June 23rd, 2012

Guys, I written about it already….

1. School in my country is finishing at 29.06, so it’s last week with school. Please, wait that week and then you can expect boost in our works.

2. Because of no video drivers from Qualcomm, we need to finish our camera app until release, so that’s why it’s delayed. And that’s why we need more free time.

3. I didn’t written about when release will be.

That’s all, just wait, please!

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  • FaridcoM says:

    That’s a good one ;), Thank you
    What about AOKP 😀

    Best Regards 🙂

    • Frankin says:

      Aokp is a build from Maclaw.. It’s a Cm9 based rom so you can found an aokp on xda but not from maclaw

      • FaridcoM says:

        Come on guys, He talk about AOKP in the last, BTW it’s just an idea.
        AOKP is good, other builds (on XDA)has a RIL problem …etc (I’m Grateful For),but can’t be use daily as CM9 from GalaxyICS -I love it so much.

        Thanks to GalaxyICS 😉
        BTW, Where’s Sir Marcin?

    • kazoum says:

      Jeez, he’s telling us not to make pressure and you are already asking him about other projects? Relax dude! Don’t pressure Maclaw. Just support… Go Maclaw! 😀

  • AngryBird says:

    No problem, we’ll wait patiently. I really like your work!

  • bas says:

    Thanks for giving us a newsupdate every time.
    Take your time, school is more import then cm9.
    Good luck on your last week on school!

  • andrejohn says:

    everyone will wait patienly for your good work.. take the time for a good rest Maclaw… 🙂

  • Glenn says:

    You’ve already done very great work, so I will patiently wait ’till the next release. Just take your time to finish school and the finish beta 9.
    People need to learn to wait.

  • Erick says:

    Wow :D! You guys are still at school but able to make a custom ROM??

    Amazing 😀

  • Flash_code says:

    Maclaw, may be a question?
    How do you want to finish without the vidio drivers or you have your own secret achievements;)

  • OJler says:

    GO MACLAW!!! GO GALAXYICS!!! Good luck in school 😉

  • rhoadster91 says:

    Take your time, man. No pressure at all.

    The preview-less camera fix is more than enough. Most ppl do not video record on phones anyway.

    Still stunned at how u managed to get the camera working. Awesome work. Cheers!!

  • vishal says:

    Hey maclaw do u go to school ? Stange here after 17 / 18 yrs of age we goes to college and i m in last standard of school (last year for me in school)
    So u r my junior that means u r having great knowledge !!

  • Freddy says:

    maclaw, sir, apart quadcomm video codec drivers… video acceleration and so on… is it possible to solve partly this problem related to facebook\gmail\standard mail app bug? i understand is not easy to solve the video accelerationn problem, but maybe you could do something about these minor bugs… can you say something about that? thx

    • Frankin says:

      It’s because of hardware acceleration … It need a lot of work because we haven’t qualcomm support for omx libraries

  • Millenium3 says:

    hello world!!
    I have a question… i just got interested about this custom roms and got to check out GalaxyICS page and all. What is the exact changelog of Nightly for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 of June 10 from March 3?? and what is the difference of Nightly from the betas that Maclaw is developing? sorry i am new to these custom roms and all…
    BTW nice work Maclaw!! hope everything goes well

  • Idmen says:

    Yeah, Samsung company has a lot of programmers but they can’t do this work (very hard). Maclaw respect u and ur team))) we will wait patient))

  • MariusiK says:

    mini will never get a working camera and hw acceleration,right ?:(

  • heuay says:

    may the odds be ever in your favor

  • rahul says:

    hope to have beta 9 soon..!!! cheers galaxyics team…and special thanks to maclaw…for keeping us updated.. (Y)

  • Patryk P. says:

    Cześć, znalazłem twój projekt andka 4.0 i chce go zainstalowac na galaxy ace, czy wszystko w nim dziala typu kamera itp? miło by niezmiernie było gdybyś mi oidpowiedział na maila [email protected]

  • maniacse says:

    Thanks for Your work. Good luck with school..! Cheers from Slovakia.. 🙂

  • ykslagor says:

    Well.. Maclaw we exactly know how last two weeks of school in Poland are looks like, it is not good explain why its going so long 😉

  • stety says:

    Maclaw using Linux?

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  • username says:

    Wow, great to see that camera is being worked on! Will upgrade to this for sure when it comes out 😀 Go guys!

  • Johnny says:

    Did the microphone work on beta 9?

  • It’s a nice post.

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