May 26th, 2014

We receive a lot of requests for new NovaFusion logo, so it’s time to make it real.

Our graphic, Salim, will make it, but we need your help!

Please, post in comments any ideas how this logo would look like.

For author of the best idea I will send small gift 😉

M&M and Salim!

May 9th, 2014

Hello mates!

I don’t know how many releases will be today, but I am working on the best CM11.0 release from a long time and it’s going very well. I already have great changelog and you will be surprise about today’s release quality.

Also releases today will be a bit ealier than usual, so you can start checking out for them 😉


May 9th, 2014

Again it’s the time for a poll.

It’s really important to us, thanks to this we will know what devices are most popular here.

What device do you own?

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May 8th, 2014

Lots of you asked for access to older releases. So it’s here.

You can get almost all old releases for S3 Mini, Ace, Gio, Ace II, Xperia U and S Advance directly from NovaFusion Download Archive!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Latest release are available only at main NovaFusion page! Archive page displays only legacy versions.


April 27th, 2014

Just a quick news – we’ve just discovered a BIG bug in CyanogenMod, affecting every single device with installed CM11 (official too). We found a bug affecting performance and battery life of every CM device, it’s not a bug in our ROM but in CM. We are working on a fix, except a big update soon with almost 15% better CPU performance and A LOT better battery life! Stay tuned!


April 15th, 2014


I know we haven’t enough time last days here. Sorry. I had really huge private issues, Marcin probably too (even didn’t had time to contact him).

Sorry for all of it. I really sorry. Will try to boost my support to you right now. But please, remember – we also have private life, we cannot always reply to every message. If there is worse week, you don’t have to blame on us in comments. As you see, even without much time, we are doing our best.

I feel terrible about comments from last week. I didn’t expected that week when I had to sort some things in real will make so much bad here. Sorry…

You say we don’t work…. Maybe we really shouldn’t do it….

April 13th, 2014

So, finally it’s the time for third part of Chinese shopping 😉

1. Earphone splitter
Sometimes I need to connect more than one one jack to me notebook/phone. I don’t know what more to write about that. It’s small, splits correctly jack and white, so looks great with my Mac.

Price: 1.96$
Shipping time: 9 days
Rating: 10 / 10

2. S3 Mini screen protector (10pcs)
10 seperately packed screen protector. Fits great to S3 Mini, but being scratched in one day and reduces image quality. But probably if I order from someone else, issues wouldn’t exists.

Price: ~0.30$/pcs = 2.99$/10pcs
Shipping time: 14 days
Rating: 4/10

3. Battery pack for Xbox 360 gamepad
I don’t own Xbox, but everybody knows that Xbox 360’s pads are the best game controllers for PC 😉 So I own 2 of them. But bored of buying tons of Duracels, I’ve decided to buy rechargable batteries. I found a pack: 2x 4800mAh battery, USB charging dock and USB charger cable for controller. It works really great, without any issues.

Price: 14.50$
Shipping time: 8 days
Rating: 10/10

More in next part.


April 12th, 2014

Sorry for no releases today, both me and Marcin were really busy.

And just to let you know – I finally met him in real. And yes, he is not a robot.


April 6th, 2014
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Most of you voted for OpenNews, so let’s start!

Waiting for your articles on [email protected]!


April 6th, 2014

Some time ago I’ve made article about shopping on site with Chinese stuff.
Why? They’re offering almost everything in best prices with free international shipping. So why not to try?

Ok, after last article I’ve already bought a lot of things there. Will make quick review of every product.

1. BT audio (A2DP) receiver
When I’ve switched from PC to notebook, I didn’t wanted to have long cable from my soundsystem to notebook, going across whole my ROM, so I decided to found something like BT(in)->jack(out) adapter. I found it – it’s called PHIATEAM PT-810 and works really nice. It doesn’t include any sound aplifier (it’s just line out jack), so it won’t affect anyhow on you audio quality! All it needs is USB port as power supply.

Price: 6.25$
Shipping time: 11 days
Rating: 9,5 / 10

2. “Real” 64GB microsd
I was almost sure it won’t be real 64GB sdcard, but I wanted to try (why not, if I can always get refund is something is not as described). And yes, it wasn’t a 64GB one – just looped 8GB card. But at least, after refund, I have 8GB card for free 😉

Price: 0$ (refunded 13.50$)
Shipping time: 16 days
Rating: 0/10 (as 64GB card) / 6/10 (as 8GB card)

3. Thunderbolt -> VGA adapter
Sometimes I need to connect my notebook to TV or projector, but “somehow” every don’t have built-in Thunderbolt/DisplayPort (ironic “Why?”). Don’t worry, my dear user, Apple have adapter for you. For only 50-60$. But it’s all white! So sweet!
No way. 5 minutes on our favourite chinese site and guess what? I have my adapter. For 6$. And it’s also white 😉 And solid as hell.

Price: 6.40$
Shipping time: 6 days
Rating: 10/10

More in next part. Maybe later today or tomorrow 😉