August 2nd, 2012

Beta1 is out!

You can download it from here:


  • small speaker fixed
  • microphone fixed
  • headsets are working (whole, 3/4 pin etc)
  • fixed videoplayback
  • new RIL – better stability
  • CM10 sources updates
  • Themes support
  • fixed native app2sd (.android_secure)
  • Macław’s libaudio (ported to JB by Wayland)
  • a lot of things, which I forgotten to mention 😉

What’s working: (waiting for your reports)

  • AOSP/CM10
  • RIL (full – GSM/SMS/EDGE/3G/SIGNAL etc)
  • Audio
  • Microphone
  • Small speaker
  • Sensors (strange issue with proximity)
  • Project Butter (100%)
  • Full 2D/3D acceleration
  • Touchscreen
  • SD card
  • Native Android app2sd (.android_secure)
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth (really, really buggy)
  • Browser
  • Mass storage
  • Live wallpapers
  • GPS (people saying it working fast)
  • Deep sleep
  • YouTube (thanks erikcas for his help)
  • FM radio (as in CM9)
  • Headphones
  • Wifi tether (using an app from Play store)

What isn’t working: 

  • Camera (partially working, maybe in next release)
  • Proximity

If you want to share that links to any other site, share link to this page please.

PS. Mirrors aren’t welcomed 😉 One from me is enough 😉

144 Responses
  • daxtor says:

    Good work

  • Diego says:

    Thank you, thank you very much.

  • Endiruslan says:

    Maclaw thank you!)

  • dark'em says:

    me first…downloading and flashig, then will report eventual bugs

  • Froony says:

    I think download server will crash, it goes real slow..

  • Geo5RS says:

    just download it and flashing…. 🙂

  • Bidalos says:

    Let’s have race downloading, installing and reporting feedback!!!!!

  • Geo5RS says:

    the rom seems perfect!!!! Maclaw you are unbelievable!!!!!

  • szymekpl says:

    Google now isn’t working 🙁
    And homescreen grid isn’t matched

    Everything else works perfectly.

    • Darryl Taylor says:

      To get google now working follow instructions on this thread :

      works great but no voice input

    • rhoadster91 says:

      Google Now does work, but really strange issue..

      Here is how it worked for me:
      1. I first set up a pattern lock for my phone.

      2. Locked phone and using the holo ring, selected Google on the lock screen.

      3. Waited for 3-4 seconds and then entered pattern to unlock.

      VOILA. Google Search working 😀 totally random, i know. Try it, it may work for u too…

      • szymekpl says:

        Yeah, it shows up, but try tap anything…. FC.

        • rhoadster91 says:

          Google Now does work. I even searched a few things, like a celebrity’s height, directions to a coffee shop nearby, etc… I even took a screenshot but for some reason I cannot post the screenshot here.

          Make sure u followed the sequence of steps i mentioned. After selecting Google in lock screen, wait for some more time (maybe 5-6 seconds) before u unlock the pattern.

  • farshad says:

    where is the beta1 for ace?

  • Mike says:

    Wow, this ROM is fast (compared to CM9 beta9). Good job, you guys are awesome!

  • Geo5RS says:

    i know camera isn’t working yet but it neither appear in the phone… is normal maclaw?

  • pooya says:

    dear Maclaw would u plz Share us Download number for CM10-B1(From mediafire) with us?(At first hour i think it should be more than 200…) 😉

  • says:

    thank you thank you thank you thank you thank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank youthank you

  • heuay says:

    and what is it the strange issue with proximity sensor?

  • iYell0wi7 says:

    it seems GPS Doesn’t work ..
    And Great Build BTW 🙂

  • tonystark88 says:

    The interface is really quick but sometimes goes a little bit more slow. The handsfree works partially (it turns on but you cannot turn off it) and the icons and widgets doesn’t position correctly on the screen.

    For the rest…
    … a new great release for our device 😉

  • G0B1IN5486 says:

    adb doesn’t seem to be working… the Samsung Android Debugging Bridge is not appearing in device manager of my computer.

  • Froony says:

    It works great, thank you so much!

  • Stannieman says:

    Mobile data doesn’t work for me, anyone else having problems with this?

    • Stannieman says:

      And there’s no file manager.

    • szymekpl says:

      Mobile data works. Maybe try to turn on roaming data transfer.

      • Stannieman says:

        Nope, doesn’t work either. I also can’t view the APN’s, maybe that’s related. SMS works so I’m definitely connected to the network.

        I’m going back to CM9 now and then CM10 without data wipe. Maybe CM10 fails to configure things and when CM9 has already set this up it might work…

  • Jerome says:

    Having problems with google search … the rom is fast but i need google and gps .. going back to CM9

  • Hi! just upgraded to this version, I i saw a “bug” about wireless names list, i just appear with a symbol and not the SSID real names. Also, i dont have data connection enabled, which i always had in the others versions (my mobile is the Ace). Cheers!

  • Bidalos says:

    I have trouble booting CM10 beta 1.. I have black screen when it boots >_> Maybe I’ve got corrupted download.
    Meanwhile I’m downloading again the ROM

  • Jeffrey says:

    I tried it, and it’s okey, but i can’t use it for daily use. So now i’m back to gingerbread, I’ll wait for a better version :D. Good Luck Maclaw!

  • Ok, fixed about SSID name list by rebooting… now i am checking the 3g/data connection…

  • Manzoor says:

    Next update when??

  • Franco says:

    You are WRONG, check your settings, mobile data WORKS! G+3G+H

    • I am not wrong 🙂
      My SIM card has stored the 3G configuration and this is the first time that does not load it by default… for some reason… I’ve installed 3 or 4 times rooms from CM and always 3g connections was set from these default. This is the first times that does not… So, I am not wrong and also I am not a NEWBIE =)

  • Ajeet says:

    hold on guys….
    1st beta so problem is expected…

  • spammer says:

    hey data working….at least for me
    maclaw thanx

  • says:

    super user has an strange issue : it denies the prompts automatically. I checked the SU prefenences but its ok. testing Super SU . if that doesnt work too i will flash back to cm9

    • Bidalos says:

      Use Superuser from Chainfire available in the market!!

    • rhoadster91 says:

      Update binaries. I had exactly same problem, but it was resolved after updating binaries.

      To do that, open Superuser -> swipe to “info” tab -> “tap to check for updates” n then follow instructions…

  • Edu says:

    Thanx!! =D

  • dark'em says:

    ok, been using the rom so here I go: it’s super smooth, data doesen’t work, google search has some strange FC problem, dut its fast and the batteri seames way better then cm9, Maclow thank you, but for now I’ll stick to cm9 as my daily rom case of RC1 comming soon. Respect!

  • Ehsan says:

    It is Perfect. but Bluetooth is not working at all and there is something wrong in the status bar is not stable, Google Search is not working like CM9 beta 10, but it is fast and smoothly, Thanks alot

  • hsotnas says:

    Awesome work, Thanks so much

  • denis says:

    Google search is not working

  • JD says:

    Hi, data not worked for me too, but I think have the solution 😀

    — Enable and disable airplane mode, then data worked normally. —

    I do not understand because you are deleting my comments, but I think this is important.
    Congratulations again for this awesome ROM.

  • Abdel says:

    After flashing the zip file for a second time, wifi is working fine. 3g still not working.

  • Btw, a minor detail: why the boot animation says CM9? 😀

  • PedroJuuu says:

    When I select a live wallpaper becomes unstable, anyone more?

  • Jorge Lucas says:

    Can anyone confirm if tethering or wi-fi acess point working?

  • Still fighting with data configuration… i can’te retrieve default one… also, if i add it by hand, after save configuration, does not add under APN list… why? 🙁

  • farshad says:

    compass do not work ;(

  • Abdel says:

    yeaaay 3g is now working….suddenly. Now I got everything I need. I will stick with CM10 🙂

  • Yes that correct airplane mode solve problem: Data is working thanks Maclaw.

  • Xce says:

    Greate work dude
    Waiting for cm 10 beta with working camera

    Current ROM smooth and fast

  • dark'em says:

    well my friend it’s the first beta so you have to be pacient, if you think that it’s to far from the finished product remember that cm9 RC1 is coming soon 😀 curtesy of MaclowStudios! So you could try to stick with cm9 after you test it.

  • STARS says:

    I don’t understand how it can be?
    On some devices data work on other not?? In my case work fine at start E,3G,H…
    Before flashing rom do full wipe and after do wipe data/factory reset and that’s it… Same device same rom so it should work same for all users..

    sorry for my bad english…:)

  • krymzy says:

    sry.. after turning airplane on n off data works

  • Roman91 says:

    little bug with the loudspeaker during the calls.
    When you turn on the loudspeaker then you can’t turn it off

  • skysurf says:

    wireless doesn’t work and gps neither…
    Thank’s for all..

  • Vishal Gaurav says:

    There is no file manager, so i cannot access any app(apk file)on my sd card…and i cannot download anything from Play Store.Also plzz add the Launcher setting in the setting menu and plzz plzz do add the file manager.. Thank u

  • jorge says:

    can fix the syncronization of the contacts of facebook please maclaw

  • AoCDroiD says:

    Phone: Samsung GT-S5830i Galaxy Ace

    I installed CyanogenMod 10 (based on Android 4.1.1) – Galaxy Ace beta this package in my phone. Now my phone isn’t opens. Sorry for my bad english. Who can help me?

    Contact: [email protected]

  • Vishal Gaurav says:

    Although Jelly Beans is very good at looks..but i can see theme under interface shows only one theme…. i want to know how can i add more theme in it…..

    • TransilvanianHunger says:

      search cm10 themes on play store

    • rhoadster91 says:

      You can search for themes on Play Store. But they are very big in size, and if you move them to SD card, they break after you reboot and u need to set theme again each time on reboot. So my suggestion is to stick with the ol’ faithful System theme. It’s pretty cool 🙂

  • Thomas says:

    hey i found an article about multiple user accounts on jelly bean. open terminal emulator and type pm create-user yourname and press enter. now you can select a user from the power menu. this function is still in test but nice to try:) to remove your account type pm remover-user 1

    • Vishal Gaurav says:

      after typing the above code it says “Error : create-user must be run as root”

      • Vishal Gaurav says:

        @Thomas u gave half information.Here the full info.
        1.first of all start Terminal
        2.type su, it will then ask for the
        permission of super user.
        3.Select Allow
        4.Type “pm create-user ” . write the users name
        without brackets.


        • Vishal Gaurav says:

          the correct 4th step is this
          4.Type “pm create-user(user’s name)” . write the users name
          without brackets.

  • Galaxy95 says:

    Whenever I on wifi, the phone restart. after that, wifi on..

  • Darryl Taylor says:

    BLN working great, another thing that can be added to working list 😉

  • Jan says:


    Youtube hangs or stops several times here, it this a bug?

  • Jorge Lucas says:

    Love it! Ok for my daily use!!
    Thx Maclaw and MaclawStudios team

  • crazyhero says:

    Well this rom is good but sometimes is a bit laggy . Superuser has problems every time ask agree.

  • crazyhero says:

    And has problems with Turkish Language

  • dark'em says:

    101 comments on CM10 😛

  • spammer says:

    music player needs to be replaced….
    no offenses maclaw

  • Carlos Antonio Lopes Piubello says:

    With CM10, my Ace dont be execute any app for file managment.

    • spammer says:

      download some file manager
      (alternatively go to ICS beta 10 , install some application which can browse files eg. Bluetooth file transfer,Rom toolbox pro,etc)

    • Terry Cain says:

      try ex file manager it works on my ace here. and for everyone else my data works perfectly only thing i have noticed is the misaligning of the apps and widgets on the home screen but anyway THANKYOU MACLAW

  • Omkar Repal says:

    Hey link2sd not working … very essential please work on it…

  • dark'em says:

    Hey guys I read on xda that maclow is back from his hollydays and he sayd he won’t relicr cm9 RC1 tonight. Does this mean that he has to do now is get some rest and relice it, or does this mean that it isn’t ready yet and he has to work on it?

  • Rob says:

    Google chrome works on the rom?

  • biswatmak says:

    So maclaw is the new camera app or RC1 coming anytime soon???????

  • spammer says:

    maclaw…..come back mahn… mishya ….luya(no homo)

  • 417 says:

    you are a good man.

  • Mar974 says:

    The google toolbar crash but it’s a great job i’m waiting for new stable version 🙂

  • Michael Howard says:

    looks good can’t wait for a fully working camera!

  • Eduardo says:

    When is out beta 2 cm10? I love yours roms please fix the bugs

  • Bieltv.3 says:

    Maclaw can you post me the link of the sources of JB, I can’t found it in the github, can you post me the linki? thanks

  • Roadrunner says:

    New Kernel for Jelly Bean available here:

    Have it on my ACE, and so far it seems better.

  • john says:

    Hi Maclaw,

    I am new to ur Rom and i really liked it.

    so can u tell me how can i install A2SD Darktremor application.

    i have galaxy ace and i have rooted,install its scripts and partition sdcard.

    Still it shows no access.

    Can u please help me

    Rom is best and cam is not working but i am sure it will be fixed.

  • khan says: maclaw i wish u could add this official cm10 bootanimation to beta 2

  • blinda says:

    hi maclaw, are there going to be cm10 beta2? if yes, can you tell us about changes?

  • FTW says:

    i think we ( users) need some news :s

  • blockaraa says:

    Hi Maclaw, you are doing an amaaaaazzing job, really really appreciate your hardwork.
    A few questions tho, if u got the time:
    1)the display looks a bit grainy, cud it be something i can change in performance settings?
    2) the lockscreen animation, the one which is like a tv turning off is gone? is it not there in cm10?

  • N Khan says:

    Google Search not working, No camera at all, 3rd party cam also not working, Google search and camera are the main requirement, please let me know when this will be fixed, till then shall i downgrade to cm9?

  • blockaraa says:

    I forgot to add that phone reboots a lot especially while using play store, thought it was something to do with memory so i installed automemory manager which gives me 100+ ram always free and i kill apps (not system apps) regularly yet there is reboots, hopefully gets fixed in next release 😀

  • Dark says:

    nice release maclaw only bluetooth nt working at all rest are as per the changelog!!! eagerly waiting for next release hope u can fix bluetooth n camera in that!!XD

  • Damdidosch says:

    google search does not work for me
    is it normal or is it just me

  • Hassan says:

    Great work maybe you could add new kernal by nims.
    Any future update?

  • kasra0011 says:

    Is it working in galaxy ace gt s5830i

  • peter says:

    wifi doesn’t ? it dont turn on

  • Brayan Sánchez says:

    PLEASEE PLEASEEEE! Maclaw do it work in SGA I, L and M, the users of this Smartphone are abandoned for all developers including in CM9, you are a great developer, I know that is hard, but I hope you do it.

    Regards from Colombia great Maclaw!! 😉

  • Jaroslav774 says:


  • Lucas says:

    s3 mini. First thank you for this rom.
    1) APN problem. ok the on-off airplane mode
    2) no way to charge the device when off. If you plug it, it turns on. annoying
    3) even if there is no option for auto-adjust screen light, it is not possible to select the sliding control in system-statusbar, since it says the automatic mode is on. needs to be fixed
    4) vocal composer from bluetooth doesn’t work: one starts the call, it says “speak now” and then stops saying “connection lost”. I don’t know if it is a setting problem, in case please would you tell what could i do?

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