June 17th, 2012

Hi guys, there’s something you can do to help us with improving camera.

Please, sign this petition to Qualcomm, OpenMAX drivers would be really useful!

Why? We could with it run native HW video acceleration (play/record mode), HW preview and video recording in camera! Please, it’s really important!


Cheers, please, share this news everywhere, on Facebook, Google+, other forums!

We need help from everybody!



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  • khan says:

    i ll do that right now but i think people already petitioned it i think

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  • Stannieman says:

    What reason do they have to not release the drivers anyway? They make profit from the hardware, it’s not like giving us drivers make them sell less hardware, and they don’t have to give technical support for it if they don’t want to.

  • Zenplus says:

    It’s old this petition :/

  • usbzvering says:


  • 12y old gio fan says:

    It wont help… 🙁

  • cylfox says:

    I don’t know if this will help you, but I’ve signed 🙂

  • Jasur says:

    Me too ) i hope it will help u))

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  • studmix says:

    11,416 out of 15,000 ….

  • studmix says:

    in Russia is the largest forum of
    smartphones, there is thousands of
    users online, try it a topic of some help
    and they all subscribe 4pda.ru

    • Geffest says:

      Там следят за этим блогом. А чтобы весь 4pda проголосовал, должны подключиться админы. Как-то нереально.

      4pda community knows about this blog. But if you want all forum sign this, admins have to take part in it. It’s impossible.

  • Fernando Kosh says:

    Signed too.

  • fatal_error.be says:


    hope it help ya

  • marconmgn says:

    Just the petition

  • cyberpunk says:

    signed 😉

  • E.J says:


  • aDi.C says:

    signed and shared 😀

  • Kevin says:

    Done and shared by twitter and facebook.

    Sorry for my bad English, I´m Spanish and I´m studying it, bud I´ll try to speak English as well I can in every comment that I´ll Do 😉

  • studmix says:

    почему не реально? не все от админов зависет! у каждого есть свое мнение и не кто не в праве запрещать пользователям проголосовать там
    why not really? not all depend on the
    admins! everyone has an opinion and
    not those who have no right to forbid
    users to vote there

    • Macław says:


      Please, forward from me to all guys on 4pda really big thanks. Support, which I receiving from Russian’s guys is incredible, Poles aren’t believing in my like Russians 😀

    • Geffest says:

      Ну владельца Gio и Ace следят за этим блогом и уже подписали) А остальных не очень понятно как ставить в известность.

      • OJler says:

        просить всех добовлять в подпись петицию на 4пда 😉

        • studmix says:

          давайте на английском , а то не все тут понимают русский язык 😀 p.s владельцы мини тоже следят за блогом
          let us in English, and even then not all
          understand the Russian language:-D ps
          Mini owners also follow the blog

          • AntiBillOS says:

            Ru: Я понимаю Русский 🙁
            En: I undestend Russian 🙁

            P.S. I am up guys to sing this petition because it give you more (i do this just for fun betwen now i have Sony Xperia Neo V :D)

  • bieltv.3 says:

    Hey Maclaw! Thanks to give us the camera to our ace (in my case) I’ve already signed the petition you asked to sign, I think it’s a really good idea!

    And i’ve got one question? have you repaired the panoramic photo? I can’t see anywhere if you repaired and if it is, sceause me 🙂

  • Fernando says:

    Signed :)!

  • Aiduss says:


  • sumedh says:

    just sign and share to Facebook

  • saeed says:

    Done !

  • Blackshark says:

    excuse me maclaw what’s happened to GalaxyICS.com

  • rahul says:

    hey..maclaw..i have signed..it to this petition along with my 13 other android friends using arm v6..!!! (Y)…hope it will help you to make it easier..:) cheers!! you guys rock!! 🙂

  • OJler says:

    This petition is no longer relevant. First, ARM is not with it. Second, only Qualcomm can adapt drivers for armv6.
    Original post by vutaluk1995 :

    Эта петиция уже не актуальна. Во-первых, ARM здесь не причем. Во-вторых, ТОЛЬКО Qualcomm могут адаптировать дравера под ARMv6

    • Stannieman says:

      So then there is no problem, cause the petition asks qualcomm to compile the drivers for ARM6, which is one of your possibilities 😉

  • Vitalya says:

    But there was a “spam attak 🙂 ” to Qualcomm’s forum and one of moderators wrote something like that:
    “We’ve seen your feedback and we will think”

  • ICSACE says:

    Signed 🙂

  • BrotherBrick says:


    Re: Petition: Release OpenMax codecs for arm v6
    Steve L – Moderator – Location: San Diego, CA
    31 May 2012, 01:41 pm
    #16 (Top)
    Hello, we have seen your feedback on this and we are looking into the matter for any possible solutions. Thanks!

  • Ehsan says:

    Done…hope it works

  • www.mauricio says:


  • Astianax says:


  • Chris says:

    I have signed it. I hope you get the codecs!

  • Aleksey says:

    I am singing 🙂

  • studmix says:


  • Vitalya says:

    Keep signing! We’ve made 1000 signatures for a one day…

  • ANTONIO says:


  • Hong Konger says:

    signed good job maclaw

  • Signed… I belive in you, Maclaw!

  • GiVezigo says:

    can`t wait

  • Adin says:

    To join this petition…
    I signed.

  • 12y old gio fan says:

    12500 signatures… Hope Qualcomm will release it.
    Plz sign the petention.

  • juanito says:

    signed!! hope for this codecs

  • Mamajama says:

    Did you guys know that you can sign the petition as many times as you want? 😉

  • Pinho says:

    12,544 almost done.
    News from release?

  • GiVezigo says:

    let signed over and over and over and over again

    • vishal says:

      So there is no use of any more petitions and signing them is useless now ?

      • Macław says:

        Hmmm, hard to say… Probably they can’t do anything, so it’s useless… I’ll write news about it tomorrow, when I get more details 😉

      • Stannieman says:

        They say they are “thinking” about it. Did they ever say they won’t give us anything?

        • TheWhisp says:

          Let’s hope for the best.

        • vishal says:

          bro they directly said that we r complately NOT COMPATIBLE for new omx drivers for ics

          • Stannieman says:

            Well, then they are stupid.
            Just give us the sources and we’ll decide what’s compatible and what not.

            Android is based on linux, and it’s a proven fact that linux is compatible with almost every device on the planet. Even your microwave or fridge could run it if you try hard enough. So my opinion is that it’s up to the whole community to decide what is compatible rather than 1 single company.

  • 1rodrigonike says:

    Signed! I hope Beta 9 with camera soon! 😉

  • Flash_code says:

    Oh, extinguished the last hope. I relied on Qualcomm. Apparently no luck … : (
    Sorry for my english, google sucks)

  • admiralspeedy says:

    So… seeing as how they’ve said they aren’t releasing anything, will you just release beta 9 already… or post some news or something.. You just went MIA..

    • jeslinmx says:

      maclaw never said that he needed the drivers specifically for this release. he’s working on polishing up beta 9, and just saying that if the drivers are miraculously released he might merge them into beta 9.
      however, he did say to stop pestering him for release or eta. he’s not on your payroll, so stop stressing him out.

  • Geo5RS says:


  • MariusiK says:

    sad news,no support 🙁

  • Rocky says:

    Hey MACLAW galaxyics site`s download not working 🙁

  • Wayfinder says:

    About petition, from author – http://habrahabr.ru/post/146213/

    Answer from Qualcomm: Unfortunately we are not able to support video codecs for ARMv6 OMX IL libs for Qualcomm’s QDSP5 on MSM7x27. The architecture of MSM7x27 cannot support OpenMax video codecs for ARMv6 OMX IL on QDSP5 running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

  • FaridcoM says:

    Null 😉

  • I will right away grab your rss feed as I can’t to find your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me recognise so that I may subscribe. Thanks.

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