July 12th, 2012

DUDES! We did it!

First Jelly Bean port for ARMv6 device ever IS WORKING!

Stay tuned for more news!


What’s working: (will be updated, testing and fixing right now)

  • AOSP/CM10
  • RIL (full – GSM/SMS/EDGE/3G/SIGNAL etc)
  • Audio
  • Microphone (thanks for TheWhisp for his help)
  • Small speaker
  • Sensors (strange issue with proximity)
  • Project Butter (100%)
  • Full 2D/3D acceleration
  • Touchscreen
  • SD card
  • Native Android app2sd (.android_secure)
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth (really, really buggy)
  • Browser
  • Mass storage
  • Live wallpapers
  • GPS (people saying it working fast)
  • Deep sleep
  • YouTube (thanks erikcas for his help)
  • FM radio (as in CM9)
  • Headphones

What isn’t working: 

  • Camera (partially working, maybe in next release)

Beta1 – 1/2.08.2012

If you want to share that links to any other site, share link to this news please.

PS. Mirrors aren’t welcomed 😉 One from me is enough 😉

368 Responses
  • goro says:

    UR KING!!!

  • mav3rick says:

    Dude,You are amazing. Hats off!

  • First> says:


  • Hendrik Mahrt says:

    AWESOME! You are the best

  • HeavyHDx says:

    Just awesome! You guys rock, keep up the good work!

  • AMS says:

    AOSP? So exited xD

  • Jamie says:


  • goulart says:

    Very Nice Man, it is a great! Congratulations!

  • Niklas says:

    OMFG !!!!
    caint wait man youre awsome !!!

  • yogi says:

    Wow.. good news.. can’t wait to try 😀

  • Henkie says:

    This is fucking amazing 😀

  • Andre says:

    Greets !!
    You are awesome 😀

  • PePe says:

    Oh dude, I’m really impressed. Ya know, you have just released beta9 and now? Bah, Jelly Bean is working! Have you ever think about professional job? 😀 I think you have great potential.
    I’m impatiently waiting for first release of JB, hope GIO’s battery will last longer than one day 😛

  • ashraf says:

    nice!! keep it up!

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  • rhoadster91 says:

    Stunned o.O

  • p00l says:

    shocked and amazed

  • -Dart- says:

    Great news, great work! Thanx you

  • Marcin says:

    I’m happy because you like it 😉

  • pooya says:

    Jelly Bean is working!You are awesome man!

  • xdan says:


  • gsg says:

    What about camera APP for gio?

  • Delian says:

    You’re great! 🙂

    @gsg: you’re annoying….

  • Marcin says:

    Touchscreen almost fixed. Time to more screenies!

  • Rocky says:

    AWESOME guys, i like JB, hmm what about JB camera app will it work? 😀 and i hope it will much smoother then BETA 9 🙂 🙂


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  • vuhieu says:

    wow.cant believe.
    Marcin & maclaw you are my hero.
    sorry my bad english

  • hacker says:

    Where is camera app on screenshot??

  • linx says:

    wow!wow!wow! u r just crazy guys!
    good luck!

  • vuhieu says:

    marcin said :”touch-screen is not
    working”.he can’t tess.
    for now we know jb is working on Armv6(Gio/Ace…).
    everything is posible.so just wait.

  • galaxyace152 says:

    Great job!!!
    Marcin+Maclaw=Ultimate developers!! 😀

  • fanatic jb says:

    Jaja. Go go go go.

  • goulart says:

    That is Incredible! the best Man.

  • fanatic jb says:

    marcin number 1.

  • nova says:

    wow great news..ur awesome marcin and maclaw..i love JB so much but not Justin Bieber..lol

  • NqX says:

    Brawo, świetna robota. 😉 A Google now działa? Sprawdzaliscie? I co z kamerą? Są tam inne biblioteki znowu czy będzie działać?

  • Roman91 says:

    I can’t belive it. AMAZING!!!!!

  • AdmiralSpeedy says:

    Wow, Google should hire people like you…

  • 4pk says:

    that awkward moment when my ace will have JB while my friends’ SII and SIII are still on ICS. More awkward while my friends’ SI are still on GB…

    thx GalaxyICS team:D

    • Macław says:

      Galaxy… what?

      • fanatic jb says:

        jaja they are nit galaxyics bro.. they are maclawstudios:maclaw and marcin.

        Go hard brothers jelly bean its possible.and i hope that is.going to be better or ics. go maclaw and marcin and keep on project.

  • Cobra78 says:

    You Are a HERO!!!

  • RandyRKO says:

    YES YES YES !!! I ready for it

  • ANTONIO says:

    You two are simply amazing!!! I’m not demanding, nor creating presure, is only to dream with, when the first alpha will be available to normal human beings like me???

    Congrats!!! You two are genious!!

  • nils says:

    is this clean jellybean or what

  • Rivaz says:

    I respect your work and I like so much what your team doing.
    But please port that awesome rom on mini.
    It’s almost a device like Gio or Ace.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • aatif says:

    You guys made my day…..:)

  • pikachu says:

    O: fucking awesome

  • 4pk says:

    oh yea, you should change your website to galaxyJB.com xD

    • Wietse says:

      GalaxyICS doesn’t exist anymore, and galaxyics.com is dead. It’s now just MaclawStudios (Maclaw and Marcin) and this is the official website.

  • Guest says:


  • vuhieu says:

    google now work?
    sorry my bad english 🙁

  • az90 says:

    will also work on mini / fit?
    w maclaw studios:):):):):):):):):):)

  • az90 says:

    🙂 🙂

  • vishal says:

    I think Samsung devs shud learn something from u gyz 😉 :p
    Waiting for u to buy mini sir 🙂

  • BIdalos says:

    Oh fuck now AOSP JB is working…….. :facepalm:
    Amazing jobs Mac and Mar!
    Eagerly waiting for the release!
    Shut up and take my money!!!!!

  • Squall says:

    It will also be for the galaxy mini?

  • galaxyace152 says:

    Woah!!! The “Working” list is becoming bigger! 😀

  • kaktus283 says:

    I ile takie gówienko waży w tym momencie dokładnie po skompilowaniu wszystkiego w kupie?

    • Macław says:

      Malutko, AOSP jest szczuplutki. CM się roztył ;p

      • kaktus283 says:

        Właśnie przez to, że się roztył mam do niego uraz lekki, bo milion pięćset niepotrzebnych funkcji jest z których praktycznie nikt nie korzysta. Gdyby dali możliwość wyboru funkcji to była by bajka a tak to się klapa robi jak w przypadku naszych urządzeń, że pamięci ROM brakuje -.-

  • Saeed says:


  • Masterex567 says:

    AWESSOME. You Guys Truly Rock. Anyways, what happened to the Old GalaxyICS, but it doesn’t really matter. Maclaw Studios sounds nice as well. Any bugs on this rom apart from video camera?

  • skysurf says:

    What is better??? ICS9 or Jellybean ??
    Ics9 Vs jellybean ???
    You Rock !!!
    Thanks… Maclaw team … 😉

  • razor52356 says:

    A na Mini kiedy bedzie

  • SonicSax says:

    Great work! Thanks! Still waiting for realise.

  • Badman says:

    Thanks maclaw and marcin!

  • Juanka says:

    Thanks Maclaw…. from Perú

  • PePe says:

    A możecie coś powiedzieć na temat sprawności i działania JB? Lepsze to czy gorsze od cyjanowego ICSa? 🙂 Co z baterią? Kurde coś czuję, że robię się irytujący jeśli o tą baterię chodzi

    • pooya says:

      And you can say something about the efficiency and operation of JB? Better or worse than the cyano ICSA? What about the battery? Damn I feel something that I get annoying if it comes with the battery

  • Fábio Oliveira says:

    I William defenility donate 5eur for you guys when this version is out for us. You deserve it

  • BrakKontaktu says:

    Co się stało z Bagnz0r’em?
    Właściwie, to dlaczego GalaxyICS się rozpadło?

  • oom jabrix says:

    very nice brother…waitt for release…

  • I think that is among the most vital info for me. And i am happy reading your article. But want to statement on some basic things, The web site style is ideal, the articles is in point of fact nice : D. Good process, cheers

  • hacker says:

    When they get a device, they will start developing for Mini/Fit after 25th of July.

  • Isidoro says:


  • Barremans says:

    cool , top , thx for all the great stuff

  • jags says:

    hey mackaw u r genious…
    when will u relese this genious work???

  • jeslinmx says:

    You guys are totally awesome! Congratz on being the first and the fastest!

  • Maciej says:

    Dużo trzeba było zmieniać w kodzie? Dasz radę mergować ten kod ze zmianami w oryginale?

  • heuay says:


  • tioammar says:

    the moment you made yout own website, i realize that galaxyics will be no more, and the time has come LOL.

  • I had no doubts that sooner ur gonna. get jb in our hands…. I hope our ace handles project butter and jb ram and gpu requirements.

  • (Frank) says:

    without you guys we would still have been at GB!

  • afilbit says:

    Awsome work!

  • Julian says:

    Great job guys!

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  • Higgy says:

    What is todays progress?

    • kaktus283 says:

      Właśnie, moglibyście dorzucać screeny z działającymi funkcjami żeby było oko czym nacieszyć 🙂

  • Gabriel says:

    You guys are working all apps of jelly bean? browser, after calculator??

  • cdbrkr9199 says:

    Great job!!! 😀 u rock!

  • PePe says:

    Is there any major difference between ICS and JB?

  • aditya says:

    hey maclaw when it will be available for us

  • Mak says:

    Hey guys… u r damm awesome .. 🙂
    I jst wanna try ur work ..

  • goulart says:

    Dude,You are amazing. Hats off!

  • Guilherme says:

    Very good man. Thanks!

  • AceD says:

    Cant you just upload a test build?

  • STARS says:

    OMG. the list of working things is longer and longer!!!

  • Roman91 says:

    at this speed we’ll have JB in 1 week ahahaahah awesome!!!!

  • Chris says:

    That is awesome! But I won’t be able to use it until phone, SMS and mobile data is 100% working, sorry. I still need something to rely on.

  • i dont know says:

    u rock man iam just screaming like crazy man u make me happy ^____^ thanks

  • Tuncay_40 says:

    Project butter 100% :O I Love you guys you are amazing please faster i cant wait for it 😀

  • Luke says:

    What about camera for GIO? Is it working yet?

  • Robin M says:

    Good to see progress on this! You are doing an amazing job!
    I have a question though, how is the speed of JB (especially with Project Butter) compared to ICS?

  • GOREBUCKET says:

    Great another quest to wait for the camera update. But great job tho

  • twJamesC says:

    AWESOME! You Guys Are Amazing!

  • gabriel says:

    I think alpha version will be with almost everything working :p without camera.

  • gabriel says:

    stop spamming man

  • hsotnas says:

    Kudos to you guys. You guys are doing amazing work !!!

    God bless you…


  • GOREBUCKET says:

    I’m not trying to. I just forgot what to write in my first comment :3

  • dark'em says:

    O yesss, yesss, yesss: can you say new daily rom for Gio? 😀

  • kadomos says:

    It’s Amazing how fast you guys work! RESPECT!
    Keep on going.

  • le van dung says:

    I think that it is good project. Wish for your success

  • Roman91 says:

    and not working?

  • Majdy Shaltaf says:

    Awesome Witting for the download

  • bobo says:

    A development diary would be super cool to present each new dev achievement by posting short youtube videos that show the newly working features 🙂

    Other than that, wish you good luck! Fingers crossed to get the latest Android on our Galaxy Ace!

  • pooya says:

    What is “Project Butter”?

    As part of its unveiling of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, Google has unveiled Project Butter, a major effort to squash Android’s frequent problems with device lag, as well as Systrace to help diagnose performance. Project Butter lets the CPU and graphics run in parallel, rather than crash into each other, and has a big impact on both real and perceived speed: the entire interface runs at 60 frames per second on sufficiently fast hardware. Graphics are now triple-buffered to keep scrolling and transitions humming along, and the processor will swing into full gear the moment you touch the screen to keep input lag to a minimum. Systrace, in the meantime, will help developers stamp out what performance hiccups remain. The tracing tool will be a part of the Jelly Bean SDK, so every coder can get an app running in tip-top shape.

  • Taracair says:

    Z kamerą/aparatem też będziecie się tyle męczyć, czy da rade zrobić copypaste z ICSa?

    • Macław says:

      Nie zapowiada się dużo roboty.

      • Taracair says:

        Genialnie. Po prostu genialnie.
        Jeżeli potrzebujesz jakiegoś grafika możesz się do mnie odezwać na maila. Mogę Ci zrobić jakieś loga/bannery/tapetę promującą/cokolwiek.

        Mam jeszcze pytanie. To będzie pewnie AOSP, czy planujecie wdrożyć w to CMa?

  • Jyrx says:

    That is super awesome job guys! Keep up the good work! Hope to see a release soon, but take your time 😉 Superb!

  • Hans E says:

    Hope JB for Gio will be working fine. Goood luck on your progress !!

  • Dylan says:

    Will the jelly bean update have Google now?

  • Darius ! says:

    hey CM 9 and AOSP JB will work at GALAXY ACE +?

  • mak says:

    u guys are my fav people in the world
    ima go crazy the day i run jb kn my ace
    thanks a lot xD

  • Supreeth says:

    @Maclaw, when u say 2d/3d acceleration, does it mean the videos play very smoothly??
    because as far as i understood, for that to happen the OpenMAX drivers are required right??

  • Masterex567 says:

    OMG! Project Butter, working on a armv6 device!! That is total news. You guys are just great. I was gonna buy a sony ericsson live with walkman. I know it has better specs and has the same price range, but seeing the community and the devs the ace has. I’m not shifting for now.

  • NqX says:

    Sporo rzeczy już działa. Mówisz, że nie zanosi się na dużo roboty. Macie już zaplanowana datę wypuszczenia pierwszej alfy czy bety? To prawda, że asystent glosowy nie będzie działał?
    Jak tam z pamięcią RAM? W sensie czy będzie więcej wolnego niż w cm9? Idzie odczuć różnicę w działaniu porównując cm 9?

  • OJler says:

    Guys, you a HERO!!! :p thx MACLAWSTUDIO!

  • Vaibhav says:

    surely hats off…

  • Yatin says:

    You are amazing people…
    Thanks a lot….
    Sorry take your time but
    Please be quick beacuse we still waiting for full ics working and now you working on jb so we are now waiting for full jb working on our ace.
    Again thanks a lot….

  • 12y old gio fan says:

    sorry is just working for AOSP…
    dont try to download it

  • Dylan says:

    Will you be porting Chrome beta with the jelly bean update

  • biswatmak says:

    So is the camera app coming for JB anytime soon??? And how is battery life in JB???

    • Ella says:

      Man, calm down. It’s only their first build and they’re still trying to get all the basic things working. I’m sure they’ll just port the ics camera and it will be fine. Maclaw always finds a way.

  • ansh says:

    hey maclawstudios team…
    you guys are awesome…salute
    i am eagerly waiting for jb
    i have one question…will you guys be getting voice search and voice typing to work or are they jb kernel integrated ?
    thanx in advance for our first jb release 😛

  • Voltage says:

    Hello. Thank you Maclaw, and Marcin. From Australia.
    Great work. Good luck.

  • sumedh says:

    where i can download beta9 cm 9 latest version

  • biswatmak says:

    Hey Maclaw Any new updates coming up ???????

  • PAROVOZ! says:

    Sorry for stupid question, but what about date of release?

  • danfen says:

    i’ve been waiting the whole time on this rom 🙂

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  • Nam says:

    Great job, man. I love you so much

  • ywor says:

    Tell please and there is no such possibility to build in a kernel USB HOST support for early thanks

  • a says:

    Maclaw, how can i contact you? i found camera on Galaxy Mini, now i need someone to help me to fix it

  • oom jabrix says:

    camera work or not brother?

  • AceD says:

    Maclaw any updates, I am wanting to donate but not if you take this long, youve been saying “we’ve got it working!” “first armv6 jelly bean port!”. But why dont you share it then?

    • dark'em says:

      well do you prefere that he relices a unfinished rom, or o you want him to take longer and make it stable? You can’t have both and after all good things come to thase who wait!!!

      • AceD says:

        No, sorry but your wrong, so your saying everything he has released is stable, CM9 is an unfinished rom and he has released it, I dont know what world your in, make sense please.

        • dark'em says:

          cm9 it’s a beta, so yes you’re4 right it’s not stable but now it’s early to relice AOSP case eaven if everithing seames to work it has to be tested, I’m not a modder but I imagine that all things have to work together, for example: let’s say they fix camera but once they do it the galerry doesent read the new taken photos and so a new problen appears and we have no way of knowing this things and we just bitch about the relice date! P.S: the galerry and camera thing is just a example

  • djmuted says:

    No to teraz galaxyjb.com 😀

  • shanychowdri says:

    Thanks Maclaw for ur efforts..
    N guys please b patient… it will b released when its ready… 😉

  • vietputin says:

    i love you ;))

  • Erok says:

    Hi maclaw, you can use real player and delete :gallery, music and video…
    3 app in 1 🙂

  • Hydragon1 says:

    Maclaw do you have Facebook i dont have Twitter so i want to follow you on Facebook if you have got it i hope So

    Do your best Maclaw that is the only thing you can do I’ll Respect you, your crew and your work Keep Up The Very Very Great Work

    P.S Sorry for my bad English

  • pLurchi says:

    Nice work guys

  • Hugo Silva says:

    Man i guess we (users) need news men :s give us some news here on maclaw.pl or in xda , please, thanks

  • Anonymous says:

    When I first bought my Ace, i thought i bought the wrong phone..Then i headed over to XDA. Getting bored of the stock samsung. Rooted and headed over to CM9, on which i was greatly impressed. My friends have different and better phones but they always end up jealous when i show them the features of CM9. Plus Jelly Bean hasn’t arrived for most high end devices yet. Making it work on armv6, leaves samsung pity why they didn’t try it in the first place.

  • michal19900 says:

    Chłopaki, bardzo szanuję waszą pracę oraz rozumiem, iż macie swoje osobiste życie, jednak byłoby wspaniale gdybyście poszerzyli zakres rzeczy, które już działają jeśli takowy postęp nastąpił. Rozumiem, to, że ludzie będą narzekać, ale z drugiej strony jakoś by się to wszystko trochę unormowało 😛 Mam nadzieję, że weźmiecie pod uwagę to co napisałem oraz życzę dalszych, tak efektownych postępów w pracy nad JB 🙂 Pozdro.

  • gurumutant says:

    Thanks to Maclaw, faith in humanity is restored. 🙂 I wish I could donate to this project, but we have so many limitations on our banking system 🙁

  • rhoadster91 says:

    What exactly is this issue you are having with the RIL??

  • gabriel says:

    Maclaw have said on his twitter Samsung RIL is not compatible with jelly bean so he said he need to write a new RIL liKe Camera HAL

  • […] player, UI , Widget. Right now, there are no bugs on this ROM and Maclaw will be upgrading it to CM10 Android Jelly Bean. He has already created the Jelly Bean ROM and its working on Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Gio. He will be […]

  • […] player, UI , Widget. Right now, there are no bugs on this ROM and Maclaw will be upgrading it to CM10 Android Jelly Bean. He has already created the Jelly Bean ROM and its working on Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Gio. He will be […]

  • Masterex567 says:

    And, this comment of mine, makes it 200 comments!


    Great Job anywayz…..

  • biswatmak says:

    So camera is not yet fixed right???? You have done a great job, but really expected a good camera!!! anyway thanks…

  • ali says:

    good news.
    but still galaxy fit users should wait.
    where will be dl link? at galaxyics.com?

    • MrGlenneke says:

      Maclaw and Marcin started a new team named MaclawStudios, the download will be available on this site. It’s over with GalaxyICS.

  • Galaxy95 says:

    Congratulations Maclaw, marcin1147! Another step towards success. Great job. Salute from Malaysia, Sabah.

  • SGAHUN says:

    So it might come out today! Hurray!
    Great effort, thank you for your work!

  • dark'em says:

    Cant wait to try, you guys are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • […] 65 volte in 38 post Mac What’s working: (will be updated, testing and fixing right now) AOSP/CM10RIL (full – […]

  • hash says:

    Well done guys!

  • khan says:

    u r mother of android development google should recognize you lols

  • Utkarsh says:

    It’s amazing! In so much less time you’ve just provided us with Jelly Bean. Thumbs Up.

  • galaxy ace says:

    Respect from Moldova
    Respect din partea Moldovei

  • prateek says:

    and itz like almost everything working!!!!!!
    but maclaw u didn’t mention abt camera???
    and is there anything which is not working!!!! :-p

  • Bruno says:

    Can someone say to me about camera app and battery ?

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  • john says:

    what about deep sleep?

  • Cromo says:

    OMG, you’re awesome 😀

  • Bruno says:

    Guys , you deserve congratulations!

  • Hugo Silva says:

    I hope that the release be today :oo

  • 4pk says:

    CONGRATZ for making RIL work :D!!
    pssst Samsung might want to steal your work:p

    I think the release should be beta1 directly

    • dark'em says:

      you are right!!! By what the guys say that they made work AOSP’s first relice is brobably going to be more stable then cm9 😀 let’s hope they relice today and if not well tomoro is just a half a day away

  • RandyRKO says:

    I ready for it!!!please release it this evening:)you are the best guys!

  • STARS says:

    OMG list is longer and longer
    u are genius

  • prateek says:

    livewallpapers added!!!!! :))

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  • spammer says:

    gr8 job mahn…..just waitin for da prealpha

  • Graineeg says:

    wow changelog grow up very fast 😀 great work men 😉

  • phantom says:

    this should be on the first page of xda when you publish your builds. you rock guys. keep them coming

  • hsotnas says:

    eagerly awaiting for for JB for ace and cm10

  • Destiny says:

    You Rock i cant w8 to download it you’re in my beer bro 😀

  • Bruno says:

    Wouaou everybody is hurry and so rude !!
    Just take your time.
    Do your best even if it takes 1 more week ( or even more).

  • GaProgMan says:

    Great news! I can’t wait to try this out.

    One question though: does the AGPS work for Ace with this rom? A use a few apps to keep track of my running, and they all use AGPS to track my routes.

    If not, no worries. I’ll still end up using this rom anwyay.

    Great work guys

    -A developer

  • J. Bruno says:

    Oh men, you are the best. “Working list” is getting big. Terrific !

  • Munakeer says:

    If it released today i will donate you some money 🙂

  • Zenplus says:

    It is possible flash above last cm9 beta?

    • Chris says:

      I did and it seems OK, but do a backup first!!! So if you want to go back to CM9 you can easily restore. If you don’t, all the apps will be optimised for Jellybean, then unusable

  • ashraf says:

    you guys rock dude!

  • Josh says:

    when cm10 is released I’ll use it for quite long time if the build is stable enough and the camera works. until the JB is released the stable build, then i will change it 😉

  • Chris says:

    Brilliant to see that list expanding! How’s deep sleep coming along, or is it already working? ?

  • Jeffrey says:

    I’m so excited, today the release, really can’t wait. I hope the camera will be work soon. You did this so fast, good job, goodluck and hav fun! Greetings from the Netherlands!

  • Bidalos says:

    What about microphone?

  • Darkrai1012 says:

    WoW man im really impressed i can’t belive what you have done for ace/gio/mini/fit…
    1 word: AMAZING!

  • Gabriel says:

    Will be more easy make camera? or will like creating for ICS very hard?

  • Leon says:

    man you’re amazing, I am Brazilian and I am in expectation of release, so you’ll be able to donate one to cooperate with the cause.

    Big Hug

  • xenious says:

    You are awesome! Congrats from Luxembourg 😉

  • trung says:

    hope u will make camera work!!:)

  • dhalham says:

    Maclaw is HW acceleration working?

  • SUBJIGATOR says:

    I cant friggin wait!!! Arghhhhhhh!!! Need… jellybean…on…ace! U made one? WTF?

  • seppe says:

    Really hero’s! Einstein’s of the new generation!! Really thx!

  • rahul dang says:

    how much time remaing guys for this release. & yeah hats off to u guys

  • yogi says:

    We can’t wait any longer…..

  • AceD says:

    Does hardware acceleration work?

  • zivgt2 says:

    It is just amazing to see such low-end devices can get the newest update! Thanks for the hard work and hope to see a smooth and stable rom eventually.

  • goro says:

    F5 – F5 – F5 🙂 Just kidding. Take your time and do your best. Respect from Slovakia.

  • Mohammad says:

    You guys are hero.
    Wating for release…..
    Is it smoother than cm7?

    And a special thanks from all iranian gio users to you.

  • […] aspetta…solo per i device ufficiali mi sa! nn penso per il nostro piccolo next Leggi qua: Mac var randomnumber=Math.floor(Math.random()*11); if (randomnumber Rispondi […]

  • Daxt0r says:

    what’s the strange issue with proximity sensor?

  • Jerome says:

    ” Lack of Patience ” is kicking in !! can’t wait for JB

  • fisherman says:

    we are waiting for alpha 1 man !! 😀

  • RAL says:

    hi, really the time is kicking off, we are waiting for the alpha 1 to be released.

  • RandyRKO says:

    Release the krakken!!!!!Please do the release today:)))

  • tomko222 says:

    Is deep sleep working or not?

  • HungNHD says:

    Rock and roll 😀
    Waiting for the end of the day,
    And hope there is no delay,
    For the new release,
    Waiting is kind of happiness,
    But it not about me,
    I hate wating,
    So release asap,
    My brothers =))

  • Roman (Galaxy Ace) says:

    Maclaw, you do a very BIG thing and I am your fan, but pls, say: is release of JB coming today? And how much time we must wait?

  • tony stark says:

    No headphones.. 🙁 will flash it, play with it for a while n revert to ICS 😀

    Good things come to those who wait (if the devs r in a good mood).

  • Graineeg says:

    Hm JB is file larger then 1TB? so still uplouding? or you are making surprise for us? 😀

  • AceD says:

    Still uploading…..?

  • Szacun dla Cb 🙂 Co dziennie sprawdzam twoją stronę. Mam 2 pytania
    1.Jakiego języka używasz w programowaniu androida? C++ ??
    2.Skąd pobrać JB ??

  • pooya says:

    Im sure upload is at 99%:D

  • nils says:

    us a headset is you have one maybe its fix the microphone problem maybe its a temory selution

  • AceD says:

    And yet its still uploading, common Maclaw 😉 whats taking so much time xD

  • Jeffrey says:

    I don’t download it, I download the AOSP if it’s almost done, but keep up the good work! Again greetings from the Netherlands!

  • Spycrab says:

    Downloading, Maclaw you are awesome!

  • fbg says:

    hi maclaw and marcin

    first of all thank you for everything, my weak gio is reborn. i tried 4.1 and it seems awesome, its much smoother than cm9. i hope you will finish this project very soon. Cheers you all from Turkey.

  • […] z sugestia moderatora z działu ogólnego założyłem wątek o JB na Galaxy Ace S5830 Źródło MacławStudios – Jelly Bean is working! zgodnie ze specyfikacją nie działa: mikrofon słuchawki głośnik rozmów aparat radio Deep […]

  • Que gran trabajo, MaclawStudios, Marcin, Maclaw….

    Felicitaciones, me les quito el sombrero, saludos desde Bogota Colombia

  • Luix says:

    The GPS is working for me. It’s fast. News Reader works.
    Deep sleep is working too. CPU Spy say me that.
    GMail, Maps works.
    Some FC and reboot,
    interface not for mdip i think.
    Maclaw and team, good work, thanks.

  • abara says:

    its possible for you to put a link with the correct cwm to use?

    this is for the new user that never flashed. like me!

    thank anyway

  • Papa019 says:

    The Rom is awesome.
    Much smoother than CM9.
    GPS is working for me, and Deep Sleep too.

    Thank you guys for developing.

  • Nello96 says:

    sorry for obvious question but will CM9 Dev go on?

  • Darius ! says:

    Hey maclaw what`s about AOSP, will not be release?

  • DamienNg63 says:

    SuperUser doesn’t work for me.

  • DamienNg63 says:

    Anyway great work !

  • skysurf says:

    I hope soon you fix the Microphone and Small speaker because without them the phone is useless…
    Continue the excellent work! 😉
    Thank’s …

  • Help says:

    Hello? Why delete my post?

    I cant flash back to CM9. Please help!

    • Help says:

      I can still get into CWM recovery, but flashign CM9 doesnt work because it does not boot (stuck after 1sec of boot).

      Also, CWM backup is not bootable, same error.

      I can only flash back to CM10 but this is unusable rom for daily usage.

  • Chris says:

    Everything in the list is working perfectly for me, but I’ve went back to CM9 to keep using the phone.

    I’ll reflash CM10 as soon as I find out that microphone and small speaker is working. Don’t mind about FM Radio right now.

    Great work !! 🙂

  • ops says:

    thanx dud but i want to ask what about cm9 camera sorry for spam but your cm9 is completly work except the video camera sorry again and keep the good work up dud ^____^

  • unknown says:

    great work. will u make a patch or something when u fix the other stuff?

  • khan says:

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1782106 maclaw i think we got cm10 boot animation also maybe you should check this out

  • Arceso says:

    (don’t know if this is 4 all but i post it…)
    I have solved the FC of all music players by replacing the music libs (u can try some beats ones)not resolve the headphones or small speaker, but is an improve.
    Fast like hell and a low battery drain, i keep shocked that it’s just the first release!!

  • Matt26 says:

    Świetna robota chłopaki jak na pierwszą wersje działa znakomicie ale mam jedno prośbę nie dawajcie już wiecej tej aplikacji Apollo bo jest brzydka i psuje caly efekt i jak możecie dajcie jakiś menadżer plików 😉

  • erick says:

    Hey Maclaw, I’m inspired by your work and decided to study how to make a custom ROM 😀

    Can you give a few pointers for novices like me :D?

    Thanks a lot 😀

    • rasa.kh says:

      making a custom rom is so easy you just need Winzip , some apps , a little knowledge of scripting and its done. but what they do is not making a custom rom . They make Roms from source codes that is hard and as I know it needs linux operating system

    • jeslinmx says:

      Search up the xda forums. There are plenty of guides there to get you started.

  • […] only on a pre-release status. Very early build and not usable as a daily driver yet. Head on over here to see what’s working and what’s not. Download links can also be found if you want to […]

  • alal89 says:

    Hey! It’s great that you do this, but should you end CM9 before this?

  • spammer says:

    best rom ever!
    will be my daily rom if headphones and microphone work !!@!!
    but still gr8 work

  • mustafa says:

    cm9 When will the beta 10

  • jonaathan says:

    i love you bro!!

  • khan says:

    hey maclaw what about the launcher’s widgets overlapping,,,,thanks man u r really great just two non working things in alpha2 itself ..u really are the best…reply me if u can

  • crazyhero says:

    Native Android app2sd (.android_secure)
    means not working link2sd or anothers?

  • Lucas says:

    Niiiceee !!! 😉 =D

  • Łukasz says:

    Great new’s! Waiting for Alpha2, but what about AOSP JB?

    PS. THANKS FOR YOUR HARD WORK Marcin, Maclaw and all guys who help you.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • Hydragon1 says:

    Maclaw can you fix Super user when i select remember if titanium backup ask for root rights super user dont remember that

  • Vincenzomex says:

    Is Link2SD working on SGA?

  • KmingD says:

    Jelly bean have file manager??Hmmm
    Sry for my bad english

  • RAelag FarFellon says:

    Wow, fucking
    amazing…. 😀

  • RandyRKO says:

    Maclaw Are you going to release Alpha 2 today??And thank you for the CM9 beta 10 .you are awesome

    • Munakeer says:

      +1 please maclaw do it today :)))

      • RAelag FarFellon says:

        +9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 please

  • RAelag FarFellon says:

    So, no ETA but can you release today or tomorrow because i’m going to holidays =D

  • Bidalos says:

    And today is the day!!!!!!! My Ace is already cleaned and prepared for a flash!! CM10 gogogo!
    Question: Link2sd working though?

  • dhfaouzi says:


    microphone does not work !!!

  • biswatmak says:

    Can anyone confirm this that Deep Sleep in JB works when even after Charging you do not reboot your phone ????

  • winxuser says:

    good work team for getting camera partialy working,, did you do the same thing you did with cm9?

  • Mohamadreza says:

    Well U know why it’s working ? why it’s first ?
    i tell u . cuz u awesome man .
    u and marcin 😉
    I’m goin 2 install CM9 Beta 10 . it seems rom got stable enough for my use 😉

  • remo says:


    thank you for your wonderful contribution and dedication.May god bless u…

  • RandyRKO says:

    PLS release it today!:))you are the best

  • Henkone says:

    will cm10 alpha 2 released in the first day of august at 00:01?

  • Jeffrey says:

    Will the AOSP also be released tomorrow or only CM?

  • cdvr says:

    Something I don’t understand. Beta1 – 1.08.2012??? were you wrong or is it? cause in download page there is not Beta 1, there is Apha 1. Or haven’t you updated the links???

    • winxuser says:

      nothing has been updated yet, do u really expect maclaw to stay up to midnight to release a new version,,, sheesh, they do need sleep too,,

  • AdmiralSpeedy says:

    Ok, I have a few questions.

    My first question is about YouTube. Earlier in the list of working Jelly Bean stuff, you had “YouTube (Even HQ)” and “Video Playback” in there, does that mean YT HQ will work on the next JB release? If so, why can’t you also apply that fix to CM9 since JB and ICS are fairly similar.

    My next question is about the camera. Why can’t you just include the camera app you guys wrote for CM9 in JB? It should work since it just uses libs that you guys wrote…

  • AdmiralSpeedy says:

    Oh, I also meant to ask about Google Now. It isn’t on your “Not Working” list, but it doesn’t work. I tried opening from the icon and the Google search bar, and the first few times it Force Closed, and then once it opened and began setting up and showed me a tutorial but crashed right after and wouldn’t open again.

  • ahzrukhal says:

    Is wiping /data ne1cessary?

  • Hydragon1 says:

    will the touchscreen be full fixed in beta 1?

  • Sanbir says:

    Dude you are the best! I love your roms for the Ace, I’m actually using CM9 Beta 10 as a daily driver. Everything’s pretty nice overlooking the camera app, which I barely even use. So thanks! And keep up the good work! 🙂

  • dark'em says:

    ZMaclow does it again, he will relice beta1 for JellyBean and if we look at the specifications we find it will be more stable then cm9, and if with the beta2 he will fix the camera, there you go, we will have our best daily rom

    • Sanbir says:

      I hope he does that man! Then that will be the best daily driver for the Ace!

      • dark'em says:

        I’ve got a Gio but the sentiment is exactly the same for me…I meam look at what he’s acomplished, the changalong for beta2 JellyBean makes it eaven better than the ics based cm9, at the fast rate he is fixing the issues of cm10 he will surley be able to finish it before cm9. And let’s face it we all love ICS and JB but if both android sistems will be stable JB is the one to choose case it’s newast of the two. P.S: Thank you Mac!

  • Gilberto says:

    Waiting beta 1, the CM9 beta 10 is great…

  • RandyRKO says:

    Maclaw please answer it are you going to release today? I waiting for it and i think not just me waiting for it,please release it today

  • osman says:

    can this rom be used on the htc wildfire s

  • PAROVOZ! says:

    Plz fix Proximity, everything is cool!(exept bluetooth)
    Good luck!

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