

    thanks you @NovaFusion.
    good work in anycase

  • nilfs2 says:

    No problems so far, good job Nova!!!

  • Pavel says:

    Hi Guys , TURN OFF the PROFILES , and your phone will be OK

  • Light says:


  • Gianluca says:

    Dosn’t work FB app.. Dosn’t Setup! An error -504.

  • webwiller says:

    I did derstand from last Rom the use of the new f2fs filesystem had been implemented, but I sadly found out that this is not true. From “the milestone” I thought it was…am I completely wrong or something changed/went wrong on the way?!!
    Thx Nova for providing us with the best “plastic surgery” for our old devices… 😉

  • Piggeh says:

    I’m getting great performance, but occasionally there is some graphical stuttering, especially on the bottom half of the screen. This is particularly noticeable when playing a game. Also, Trusted Face crashes when I try to set it up through Smart Lock settings. I have one request: Can you add support for moving apps to the external sd card? It would be really useful. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

    • Mahosapiens says:

      Hello. You can use Mobogenie for moving apps to external sd. Connect Mobogenie PC via USB cable. Change moving section to external sd and download and install apk. But I wanna warning to you. Don’t download apk in Mobogenie because they adding ads in apks. You can download apks in internet and double click. That should installed in your phone via Mobogenie.
      Sorry for bad English.

  • bassem says:

    i have twrp . when i flash the rom i get a error executing updater binary in zip . i tried to flash a new version of twrp but nothing changes . plz help me ?

  • “video taken by stock camera app is green, but some apps like Camu taking correct videos without any issues”
    Why don’t you fix this guys ?

    • ItsPeet♡CarbonKitKat says:

      Maybe…. because the cause of the bug is hard to pin down?
      Even if it were as simple as changing a 2 into a 3 in the code……. the difficulty would be: which 2 of the xxxx’s of 2’s is it..? (Programming heavily simplified)

  • ledu00 says:

    Can you fix camera ? Lack of video recording option is very irritating sometimes and video takem by Camu is 10fps…

  • Engel says:

    I have a bug with the flashlight, please fix it soon guys, you’re amazing 😀

  • Eugene says:

    low incall volume
    in-call crashes

  • Gian says:

    Facebook app Doesn’t work.. It won’t install!!!

  • Light says:

    Please Dev, NovaFusion make the roms more like the Nexus Stock rom, Remove useless Features and Apps that are not installed in Nexus. PLEASE DEV fix the Bugs quickly Android Marshmallow is here, Hurry Devs.

  • archangel17 says:

    I can’t update Facebook app.

  • me_dreary says:

    I can not install minecraft: PE is this a bug of this rom or other

  • Elvitek says:

    CM 11: Bug YouTube!!!

    • To make YouTube work try this in /system/build.prop

      Change :


      Reboot phone after the change!!!!!

      I now have working latest YouTube on latest cm11 from novafusion (10th of august release incl. Stagefright fix.



      • Elvitek says:

        Thank you very much Michel van der Vleut works if I put 4.4.3. You are a great and I will write to them so if we can listen fixarlo them 🙂

  • Dani says:

    Can’t use phone as phone. Dialer crashes in every use

    • mikelly says:

      Try OmniROM5.1.1. It’s much better than CM12.1 and only TWO issues. No access to SIM card contacts and video is scrambled so camu apps can take care of it. Look at my 08012015 comments to get the url.

      • mik says:

        In case you need stability and battery life cm11 or omni 4.4.4 is much better than lollipop versions. Why did you switch to omni 5.1.1 from cm11?

        • mikelly says:


          The OmniROM5.1.1 is much better to Omni4.4.4. The OS is much smoother and everything works almost like a stock ROM. Plus no bloatware like CarbonLP even though CarbonLP worked well. I really can’t complain about CM11. That ROM is a beast and I had no issues especially the earlier versions (03012015-04042015).

          As you can see I like the Omni. It does everything I want except two things. No access to SIM card for which I don’t care and vide scrambling and I started to use Videocam Illusion v1.53. Everything else works fine. That’s the reason why. Plus they update their ROM once or twice a month which tells me they take their time and listen to their fans. Something Nova seems to neglect with CM12.1.

          • mikelly says:


            I forgot to mention. You can adjust battery use on the performance. I explain this to Robbe. When you install the ROM the default settings are 1000Mhz for max and min frequency. I adjust the min to 200mhz and set the governor to “Ondemand” and schedular to “Noop” and I get up to 13hrs of battery life with static wallpaper vs 8hrs with live wallpaper. OmniROM5.1.1 is very very stable. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

          • mik says:

            Hi mikelly,
            of cause I tried cm11/12.1 and omni444/511 with abyssplug+noop.
            on cm11 and omni4.4.4 I can work up to 2 days and even more, so 13hrs on lollipop is not enough for me.
            omni lacks themes, I don’t like white lollipop interface, can’t change lockscreen widget, don’t change tracks on long volume up, no f2fs support.

          • mikelly says:


            I agree with you on OmniROM lack of themes and very minimalistics. I use LL Launchers from Google play and I get more than enough theme to make this ROM very appealing.

            If you can manage to get two days worth of battery power that means to me this is not your daily phone. This is my daily phone and the best I’ve been able to manage is 13hrs. I like less bloatware and minimalistics on my phone. The OmniROM works for me.

          • mikelly says:


            The idiots won’t let me comment on your last statement.

          • mik says:

            try again mikelly 🙂

          • mikelly says:


            I agree with you on the minamalistics of OmniROM. I use Lollipop launcher to supplement themes and performance. 13hrs of use is normal for me since this is my daily driver. I don’t like too much bloatware so this is perfect ROM for me.

          • mikelly says:


            Give CarbonLP5.1.1 a try. It has lots of stuff you can use plus very good theme support. Add Lollipop Launcher with it and I think you can make it the phone you like.

            CarbonLP is much better than CM12.1 and couple more issues more than OmniROM. One is the dialer hangs up once you move your phone away from your ear. So once a call come in answer the phone and don’t move it away from your ear. That’s the only BIG issue.

  • Haba Haba says:

    Great work, but mostly void of sense for me while low in-call volume and camera video bug are not fixed.
    Please set aside everything else and just solve these two problems.

  • cfps says:

    I have problems whit the batery calibration./tengo problemas con la calibración de la batería.

  • Alex says:

    Thank you!

    1. Still have the same problem “Couldnt move app, not enough storage space” Do you have an alternate solution?

    2. Settings crashes when tapping menu button in phone.


  • Mike says:

    Actually proper copy/cut and paste functionality would be nice. If there is a way to implement that into the ROM that would be great. SIM issues are still present too.

  • mikelly says:


    Do a google search for xda-developers forum. They have several different ROMs for our phone. Try them and you’ll find one you’ll like more than CM12.1. They won’t let me list the URL so do a google search. Good luck and enjoy!!

    • mikelly says:


      If this is your primary (Daily Driver) phone. Do yourself a favor get a very good ROM. The others listen to their fans and have a working ROM. I’m using OmniROM as my daily driver and it GREAT!! There are others out there so do yourself a favor go get the ROM you like and be HAPPY. Good luck!!

      • mik says:

        Another omni advertising, mikely 😉

        • mikelly says:

          Naw. If you go to xda-developers you’ll see various ROM to include CM12.1. I’m just letting you guys know there are other ROMs out there and not just stick with one all the time.

      • Mike says:

        And I bet your ass that even OmniROM still has pisspoor SIM support, like all Cyanogen ROMs with the golden kernal.

        • mikelly says:

          If you read any of my comments you know they have no SIM support since they can’t make it work for us to access it. Hence why they pretty much given up. Other than that it blows CM12.1 since everythng else work.

  • saygone says:

    Great work Nova!
    This is my third testing day and I can say that this ROM is smooth and responsive.
    The only thing I see and makes me very angry as it makes my phone very hard to use is two times a day “no SIM card” error. I’ve checked this SIM with other phones and I do not have such issues.

  • mikelly says:

    For GT-i8200 fans. Please read my comments on 08012015 August comment section. Good luck and Enjoy!!

  • Belisario says:

    Thank you novafusion everything works 100%, the only bugs: camcorder is still green, and sometimes reboots.
    How to take a screenshot.
    Thank you from new and always follow with the project.

  • Deadlink17 says:

    offline charging isn’t fixed. It has worked in the Release of 06.June 2015.

    sorry for my bad english 😀

  • nick gakos says:

    how to play fm radio spirit 1 and spirit 2 no work for me please help me

  • Nicholas says:

    Have a problem: my smartphone becomes hot, then it turn off by itself and i see next “rst_stat = 00×00” what is the reason of it???????

  • Miguel says:

    Hello you did a really really great work with this !!!! and have a little bit of problems! then that problems are that when you enter on instagram and you tap to play a video instagram close, have problems with the cam to record videos and sometimes dont let me download facebook in the original version I have to download the lite version, buy woow you are so genious to create this beatiful rom , congrats!!! And a million thanks!!!

  • nick gakos says:

    is very bad experiance for me…. is to slow and have many bags back in cm11

  • Skar says:

    Very good work in general !
    My phone reboots at least twice a day. There’s no special App affected. Reboots while using google maps, reboots during what’s app… very uncool. Very high power consumption with GPS enabled; sucks my phone emty in 2 hours (noraml runtime about 18hours).
    This reboot-issue is a real pain for me.

  • Doc says:

    Hello, i have video snap when i play games(example doodle jump). With previous release (cyanogenmod 12.1 july) all works. Anyone else has the same problem?

  • Ryan says:

    Anybody else having problem booting into safe mode – boot loop

    rebooting into safe mode from the power off option = stuck in boot loop

    starting up phone with volume down pressed = stuck in boot loop

    Safe Mode causes boot loop – anyone having the problem or know another method

  • Mustafa says:

    Why can’t I change the install location ? It should be in Settings in Apps. I cant install APKs if i dont remove my SD card. (Error is “App not installed”. I’ve searched the internet and I found that i should change the install location. I should install apps to Internal Storage.)

  • salim says:

    Ineed rom 6.0 marshmallow for s3 mini

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