This tutorial were made especially for TWRP recovery. If you use different one (like CWM), options might be called a bit different and be in different places.

If you want to install Google Apps (Play Store, Gmail etc.):

  1. Get Google apps for your ROM from our download page and copy it to main directory of your internal storage.
  2. Shutdown your phone.
  3. Use VOL+ & HOME & POWER buttons combo to boot into recovery.
  4. Go to Mount and tick field next to /system. Go back to main menu.
  5. When recovery will boot, go to Install, select downloaded package with Google Apps and then use slider on the bottom to let process begin.
  6. When installation will finish, use Reboot to system option to boot your phone.

Author: NovaFusion

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  • What’s the difference between the versions you are offering? (full, mini, micro)

  • pedro igor says:

    When will you do a tutorial on how to install the rom the “galaxy s advance,” because I believe that besides min, other people also have problems with the installation, please.

  • Eduardo says:

    I’m having problems after downloading the latest version, I’m getting consistent, Google Keyboard has stopped working messages.

  • GregGarcia says:

    What if i wanna update? I just flash it over the gold ones?

  • zero_blackout says:

    Do i need to instal GApps in an update?

  • Graziano says:

    i have some problem to install gapps 4.4.3 and 4.4.4. Message errore: insufficient memory.

  • Helmut Jarausch says:

    Hi, I’m new to the busyness. I have successfully installed Carbon-4.4.2 some weeks ago.
    Would anybody please be so kind to point me to some upgrade procedure to 4.4.4 without having
    to reinstall too much?
    Many thanks,

  • thoriq1993 says:

    my phone can’t install gapps 4.4.3..(galaxy s advance)

  • Jo says:

    I notice two diffences between this tutorial and the tutorial you link to at the downloadpage.
    (1) Is step 4 necessary? What does this mean? Any loss of data?
    (2) I thought after installing Gapps it’s always necessary to wipe dalvik & cache. Am I wrong?

  • ahmed says:

    i already have the 4.4.2 version from the maclaw website. if i flash this wil i lose data?
    does it have any bugs?
    is the wifi issue thr in this release as well

  • maik says:

    i am not able to come in the recovery mode. tried everything. other way to install gapps”

  • Dr Boggis says:

    I have installed 4.3.1 on my S3 mini, and it is working fine, but I didn’t include the google apps at the time and now I can’t get the Play store to open. I have tried installing the latest apk (5.1.11) and an older one (5.0.38), but when I open it, the app opens and then instantly closes – no error messages.

    The downloads page on novafusion opens a thread on xda and I can’t find the gapps relevant to the rom I installed (CM10.2, 20141021). Any suggestions?

  • After installing the gapps. Can I remove these files and folders?

  • Skylife says:

    Hey, i have alot of problems. After i install this rom, everything started going wrong, ive been using cyanogen mod for awhile and decided to give this a try. After i install this rom, everything started crashing, ive installed gapps before but its not working anymore, and i try to go into boot recovery but after the s3mini logo comes up the screen is blank. So basically i cant do anything now, the bluetooth doesnt work so i cant transfer apps, the browser doesnt work so i cant download apks, play store doesnt work. NOTHING WORKS, SO HOW CAN I FLASH BACK TO CYANOGEN MOD???

  • Jay Patel says:

    I using Samsung galaxy s3 mini.
    My phone is not updated…
    I downloaded novafusion. but not supporting. And error verification failed. ..
    So give solutions please reply me fast on my email

  • NeighbourSam says:


    the GApps download link doesn’t work anymore. Got a mirror?


  • HesH says:

    Apps download link is not working….

  • tom says:

    The download page for google apps is empty…

  • Senastian says:

    12.1 is running very well on my s3mini; but i am not able to find matching GAPPS for 5.1 (minimal is ok for me) any suggestion with a link?
    Download in novafusion download area will no longer work.

  • 1caves says:

    Try this Link below for Gapps. Look for the correct CyanogenMod you have on your device.

  • Gonçalo Forte says:

    Google Apps download link takes me to a closed thread

  • Hild says:

    Is somewhere a full list o Google apps in each zip? I hale downloaded and install a standard but docs, sheeds, movies, fit, books are useless for me. Can I remove it without new imstalation of the Rom?

  • Jade says:

    What file should I install I cant find any after opening the folder I downloaded

  • Is there any way to install gapps without recovery mode?

  • Hannes W. says:

    How can I get root of the cyanogenmod 5.1.1 version for s3 mini? Just flash supersu app or how can I do that?

  • Haythem Waderni says:

    I just Installed this Rom and it looks So Great
    No lags so far (y)

  • Julio Fuentes says:

    So I successfully installed the Cyanogen mod 12.1 on my S3 Mini, but when I downloaded the corresponding google rom I get incorrect version error messages. I tried 5.1, 5, and 4.4, all with the same effect. Can someone tell me which is the correct google apps rom for the 12.1 mod? Thanks!

  • Julio Fuentes says:

    I successfully installed the latest 12.1 Cyanogen mod, but when I try to install the apps it gives me the wrong version error. I’ve tried ARM 5.1, 5, and 4.4, but none of them work. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

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