July 30th, 2012

Beta10 is out!

You can download it from here:


  • fixed photo naming
  • fixed adding photos to gallery
  • smooth preview – now we can think about video recording
  • autofocus on gio&ace
  • universal binary – works both on ace and gio
  • better stabillity
  • hard-coded strings are now in xml

Other changes:

  • new CM9 bootanim
  • brand new device sources
  • better stability
  • smoother
  • quick responses – you don’t have to wait a few seconds until it’ll do what you want any longer 😉

If you want to share that links to any other site, share link to this page please.

PS. Mirrors aren’t welcomed 😉 One from me is enough 😉

105 Responses
  • Ehsan says:

    You are the man….Great Job


  • Rockz says:

    Yes finally beta 10xD Thanks!

  • ThaiICS says:

    no download links anymore??

  • Mitchell says:

    I love CM9, it really puts you on the bleeding edge, and it’s always getting better and better. Thank you Maclaw and team for bringing us these great projects.

  • crazyhero says:

    Ty boy. great job. Now waiting the final serie 😀

  • Maclaw, I clicking to the link, but nothing.
    The server is down?

  • Yeah, perfect vacations

  • f4t4l_err0r_be says:

    great release ty for the hard whork from belgium

  • Stuck on Wi-Fi Screen. Please suggest.

  • Nessie says:

    “just installed works great”

  • HOMO says:

    Sorry for noob question!Is factory reset (CM9->10) recommended?

  • MekaDragon says:

    Awesome work. From beta9 to beta10 surely there are differences. It’s way more smooth and “solid”, it loads everything faster.

    But camera is waaaay from perfect!

    Keep up the good work, guys. This is going (It is already, lol) to be my ROM for the rest of the life of my Ace!

  • tomko222 says:

    Thx for new release 🙂 Its better and faster then beta 9 but problems with deep sleep are still present… Need to reboot after every use of camera and after charging to make deep sleep working again…

  • Hello! I think this one is the best release ever and could go to RC. But please tell me where I am stuck? I am unable to connect to WiFi. Just to test that my phone is ok, i also installed the previous version but to no avail. :(.

  • crazyhero says:

    well no google map in rom ? and didnt feel that camera has autofocus :S

  • p00l says:

    fast, very fast. But autofocus is not working. It has been stated twice (in an update of camera in beta 8 i think, and now again). Is it just my device, or is anyone facing the same problem??

  • Brandon says:

    Still give me a black(backlit) screen forever 🙁
    Please help, Ive had Cm7.2 working forever but this one wont give me anything. I would appreciate it very much.

    • Gustav says:

      Give it a while (over one minute) to boot up. The first boot takes a really long time.

      It happened to me. I was banging my head against the wall for bricking my phone, when I just had to wait a bit longer.

  • Millenium3 says:

    deep sleep issue with camera app fixed?

  • Brandon says:

    Got it finally! disregard my last comment, love it. good work!

  • Andrey says:

    three releases ago, you promised to fix a bug with reboot your smartphone while watching the video. Please Correct finally

  • Rob says:

    How do i use the FMRADIO on cm9 beta 10? i don´t find the app.
    Thanks for the beta , awesome work Maclaw.

  • Crashpf says:

    One question, the camera is fully operational? It is as good as the camera of CM 7.2

    Thanks for your work

    • Brandon says:

      From what I saw, It was just a preview screen with a single capture button and nothing else. There were no options of any kind that I saw either. However it works and it seems stable.

  • rasa.kh says:

    Hi maclaw. Thanks for the update. But will the camera hardware work with other apps like Cymera or not? And something your website comments are not working in mobile mode

  • Crashpf says:

    I see that is a very stable rom. It doesn’t work apart from video recording?


  • Ezequiel Tejerina says:

    Excellent job! i´d like to know if there´s a way to connect de camera with other apps such as Barcode Scanner. Thanks!

  • dark'em says:

    wow! dude I love it!

  • mechnician says:

    Maclaw my compliment from the Netherlands
    however you can get far more yield
    if you implement your work with the users
    contact me if you want more info
    smokin greets ____–‘

  • mechnician says:

    for video on my ace mx player works nice

  • mechnician says:

    youtube app works fine too so dont know why people say that it didnt work
    love my ace thankx maclaw almost forgot

  • dhfaouzi says:

    great job Maclaw. does the microphone work ?


  • TransilvanianHunger says:

    i just installed but i forgot to wipe. it still installed correctly and kept my apps, does this matter or should should i wipe then install again.

  • Diproof says:

    Wow! Great news! Thx for new beta, waiting for complete installation.
    PS Maclaw very recomend to u New Batman for ios or android. Its awesone game for mobile devices))

  • Brandon says:

    Voice search a nay for me too

  • Ahsan says:

    Overall its was good work. Only GPS didn’t work.

  • rusart says:

    Bug found. A2DP doesn’t working. Connecting, but player sound goes through speaker. In Beta9 it works.

  • heuay says:

    thanks for CM9 and CM10 for my old phone guys!
    but I thought you were working AOSP for ICS and JB?

  • biswatmak says:

    I am having this problem

    1) I flashed the ROM, didn’t charge and the phone went to deep sleep (saw using CPU SPY) with 81% battery.
    2) Woke up the phone couple of hours later (still on 81%) took a picture, battery jumps to 75%.
    3) Took another picture, Battery down to 73%.
    4) Phone became hot….in 2 minutes 71%………and couple of minutes later to 61%.(Phone using lowest frequency, not deep sleep).

    I am using 122Mhz to 787Mhz,Conservative Governor.

  • jorge says:

    problem with Facebook synchronize contacts
    and problem with root app2sd

  • aderenlim says:

    My wifi still showing “Tuning on wifi”…

  • deni says:

    thanks Maclaw, i love this ROM, but why i can’t take any app in playstore, always say error 403.please help me 🙂

  • dfreaker says:

    IS HQ youtube video working??

  • cancrena says:

    this is truly awesome 🙂
    thanks a lot to everybody working on this ROM!
    i have just one little question: is it just me or wifi tethering through hotspot is not working?
    it keeps saying “turning wifi on” but anything happens. not a big problem, really, as it seems USB tethering is working, but just wondering 🙂

  • Jonas says:

    Why did you remove the Google Mail App?

    P.S.: still waiting for reply to join your team…

  • Danilo says:

    GPS still not working on Beta 10.


  • Vincenzomex says:

    This Rom with Adrenaline Engine is f****** fast!

  • le van dung says:

    Hi guys, I like cm9, but how to delete sync pictures in galery

    • engr says:

      happens to me too. I fix it by clearing the data of Gallery.apk in Apps in System Settings, after clearing, unmount and remount SD Card and bang! synced photos are gone!

  • engr says:


    hey guys! how can u improve the video playback?
    i tried the 2D acceleration or hardware rendering but still choppy video playback (video size is the regular 320×480) and also tried other video players but still lags..


  • Manzoor says:

    Maclaw has forgotten to mention this, Improved battery life in beta10 🙂 I can clearly identify it 🙂

  • Enrique says:

    Thank you very much for your ROM

    I found the following:

    Listening to music every time there is a X milliseconds microcut in reproduction

    Using WiFi, the terminal is very hot

    The battery lasts a very short

    A greeting and thank you very much!

  • Tadeusz says:

    A ja nadal mam problem z nazwami zdjęć z aparatu. Dziś wykonane zdjęcie miało nazwę: IMG_20123106_154135, a powinno (jak sądzę): IMG_20120731_154135

  • Edu says:

    Thanks, dudes!!! \o/ Excellent work.

  • Flash_code says:

    That’s what I found – http://www.khronos.org/registry/omxil/
    Can it be useful to you?

  • Gustav says:

    For those having battery issues: It usually takes too little time to get to 100% charge (around 30 min-1 hr)… so I decided to leave it connected for some more time, and it does significantly longer.

  • Dimas says:

    sorry, actually i just download alpha 1, not the beta 10 LOL :p
    keep up the good work on JB broo

  • Dave says:

    Hello Maclaw!
    First I want to say GR8 work!! Best Rom I ever flashed! But I have one request maybe you can make an option to enable/disable Navigationbar (on-screen buttons)?

  • Erick2511 says:

    Great beta 10 cheers maclaw and marcin…..just one thing my friends the usb tethering and wifi tethering are not working properly… great improvement and the menus are smoother than beta 9….
    grettings from costa rica
    Sent from my ace ICS beta 10

  • swaroop says:

    do we get a stable version or this is final???

  • devezzfil says:

    thanks for awesome job.

    i just cant wait for the stable version. XD

  • Ali says:

    Beta 10 is the Best ROM I installed on my phone….. Many many thanks

    Greetings from Pakistan…

  • DaBalnce says:

    Hey Maclaw. The beta 10 works GREAT! Faster then beta 9, but, in the first day, it had slightly more force closes. I was using the interwebs heavily though 😛 The 1 major/minor problem I have with Cm9 beta 9/10 (only tried these 2) is that when I use apps like ‘Runkeeper’ & ‘Nike+’ it doesn’t start the run. It just force closes. When I use Runstar, the run works fine, but the map function does not work, and neither do the audio cues (which are on all the apps peviously mentioned. However, when I downloaded Runstar free, everything worked fine, but there is no auido cue on this version. I’m not quite sure what the problem could be, I’m no were near as good as you. This is still a beta though, so problems are expected, I just hope its fixed by the RC. Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for CM9 & CM10 for Ace. After a week with my ace, I thought I had chosen the wrong phone (my choice cause it was cheap :P) but this turned frown upside down 😀 THANK YOU!!!! ~New Zealand

  • Jans says:

    Hi All

    first i want to thank Maclaw and his Team for his amazing work. but i have a question about my vibration in cm 9 beta 10. when i get message or phone call te vibration is very soft and you can’t barely feel it, can anyone help me please ??

  • heuay says:

    maclaw i’ve been trying to send a file via bluetooth but i can’t figure out how. please tell me..

  • swaroop says:

    Few bugs which i found…

    1. My phone was in idle and suddenly got restarted by itself…

    2. Tethering not working
    3. Picasa albums sync always

    Rest its good..
    Am sure just 1 or 2 test rom’s will be out. After that Stable release only with 0 bugs from Maclaw.. Thats sure

  • Hassan says:

    To Maclaw,Marcin and Wayland

    The multitasking previews are really blurry in cm9 beta 10 but not in cm10 beta 1

    could you please fix this, thanks in advance

  • dark'em says:

    I don’t mean to rush things, but any new stuf related to cm9 we shoult know about? Thank you for your
    hard work

  • dark'em says:

    Sorry for the noob question and to be asking this here, but does anyone know what files are responsable for the softkeys lighting up…I want to save battery so was thinking to stop that

  • Sergey says:

    Too hight energy consumption. The battery is discharged the day

  • Viih says:

    I’ve installed this ROM on my Ace and i can’t overclock it more than 883Mhz (the maximum is 1036 MHz. If i set more than 883MHz the system shuts down and restart… Is it normal ? (800MHz is the default clock). If i re-install it i would be able to overclock it more or not ?

    sorry for bad english

  • autoshock says:

    Nice one! Smooth and very eye catchy. Hands up to maclaw! Problem though wifi will switch on after rebooting but will switch off after 5-10mins, and wifi tethering wont switch on at all. Is there a fix for that? Thanks!

  • sumit das says:

    my camera and video playback isnonot working on.cm9 nightly

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