June 17th, 2012

So guys, I’m not at home and I have break from Android to tomorrow, that’s why here now no any news.

But also I want to say you today we made smooth preview, now we’ll try with bagn0r to get video recording 😉

Stay tuned!

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  • usbzvering says:

    I have a complicated question. How do I delete contacts (not hide), namely to remove.

  • galaxyace152 says:

    Enjoy your break! Good to hear about the smooth preview!

  • studmix says:

    maclaw you cool wherever you were
    not! keep it up! super! bagn0r writes
    frequently than you on twitter: D, but
    your good news

  • Rig says:

    Camera recording will have the same quality or a little better than Gingerbread?… I don’t know if is it possible… I’ve been searching on google but I haven’t found anything….

  • STARS says:

    can`t wait

  • AdmiralSpeedy says:

    So does that mean the Panorama is working also? Since it’s basically pictures combined, I would imagine it works…

  • Geffest says:

    So. Can you explain the situation. Few days ago you wrote that preview fixed, video fixed too. And what do we have now? Preview doesn’t work. Just smooth. Video doesn’t work too. Don’t understand. Explain please.

    • Macław says:

      1. We have smooth preview, it means without any lag. Ealier it was working, but really laggy.
      2. I didn’t ever write that video isn’t working. Read carefully.

      • King ACE says:

        I know you said no patches..but beta 9 will still take some time and we would really appreciate it if you could make a patch with smooth preview..Please? 🙂

        • AdmiralSpeedy says:

          I’d like that too.. he said beta 9 will be soon, but obviously not by the sounds of it.

        • Macław says:

          We’ll see, I’m thinking about it 😉

          • King ACE says:

            Oh ill be ecstatic if you do so 😀
            Please..because beta 9 may take some time due to the video and things so it would be real awesome to have a patch for working preview 🙂

  • jaffananda says:

    Looks like a few more $$ to PayPal will get the camera working better!

  • youssef says:

    Thank you for your effort! Keep it up, thank brazilian’s!

  • studmix says:

    a lot of people come here every day
    waiting for beta 9 minutes and is
    considered to this day 🙂 maclaw and do
    not forget about the mini please 😉

  • MariusiK says:

    hope beta 9 will be soon

  • Rocky says:

    Hey GALAXYICS team i love u all :* keep working u are best 😀 but when u will release BETA 9 i`m waiting all the day 😀
    aand ur site`s DOWNLOADS not working 🙁

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