July 10th, 2012

1. Gio camera update is corrupted. Please wait, in the evening will be new update.
2. We know camera is buggy, wait, that’s why we’re planning everyday update of them…. We can’t make in stable in one day…

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  • rachel says:

    Keep gioing!!

  • bjoern says:

    Don’t worry about the Gio update. You did a great job with beta9 we can wait for the camera update 🙂

  • Egor says:

    Any normal person understands how much hard work you have done. Any normal person understands that there are bugs. The rest – it is ungrateful stupid idiots. They do not need to pay attention, I think.

  • dark'em says:

    it’s perfectly fine Maclow! Take the time you need, we as long time fans know that you reach for perfection so we know you always work hurd

  • vuhieu says:

    1 Q: what about AOSP ?camera will work on first alpha?

  • yzkz900 says:

    thanks maclaw

  • Marius Adrian says:

    Great work with beta9, for the camera, we can wait, Thanks a million. Cheers from Czech Republic

  • HungNHD says:


  • Alex says:

    No problem but we will autofocus too?like on Ace

  • Ahmad Syaiful Anam says:

    mini will hopefully feel the same as Gio

    Sory bad english

  • Roman91 says:

    great news!!
    You are the best!!

  • Franco Silveri says:

    your are doing a graet job.

    Stupid people speaks, intelligent people listen, the wise are silent…

  • Chris says:


  • cancrena says:

    as a newcomer in the galaxyICS planet, i’d like to thank you and every other developer in your team. you did an awesome work and you deserve respect whether you decide to stop or continue developing.

    kudos from italy 😉

  • nizar nasani says:

    plz flash light app doesnt work on ace…………

    and you said that its work

    what is the problem??

  • Vipe says:

    If you install apk from file manager- camera is working!
    Sry fot bad English.

  • francisco says:

    hey guys, great job, but yhe compass is inverse xD

  • mik90 says:

    u can’t

  • tanveer hossain says:

    camscanner app can not show camera preview. plz maclaw plz fix it…

  • xdan says:

    hi maclaw! good work! but with these beta the Jelly Bean UI doesn’t work!:( Can you make it for beta9? 😀

  • xdan says:

    hi maclaw! good work! but with these beta the Jelly Bean UI doesn’t work! Can you make it for beta9? 🙂

  • Marius Adrian says:

    just a simple question, will this update contain also the option to add the gps location? keep-up the great work !!!

  • RevHacker says:

    Why downloads for mini and fit are not available ?

    • dark'em says:

      case Maclow will buy the mini on the 25th and he is working on AOSP and cm9 so he had to started with Ace and Gio case from what I hurd they are wery similar phones (there like brothers:D ) and if he perfects one then it’s easyar to perfect the other…but don’t worry cm9 will be available for mini and fit

  • ADI1989 says:

    awesome ROM, just keep your good work.
    ignore all that stupid people

  • andrei57(rus) says:

    I don’t speak in English, but xda is greatest.
    Good job, Thank You!

  • Alex says:

    Hey bro, some people said that autofocus doesn’t work on Ace. Is it true? Sorry i can’t test it myself. Thanks in advance 😉

  • Chris says:

    I’m not sure where the photos I take are going. Are they going in a different folder from the DCIM folder?

  • jav says:

    Again, thanks a lot for your hard work.

  • Deepanshu says:

    Hey dude i appreciate your work a lot but the only thing that bugs me is that once you take a picture in CM9 beta 9 you gotta reboot your phone or media scan again for the photo to view in the gallery is their any fix for it or is it a bug which will be fixed in beta 10 thanks and keep up the hard work

  • nismo says:

    the update for gio is working, you have to:
    flash the .zip
    unpack the camera.apk from the zip and install it.

    and will work.

    • dark'em says:

      in my phone this trik only works untill I reboot then I have to install the camera.apk all over again…it doesen’tbother me case I know it’s just a beta cm9 right now

  • dark'em says:

    any news on the camera update?

  • Rocky says:

    When will be new update for gio? 🙂

  • remco says:

    if you extract the patch and installvas normal apk it works fine

  • AMS says:

    Blog title says “MacławStudios – Jelly Bean on Ace/Gio”?

    I am excited 😀

  • Rocky says:

    maclaw at tittle writened Jelly Bean and that`s i thought u will develope jelly bean too?

    • Rocky says:

      i have no twitter and here will answer on question “what do you think about JB on Ace/Gio ;-)?”

      it will be greaaaaaaaat 🙂

      good luck

  • Jonny says:

    JB on ACE – i will love this device so much :-BBB

  • Roman91 says:

    hey maclaw,
    When i flashed the new beta camera was working, but after the update gio.zip (flashed via recovery) it’s no more working. I tried to install only the apk file, but the version is always 1.0 and i can’t do it. any ideas?

    • Gustav says:

      Just as remco said: unzip the file and install as a regular apk. It works!

      Maclaw, Marcin et al: huge thanks for your work! Beta 9 is far better, and the battery life has really been improved. =)

  • Daniël says:

    thnx guys you are great!!

  • Daniel S says:

    Dear Maclaw,
    Apps like Flashlight use the Camera Hardware to access LED near the Camera lens and turn it on. I know that you had to develop all the needed libs to access the camera, so it will be normal that those apps can’t access the Camera Light through Legacy ways, is it possible to develop a simple LED flashlight for the phone?

    Regards and keep the good work

  • Hydragon1 says:

    I Will wait Maclaw dont worry do your best That is The only thing you can do
    I know you never let us down

    I respect you and again thx for all your very great work

  • Fahrettin says:

    Ace wifi hotspot doesn’t work. Can we hope for that? BTW good job congratulations! I installed ics for ace and it’s awesome. Camera needs some update

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